I am afraid that Kyle Rittenhouse and Madison Cawthorn are the future of the Republican Party.

I am afraid that most Democrats and Republicans are not prepared to deal with what that means.
For example, "Joe Biden should compromise with Susan Collins and Mitt Romney" makes the tiniest shred of sense.

"Joe Biden should compromise with the party that supports Kyle Rittenhouse" does not make any sense.
"We should break up the two-party system to deal with the threat of the Republican Party" might sound hyperbolic.

"We should break up the two-party system to keep supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse out of the White House" sounds a bit more plausible.
Republican elected officials and elites are absolutely responsible for enabling and collaborating with the fascist movement in their midst.

But the establishment wing of the party has lost control of the mass movement. Trump is just the first to lead it. There will be others.
There can be no unity with the party that supports Kyle Rittenhouse.

There can be no compromise with the party that is complicit with attempts to overturn the results of our elections.

Until the GOP accepts democracy for all, they shouldn’t be considered a legitimate party.
For example, Sen Chris Coons (D-DE) says Democrats can work with Republicans - as soon as Trump accepts the election results.

Why would Senate Dems work with a party that's actively seeking to overturn the people's right to choose our leaders?
Corporate Democrats often criticize progressives for being "unrealistic."

But progressives realize the GOP is the party of Cawthorn, QAnon, and Trump -- even after the election. Corporate Democrats want to compromise with a party that doesn't even believe in free elections.

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16 Nov
The left claims running on a progressive agenda will help Democrats win more votes.

The establishment claims running on a progressive agenda will LOSE Democrats votes.

The more likely truth: it's basically a wash. Running on progressive policies doesn't help or hurt much.
The left electoral project isn't about winning new voters over the the Democratic Party, but winning Democratic voters over to the left.

We can win by gaining a majority within the Democratic Party coalition w/o activating tons of new voters or winning over Obama-Trump voters.
Unfortunately, the debate about who controls the Democratic Party and sets the direction is not about who's agenda is best for the people of the country, but who will win more votes.

That's not the right question. Progressive policy will help people - corporate policy won't.
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15 Nov
Not sure what’s weirder: having a fascist president or not calling our president a fascist. Image
This man is calling for agents of the state to join fascist street gangs in perpetrating violence against “anti fascist” political opponents in order to foment the conditions to overturn the results of an election.

You can’t come up with something more fascist than that.
We are lucky Trump is a dumb ass motherfucker who wasted an inheritance of $413 million and fucked up everything in his entire life.

He did Four Seasons Total Fascism.
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12 Nov
Prince Zuckerberg is agnostic on fascist beheadings.
Rupert Murdoch has done more lifetime damage to democracy, but Mark Zuckerberg is on track to absolutely destroy his record over the course of his career.
Personally, if my website was responsible for inciting fascist murders, I’d do everything in my power to keep that from happening again.

Mark Zuckerberg seems to have learned nothing, despite repeated warnings.

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11 Nov
The Pelosi-Jeffries wing of the party frames the debate in the Democratic Party as between those who “want to win or be internet celebs.”

That’s BS. The debate is between progressives who want the party to represent working people, and Corporate Democrats who listen to Wall St.
Listening to Wall St bankers, billionaire donors and corporate lobbyists doesn’t help Democrats win — but you never hear “centrist” Dems criticize that approach.

Listening to the needs of working class people is the Democrats path to a massive majority. #EmbraceTheBase
The ideological vision of the establishment, corporate wing of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure — in elections and in governance.

If your way led to record inequality and Donald Trump, you don’t get to tell others to be quiet.
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8 Nov
What if it’s time to listen to the POC organizers who delivered GA, AZ, PA, WI and MI to Biden — instead of the formerly GOP politicians or pundits who got the past 4 years so wrong?
John Kasich and Nancy Pelosi might be worried about the Democratic Party moving “too far left.”

But, I’d bet the organizers who mobilized record turnout for Biden want the Democratic Party to move closer to working class voters, and further from corporate interests.
I’m much more interested in what @nseufot, @bsneezy313 and @LUCHA_AZ have to say about the future of the Democratic Party than 80 year olds or Republicans.

I’m sure it sounds much more like @IlhanMN & @AOC than what the corporate interests want you to believe.
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4 Nov
A lot of leftists claim running on their preferred policy is the path to victory.

A lot of dem operatives and electeds worry that running on progressive policy will make them lose.

But the truth is voters choose based on partisanship and vibes more than policy or ideology.
Democrats should run on a social democratic agenda because it would do the most to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of the most people.

I don’t really think it will win us votes, but that doesn’t really matter. It won’t cost us seats either.
Much as I’d like to believe Democrats can win over disaffected rural voters with populist appeals, I’m not convinced the data backs that up.

But, the left CAN use populism to gain the upper hand on liberals. Not to grow the majority, but to run the coalition.
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