Maybe just me...but I feel the momentum building. Y'all just keep doing what your doing. Your fight won't be for naught. If you told me a year ago we would be in this fight in this way I would have said your crazy. But that's me. Should have seen it coming.
Why is our fight important? Before the bomb drops...the public has to be conditioned to know something bad happened. It may not but the idea is to mitigate an absolute splintering of our society as we know it. So keep pumping the fraud.
I think we are hovering around 50% think election was stolen. We need to get that up to a clear majority. Don't let up.
Make no mistake the antifa thugs will come out in force. We can handle that. It's the mom and dads on the left that need the light shining on them.

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More from @Concealcarrygrl

24 Sep
Joe Biden is a fraud. The DNC is a fraud. The MSM, who promotes it, is a fraud. The Democrats in Congress are frauds. The Democrats in theSenate are frauds. Their election stratagy is a fraud. The voters have been coerced, fraudulently. Fraud is a crime under almost any condition
How do we defraudulate (yes I know..not a word) the politics in this country? Give Trump 4 more years. It won't take him that long. He just needs the mandate.
Mandate...the authority to carry out a policy or course of action, regarded as given by the electorate to a candidate or party that is victorious in an election.
Read 11 tweets
21 Sep
Thread time. Why is this really a battle of good vs evil? Time to put some teeth in that flowery statement. Without teeth, it just becomes campaign rhetoric. Here we go.
Good has to have bedrock. It has to show longevity. It has to be something people run to when..
hard times hit. Evil has no REAL bedrock. No real foundation. It sows confusion. When hard times hit, it leaves the soul empty and lost.
Conservatism (Trump) is built on a bedrock. It looks to constitutional, unchanging principles that have been tried many times in the past. It..
acknowledges a Creator that has left us instructions on how to live and how to treat each other. It faces difficulty with realistic eyes. Knowing in reality some things can be fixed and others are a part of life. It immediately creates a situation where in hard times ..
Read 8 tweets
18 Sep
Early treatment with hydrox not only lowers death rate. But lowers transmission rate so fewer cases develop in future. See s. Korea... China.... turkey...etc. This was coordinated effort to hurt the president just like so many other things. Now murder.
Read 6 tweets
12 Sep
Hospital ships, field hospitals, military deployed, ventilators stacked to Mars, PPE in every warehouse in America, Drs on TV every day, more testing than any country, president answering 50 questions a day in the public view..."The president dropped the ball".. lunatics
China travel shut off, European travel shut off, task force of experts setup, the entire country shut down for almost 2 months,,,, ""the president wasn't serious"" my God... we are dealing with human scum
If any dumbass wants to say the president down played this too much.... You seriously need a psychiatrist. Your TDs is way out of control.
Read 5 tweets
9 Sep
Heads up. It's somewhere in here over the next few weeks that some big fat fake news story breaks about the president and many of the "MAGA" people you have come to know abandon the president. They will plea with you to do the same. Infiltrated all along. Just laugh and move on
There are former anti Trump military people orchestrating the disinformation campaign so it will be very professionally done. We will have never seen anything like this. They are already all around us. My guess is some of them have been with us quite some time.
We need to be ready to instantly block. I know we have been trained to not block Patriots but use good judgement. Better yet pray for wisdom.
Read 5 tweets
8 Sep
I don't have the time or the expertise to teach everyone why the president has done so well with this pandemic so I'm just going to scratch the surface. When the pandemic hit. No one knew exactly what it was. What it would do. How it would act. Scientists, economists, politicians
medical professionals, health organizations all played it down. China played it down. The president's gut told him to stop travel from China. Not the professionals. At that point the professionals said it was unnecessary. The politicians called it racist with the MSM. So he
somewhat slowed down. It was at that point that 90%of our fate was sealed. Dems would jump in here and say no it wasn't there was a lot he could have done. What they fail to want to see is that it then became a balancing act of deaths/economy. Tip the balance one way too far and
Read 5 tweets

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