What if there's evidence a sitting US Senator is a serial killer?

Think about that.

How would the public handle information like that?

Then, imagine you voted for this person.

There's a reason things remain [Classified 1-99].
There exists a continuing subtext to the Swamp corruption. Q.) What is subtext? A.) an underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation. That text goes something to the effect of "everyone is compromised, but some enjoyed it more than others."
If that's true & everyone in D.C. is "compromised" to some degree the next plausible question should be, "Compromised how and by who?"

We learned w/ #LaptopFromHell blackmail files exist w/ #CCP. China the only ones w/ intel? If the IC laid down w/ dogs, did it wake up w/ fleas?
Think: layers. If US IC was compromised by co-mingling w/ foreign government's IC's, is it possible that *some acts* were carried out on US soil by foreign "assets" under direct or indirect orders from US IC? e.g. Five Eyes & Crossfire/Razor.
If one Bad Actor "agency" in the IC had gone "rogue" and committed many crimes & got by with it, how would they handle local LEOs who discover their crimes? Is it possible that local LEOs have been targeted for many years by "the higher ups" to keep quiet?
Fear, threat, and intimidation are the 3 oldest tools in the book to "keep ppl in line".

How were local LEOs effectively "kept in line"? Were families targeted? Kids?

How far was the top willing to go 2 maintain power?


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22 Nov
Markers seem to point to the world descending into all-out chaos while America has a real decision to make. Will we, the freest people on Earth, continue to let the antichrist spirit of lies and SUPPRESSION continue to hide truth and FREEDOM? #GodWins
People really should prepare for 3-6 months.
There's a Big Storm coming.
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20 Nov
I really wish I could get behind Newsmax but I know Christopher Ruddy (the owner) wrote all the Arkancide articles while Clintons were in office, then cozied up with Bill and donated $7 million to the Clinton Foundation. I find that highly irregular or = to controlled opposition.
So, if anyone cares to explain the why behind the above question, I'm willing to hear you out. If not, then enjoy your controlled opposition. Wonder how much controlled opposition is going on right now under this full spectrum dominance in the gray zone of the human domain?
Define cognitive dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Many forget HRC had 2 testify to GJ re: missing Foster docs as First Lady. "Vast Right Wing conspiracy"?
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16 Nov
“The flock must be farmed.”

What Agency is referred to as “The Farm”?

Define OSS.

Define enter-tain.

Define dis-tract.

Root words matter.

Define aristocracy.


Define ruling class.

What is Octo-gon?

Think: foundation.

Swiss Alps.


Define BIS.
What is “sacred” geometry?

What shape is a wheel?

What shape is a wall?

Symbolism of 3?
Symbolism of 4?

“Plot” + “Points”

Is 3.14 or Pi worshipped?
Who discovered Pi?
Introduced by William Jones in 1706, use of the symbol was popularized by Leonhard Euler, who adopted it in 1737. An eighteenth-century French mathematician named Georges Buffon devised a way to calculate π based on probability.

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14 Nov
What if I told you for over 3 decades Americans reported things to the FBI, etc., only to have those legitimate concerns/investigations shut down by the power players who run the org? What if also, LEOs were threatened to drop things? #TheMoreYouKnow @POTUS
I bring it up 2 illustrate that we, as a people, do not know how much crime was never properly investigated because it implicated THEM. I've heard others say the FBI was where "investigations go to die". But, per Comey & Lynch types, it's where they turn to "matters" 2 deal with
I surmise the untold number of fact-based investigations brought from LEOs to FBI that were valid cases in which no one was ever charged, crimes were covered up, etc., is very vast over the past 30 years +. Knowing that, & seeing these ppl think they're getting away with it...
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14 Nov
I hope everyone caught @MariaBartiromo's second interview recently with @SenRonJohnson.

Combine Johnson's statements with Sec. Pompeo's re: "a smooth transition to a second Donald Trump presidency" along w/ the fact the votes were obviously tainted.

Can vote be certified?
Look into what happens when the vote cannot be certified.

Remember, the Left has already said that @realDonaldTrump was an illegitimate @POTUS for his entire term.

Maybe they're going to regret that here soon?

There is an American Influence Campaign going on by Americans.
The truth must be told.

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9 Nov
The left literally believes in denouncing critical thinking by way of using their pseudo-intellectual terminology as a way to auto-negate everything worth researching that they believe goes against their power structures. They literally can say "systemic" before a topic 2 make it
not have any more validity in their minds. Their EGO gets in the way of basic critical thinking skills. They're trying to dumb-down each other because they're not mentally capable of processing new information or multiple levels of information (think: peeling the onion).
Most people can hold two or more thoughts at the same time. These people are fragile but try to be strong. They are weak-minded and try to feign superiority. I don't normally watch leftist propaganda but something got my attention.
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