1/ I’ve been psychologically abused and traumatised by a government I didn’t vote for;

2/ had my right to earn a living stripped away and told my career of 25 years is not viable...
3/ I’ve been advised by the NHS to look at You Tube for advice or pay for private treatment for a health issue that was misdiagnosed and has caused more damage...
4/ I’ve been prevented from seeing my Dad since March, who has Parkinson’s, is bed bound and tube fed in a Nursing Home a 4 hour round trip away
5/ I’ve had to home school my 7 year old son whilst trying to deal with fallout of my own career and health issues
6/ I’ve seen my civil liberties and human rights slowly be eroded so it’s become a crime to breathe fresh air, visit friends or gather to protest against such unlawful tyranny
7/ I’ve not seen my GP or local hospital inundated with emergencies or people dropping dead on the street thank goodness, I know people who “think” they may have had Covid but not bad enough to be hospitalised
8/ I’ve spent 20 years researching political and corporate corruption (since 9/11) and have been expecting a mass concerted global effort to enforce global governance by unelected technocrats - it’s called the NWO or WEF
9/ I have witnessed and experienced extreme censorship on ALL major social media and MSM networks, speak out against the narrative and you are discredited and de-platformed and shadow banned
10/ I’ve been gaslighted and called callous by friends and family for “not considering others” and not wearing a mask, even though I am respectful, keep my distance, stay away from anyone who is vulnerable and not comfortable
10/ I have suffered abusive trolling on social media for speaking out and commenting on posts that are fear-mongering, not evidence-based or proven to be biased with unethical conflicts of interest
11/ I am just a Mum, with a passion for life, truth, justice, honesty and integrity and I am fighting for my life, my rights and those of my family and friends. Unprecedented times. All for a virus 99.7% recover from? Come on!
12/ if my personal story does not help you see how utterly disgraceful this entire situation is think of those who are suffering far worse than I! I do, all the time. I fight for them too. Those who don’t have a voice, who can’t use tech, who don’t understand the bigger picture
14/ I will not stop fighting, my very soul is screaming out that none of this is right; deception, corruption, treason, malfeasance and an utter contempt for humanity is what we are up against
15/ this is a spiritual war; religions the world over have spoken of this time and we are living it now; choose your side or live to regret it. Nothing can stop what is coming... #LoveWins #TheBattleIsAlreadyWon #GodIsWithUs 🙏🏽

• • •

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