Message 11/21/2020
1. As I drove to the ocean on yet another beautiful November day I tuned into the angels.I then saw a powerful flash of light from the center of the universe that radiated outward like the ripples from an earthquake.These ripples of light traveled out towards the earth. The light
2. was so bright that when it arrived to earth many had to look away. This is the light of the great awakening that many have prophesied about. This is the light that will seal the deal of awakening. There is no turning back as the planet is liberated to light. The second image
3. was a circle of beautiful golden yellow light hovering in front of the heart center. This light began to spin like a chakra as it aligned the heart center of humanity to that of the universe. Most seem to believe that the color of the heart chakra is green. However, in
4. the spiritual realm all is the energy of gold & thus, we are being aligned to our divine selves and to the golden sacred divinity of one heart. The final image I was shown was of an angel planting what looked to be a wooden stick of crystals in the earth. The angels say
5. these are antennas of crystals that will stabilize the earth. In addition, the frequencies from these crystal antennas are anchoring in our newly increased frequencies so that we will be able to create our reality from the higher vibrations and no longer live from the lower
6. energies. Sitting next to the ocean I look out and see the reflection of the sun right in front of me. I think how this light from the sun reminds me of the light of the Son, the Christ whose radiant light can transmute the darkest of darkness in the blink of an eye. Tuning
7. into the energy I hear, “Ah yes this is a great day indeed to be a human being on planet earth. For you see the take down of the darkness has progressed so far that it is they who are begging for mercy. The tyrannical forces have been depleted into a sorry state of
8. nothingness. They have no recourse other than to relinquish all power. It is utter defeat. This is the time for a new sun to rise to leave behind the machinations of a dynasty who worked so hard to bring suffering to those on earth. Their time has expired. It is now time for
9. the children of light to once again rule planet earth, to make all life on earth sacred again, to live in the kingdom of God, heaven on earth. This is what is in store for you once the last episode is played out on the finale of the darkness. First there will come a time of
10. great healing when the collective of humanity realizes the extent of the dark agenda and how much of the suffering on the planet was intentional. Each individual must take an inventory of their wounds and release them forever! There are devices that the galactics have
11. provided to heal all wounds, psychological to physical. All who agree, will be made whole again. All have the ability to be healed to the extent they allow. You see free will is honored by the ones who govern because the free will of humanity was infringed upon for so long.
12. Once the healing phase has been activated & is well on its way, new systems of life on earth will be rolled out, all perfectly timed to allow humanity to take in all of the changes in good measure. For the new world will be of the light, a total contrast from the way life has
13.been lived on planet earth for such a long time. You will experience new ways of living in many areas that include housing, education, military, food, medicine, money, government,you name it, it will change from dark to light. Living in the light is living in joy. This is the
14. brilliant future that lies ahead. Thus, think of your brilliant future as you navigate the turbulence on the path to your destination. As always, navigate your reality from within. We are your family of light, brothers and sisters of the cosmos. We love you and send you
15. blessings, blessings, blessings and great waves of love. We bid you well on this precipice day, a day that will soon bear the fruits of great change. The Pleiadians”

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1. Driving to the ocean I didn’t have to think to tune into the angels when I saw a torrential downfall of rain drops. These raindrops were medium blue in color and were falling rapidly to earth. I heard this image represents cleansing and purifying frequencies that are now being
2.concentrated in our energy fields in order to prepare for the light event that will result in our liberation. All will be ready at this time I hear. The second image I see is a white diamond that begins to spin very quickly in the shape of a circle. This represent the energy of
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1. Driving to the ocean I asked for messages that will help to uplift those who read them and then I tuned into the angels. The first image I was immediately shown was of a giant red heart in the sky. The angels tell me this heart represents the universal heartbeat or rhythm.
2. They continued to say humanity is going online with the universal love frequency after many years of being disconnected from this frequency. This disconnection was a result of actions of the darkness purposely taking humanity offline. Humanity is now being reconnected to these
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1. As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the angels and saw a strand of crystalline light. I felt that this light symbolizes the energy of awakening to the Christ self. However, when I continued to look I noticed there was a female aspect to this light. A beautiful female
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1. Driving to the ocean I tuned into the angels and immediately saw a flash of white light that was so bright I felt disoriented for a moment. It was as if this light merged timelines together, and all space time became this flash of white light.
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1. As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the angels and immediately saw beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky all around me. The feeling I got is these energies are here to awaken us much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz is awakened by the falling snow in the poppy field.
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1. As I drove to the ocean I turned into the angels. I immediately saw a bright white dazzling light in the sky. Then I heard,”I am the Lord God Almighty King of Creation and I Am here with you. My presence can now be felt on earth.” As God spoke I saw golden frequencies
2. falling to earth that translated into the alphabet from the book of wisdom. After this I heard the sound of pouring rain and saw images of red hearts and peace doves falling like rain from the heavens filling all bodies of water on earth. This energy is meant to open our
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