Can one be a VIP guest at Comet Ping Ping and not TRULY know what goes on there? Serious question...

A VIP would have been exposed to the weird bands, the DC Swamp creatures, and the ultra-creepy James Elefantis and his Epstein Island Instagram booking engine.

I'm making no accusation whatsoever, other than a VIP guest would certainly pick up on some high strangeness, versus an occasional patron.

Unless that reporter was lying in the article about Mr. Carlson being a VIP... possible.

This is a question about judgement.
I'm writing this thread, because just last week, I was urging him to leave Fox News, along with others that I perceived to be patriot reporters. And I feel betrayed.

I was aware of his occasional anti-Trump outbursts, but I chalked it up to ratings rhetoric, ego, and impatience.
But I'm seeing some signal, and sensing something deeper...

No idea why General Flynn would flatly say "no," regarding the foxhole response. Was it because Tucker hasn't been exactly friendly to gen. Flynn or Sidney Powell since the beginning?


No matter... I trust Flynn.
I knew Fox was turning 2 years ago, and since the election all my suspicions have been confirmed. Yet i still think there are those working at Fox that ARE true patriots, but can't walk away for whatever reason.

They should. Screw their big paychecks. This is about survival.
So when I found out that Tucker Carlson's father had deep ties to the CIA and guided TC into journalism, I can't help but process this with everything else I know about the CIA (or think I know).

I'll buy that there are more good FBI agents than bad, but not so with the CIA.
And seeing things like this float around Twitter doesn't help... Again, no idea if it's fake or disinformation, but again... This is a question about Judgement.

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7 Nov
THREAD: I'm pissed...

FOX News is a traitor to the public. We need an immediate commercial entity that will have REAL fair and balanced reporting.

My idea...
1) Step 1: Jump ship!


Screw your contracts (forgive my frankness). There is no severance period. Walk away from being contractually bound to these organizations.
2) Step 2: Crowdfund

Crowdfund a new Network in which you'd also retain a small percentage of ownership, plus seek full replacement of your salaries and other whistles & bells.

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If I was to say, "The Dead Sea Scrolls," what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

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Me: Some kind of preserved version of the Old Testament, fund in jars along the Dead Sea... Right before Romans came.

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Anyone have any legitimate info on this (gov. records)? For 5-6 years I've heard of this QFS—that apparently is based on some insane frame rate technology (impossible to hack).

Everyone with a show has an "insider."

Fulford, Wilcock, McConnell, etc. Are they all disinfo agents?
So, besides the various Charlie Ward videos... There does indeed seem to be some official mention of this.

From the White House...

It uses light as a new sensing modality... For extreme, throughput...
OCC Gov Document... mentions "QFS"…
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I wrote all of the Moscow, ID city council about them arresting the Christian singer yesterday, instead of putting their efforts onto real criminals... Like John Tester (but I digress).

The theme of my email was "SHAME on you!"

Here was one of their responses...
Mr. _______

I encourage you to read the article in the MPDN this morning. The arrests were made because of violations of the law, not because of singing or peaceful assembly, which was not and will not prohibited All have the right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate....
...but still must obey laws during that assembly. The Moscow Police Department and our local government have a long history of supporting the right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate, and Moscow is immensely fortunate to have a Police Department that ensures those rights...
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I have two famous ancestors—both women—both rode into battle on horses to the amazement of all the men. Both French. One was the last of the Angevin line and Mother of the Plantagenet line. The other was a poor peasant girl who had visions from angels & was burned at the stake.
This was a recent discovery from my Mom and Aunt, who went on a "family tree" type of vacation a few years back. When I was told, I was like "cool!" But I haven't really dug into the stories of either... I have, but not like a deep dive.
Both seemed like good people. In fact, Eleanor of Aquitaine—later in life—may have been the impetus for the Robin Hood tales.

However, when she married into the house of Anjou, their offspring—in most cases—were monsters.
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2 "Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father."
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