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21 Nov, 13 tweets, 8 min read
01/20/2017 DJT Inaugurated

07/19/2017 Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer…

10/31/2017 Q 18
Could it protect against prosecution?
How so?
What if John M’s surgery was fake?
Why would this occur?
What could this prevent potentially?
04/08/2018 Q 1086
No name in Syria.
Who attended?
No name panic.
Health cover.

05/10/2018 Q 1326
No Name prev meeting(s)?
Discussions of death/funeral?
Medical or escape?
Now comes the pain.
Hands up

07/25/2018 Q 1706
No name returning to headlines.

08/25/2018 McCain dead…

10/01/2018 Q 2305
We made it public.
Operation closed & cleaned.
Coincidence No Name [exact 30]?
In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've witnessed.
Trump elected -> terminal health excuse created -> Walls closing in -> ????

Point being people who die of post Trump diagnosis are likely to be in a different camp than those who suddenly die of accidents & Heart Attacks.
Dad of former NSA advisor died

04/18/2018 Q1176
Failure to retain position/ear.
Threats are real.
WAR is real.
Good vs Evil is real.
Think State of the Union - FREE.
Delta engine fire?
How rare are engine fires?
Immunity deal?

05/14/2018 Former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has surgery for pancreatic cancer…


06/25/2020 Former Sen. Harry Reid Says He's in 'Complete Remission' After Pancreatic Cancer Treatment…
Note based on my searching - Reid announced he had Cancer the same month as he got treatment for it.

Anyway, let's continue....

03/06/2019 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says he’s been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer…
Immunity attempt?

07/20/2020 Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek opens up about experimental IMMUNOTHERAPY treatment and says on hard days he feels like he 'wants to die' as he is getting his 'final affairs' in order to plug new memoir.…
"Triangle Offence" & "NK cells."

07/28/2020 Alex Trebek, Harry Reid and Their Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
— Exploring a 'triangle offense' against the disease

"Another component of the therapy is CD-16 NK cells."…

Immunity fail?

11/08/2020 Legendary 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek dead at 80

Host of game shows stretching back to 1966 including "High Rollers," "Double Dare" and "The $128,000 Question."

Trebek's mustache became famous when he shaved it in 2001.…
Deal or no, big news planned in advance is often used for comms.

11/20/2020 'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Offers Posthumous Warning for World Pancreatic Cancer Day…
Urged people to see a doctor and be safe. - Possibly a deal was made and a timeline set.

Shows pre-recorded last until exactly Christmas Day.

A count down?

Define Jeopardy: A defendant's risk of conviction when put on trial.
11/21/2020 Alex Trebek’s final resting place has been revealed.

Cremated, ashes will remain with his wife at home

"The day before death, Trebek watched the sunset"…

Comms instructions for certain people at risk in "Jeopardy" to stay at home?

• • •

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23 Nov
11/21/2020 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Deletes two replies that thank Mark Levin.

This should be an educational comm to go over, particularly in explaining how the coordination of assets work.

So let's begin. Image
Note just before the delete that "thanks Mark Levin" we have Trump retweeting OANN's report 'Dominion-izing' The Vote.

It's the best exposure yet of election fraud and I highly suggest you take a look at my key points thread.

So, why sequence? Image
Symbolism comms. Retweeting is spreading a message.

I believe the point here is moving agent assets promoting Mark Levin to OANN to promote the special.
That's one way to coordinate troops.

Deleting a "thank you" to Mark Levin.
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23 Nov
1. - Hyena comms

11/20/2020 Pack of hyenas drag 87-year-old sleeping elderly man from hut and maul him to death…
Now to decode the meaning... let's go to this tweet from Trump's assistant Scavino the day after - A lion allows himself to be harassed by Hyena's only to destroy them. Note the very end of the video a curious rap song is played: "Everyday I'm Hustling"
Obviously the King of the Jungle is Trump The interesting bit to me tho is the "Hustling"

I suspect someone sent those comms to try and scare Trump i.e. Trump to be dragged out, but they don't realize it's all a movie and they are being hustled. Image
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23 Nov
10/26/2020 POTUS & FLOTUS Sequence comms

Pic 1 Astronaut + green bucket in Tiffany Blue shoes arrive at WH
Pic 2 POTUS & FLOTUS react to tiny Trump with surprise + closed WH doors to Trump.
Pic 3 Flash (drive) lit with blue.
Pic 4 View expands WH opened
I'm half tempted not to finish this decode as I think it makes for a good decode test with just what I've said so far.

Feel free to stop and take a guess before reading my take.

Anyway, tons of pumpkins in pics - and that's comms for ops that scare. Image
In this case the "scare" is Trump "losing"

As I've discussed in other threads it's all a movie right now.

Pic 1- Astronaut represents the flips moving forward in new "space" (helps to remember SpaceX/ISS flip comms) Image
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23 Nov
1. - Key Points
11/21/2020 OANN Investigates: 'Dominion-izing' the Vote

It has been proven by hand counting that Dominion switched Antrim County Michigan from Trump to Biden. Despite this, efforts to look at Dominion's other counties has been blocked.
Canada based Dominion is in all battleground states, but Georgia more than the rest went all-in.

GA bought 30k machines & installed them all across the state. In fact, 9 months before the election, GA Secretary of State boasted about their relationship…
Dems like Elizabeth Warren warned about Dominion security vulnerabilities in the past, but are now silent.

While Georgia went all in & now finds Biden ahead Texas tested Dominion systems before the election, found them not trustworthy, and rejected it.
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20 Nov
11/17/2020 "A Promised Land" Decode

On the 17th Obama released 1/2 of his memoirs: "A Promised Land"

He also listed 20 songs to go with it…

He does this frequently and it's always symbolism comms, so let's get into it.
He also changed his profile pic & logo to black & white on the 17th.

Some have connected this with other high profile people going b&w. It may be comms, but as best I can tell, only Obama's changed recently.

Michelle's went b&w to color for header.
Let's start with the music comms.

After digging for hours I realized a specific pattern with this song list.

Most are comms about president transitions.

E.g. Song 3. "Halo" was released January 20, 2009. Obama's Inauguration day.

How does media treat him again?
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19 Nov
11/18/2020 Trump Tweet Comms


So that's a curiously placed Apostrophe, and I think I know why.

Keep the time in mind - 9:54am - because I believe this is a reply to someone.
11/18/2020 CM Tweet Comms

8:38am Waiting for "GREEN LIGHT" from lawyer Wont proceed without green light.

"Wont" instead of "Won't" - missing apostrophe!

So Trump replied an hour later with the missing apostrophe!

Now to translate his answer!
It's quite simple.

By placing the apostrophe in "Would'nt let republicans."

The answer is wouldn't i.e. NO.

True to form CM has not placed tweeted out the promised BOOM here is how you'll know when he does.

It'll start with "A primer on..."
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