This is great. The first time the notion of “asymptomatic transmission” was mentioned, I smelled a rat. It’s biologically implausible. Not saying it’s never happened once, but as an important contribution to transmission? No. To be a source, you need lots of virus in your...
...airway. But once that happens, you will be symptomatic, either because the virus is injuring your lung lining (epithelium) or because you’re fighting it off (or both). You can’t be both a virulent source AND not have symptoms. Yet it was on the basis that you often wouldn’t... symptoms yet place others at risk that MASS TESTING, all the time, in ever-increasing numbers, was commenced. Now we formally know what basic biology & immunology told us, we can HALT MASS TESTING OF THE ASYMPTOMATIC. We’ve said it for months. Mr Hancock, stop it now.
Here’s the line in the summary, though there’s much more inside the results & discussion:

“There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases”.
The link to article in Nature:…

• • •

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23 Nov
I’ve asked SAGE if they would kindly deposit in the public domain the trove of information they’ve used to create their model relating to the so-called “2nd wave”. I ask because I can’t find any foundational literature on this field. Just post-WW1 stories. There is surely much...
...more. Where is it? I think most people would expect that the premier team advising Govt is using more than Wikipedia to inform their “2nd wave” model? So what published scientific literature are they resting their predictions upon? If they will not share this, I conclude...
...that they’ve no such evidence for “2nd waves”. I’m asking because I’m unaware of any scientific principles or medical experience relating to such ‘waves’. There’s some seasonality, but that’s not what SAGE means. Theirs has a peak in spring & total lethal impact twice as...
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23 Nov
@Microbedoc2 @Dr_HarrieB @abusy_mind @DrDJWilde @LeahButlerSmith @DrBruceScott @honestjonberry I think I can help you. The heart of this is immunology & I’m highly qualified there. There were no immunologists in SAGE in spring. The one on it now has forgotten his teachers lessons. We know this because Ivan Roitt was also my ‘teacher’. He wrote the course text. Image
@Microbedoc2 @Dr_HarrieB @abusy_mind @DrDJWilde @LeahButlerSmith @DrBruceScott @honestjonberry In addition to being demonstrably far more qualified in immunology than anyone on SAGE (with the notable exception of Patrick Vallance, perhaps, who’s also forgotten his immunology), I have decades of experience in mass testing. How do you think we find chemical starting points?
@Microbedoc2 @Dr_HarrieB @abusy_mind @DrDJWilde @LeahButlerSmith @DrBruceScott @honestjonberry Finally, I have a solid understanding of the principles underlying risk / benefit, as this features heavily in any decision to continue with clinical development. So it is clear that nothing Govt has done since before the start has helped, but has definitely resulted in huge...
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21 Nov
In large measure, I’m telling you this so that you should be in no doubt that:


Obviously I mean also those many other helpful, clever people with insights about prior immunity, PCR testing...
...flaws, results from LFT testing, nature, number & causes of excess deaths, the persistent cruelty of useless & redundant ‘lockdowns’, mask mandates & illegal restrictions. How dare they tell you that you must do this & that you must not do that?
The MPs are the people who voted to renew the Coronavirus Act (2020) on or close to Sept 30th. Almost all of them did. 7 Tories voted against & we’d briefed 4 of them. Bone, Davies, Hollobone, McVey, Swayne, Walker & Wragg. 6 Lab MPs voted against: Long-Bailey, Butler, Jones,
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21 Nov
A bit of feedback from recent discussions I’ve had with Westminster MPs. One who I won’t name said “Mike, you’ve moved from being a somewhat fringe figure to being mainstream & in the vanguard”.
Put another way: numerous MPs know of & agree with my position on the virus.
Isn’t that great? I don’t know how many MPs hold this view, but Clare Craig FRCPath & I, who hold fundamentally the same view, have each briefed a decent handful of people & of course they talk (& we always give them a reading list). I’m guessing we’re looking at a few dozen.
The very bad news is: they’re not going to do anything because they’ve no power. None of them can speak to Hancock or the PM. Their calculus is Dec 2nd is a lost cause (because Labour wouldn’t put Boris out if he was on fire) but maybe they can have a crack in mid-January.
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20 Nov
Quarter of people may already be immune to coronavirus..
I’m delighted that mainstream newspapers are picking up on ‘prior immunity’. It’s a lot more than 25%, arguably >50%. 1st paper MID-APRIL!! It’s normal & expected. Only Q, how much. SAGE said zero.…
In my paper, “What SAGE got wrong” I simply pointed out they’d erred badly & unaccountably. Vallance & I share a educational & work history. He knows what I know.
So why does he persist in misleading the PM & public?
I now think prior immunity was 50% but % infected lower at...
15-20%. Net effect is HERD IMMUNITY. I was right months ago & respectfully I submit I’m right now, too.
But if we’re at HI, it’s impossible to have the National outbreak, this 2nd wave, that we’re told is happening.…
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17 Nov
Thanks JE! Up to date info, total weekly deaths, which are very close to normal for early Nov. I say again: you can’t have a lethal pandemic stalking the land yet not have excess weekly deaths. The explanation: we’re in a PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic. If anyone wants to... battle & claim there are excess deaths, once adjusted for population change, there’s little to nothing. And can’t you think of an explanation that isn’t covid19? Restricting access to NHS for a population for 8mo & counting will lead to avoidable non covid19 deaths. This..
...pandemic was over in June or earlier, due to herd immunity, reached quickly because half of us already had prior immunity. We’d been infected by common cold causing coronaviruses, so cross immunity, like cowpox/smallpox & the very invention of vaccines.
Everyone surviving...
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