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21 Nov, 36 tweets, 14 min read
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Angus Campbell at 0900 hours, Saturday Paper journalist and An Unwinnable War author Karen Middleton; ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn and murdoch columnist and Liberal Party leader chronicler Professor Peter van Onselen.
the second interview is with shadow employment minister Brendan O’Connor. All tweets are hashtagged for muting convenience. Please do not tag journalists politicians media outlets etc in replies. Google snitchtagging instead of asking me why. Thanks. #Insiders
“a moment of national shame and a stain in the name of our most elite soldiers” is Speers opening line. So yep, the blame will be spread away from its source, the ADF and the politicians who unleash them on the world. #Insiders
the montage is shaky war zone footage spliced with comment from Morrison, Albanese and Campbell. Corny muzak plays over video of armed males wearing helmets in cammo gear, getting in and out of military choppers etc. Romanticised nonsense #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay a split between Morrison and Berejiklian. The NSW Premier wants to allocate more resources to bringing international students in. More war zone footage. #Insiders
Hi, General. Do you really believe the higher ups did not know what these soldiers were doing on their watch?
Very confronting, says Campbell. The report started with what Justice Brereton calls warrior culture.

*He is talking about summary executions of children.
Speers pushes back. There was secrecy, cover-up, commanders hiding the truth, punishing those who spoke up.
Campbell claims he is not trying to avoid facing those traits. He talks about case-by-case holding to account, which is the flip side of “culture of... “.
he was himself a commander in the Middle East in 2011, Campbell says. The “accountability and transparency” line gets another run. He then moves to saying ADF did some great things in Afghanistan but claims he is not diminishing the seriousness [of summary executions]. #Insiders
the narrative about SAS being deployed too many times is next. This has been explained numerous times as Howard wanting maximum war jingo alliance politics and minimum Aust casualties because dead soldiers plays badly in the electorate. #Insiders
what we did and why we went there... to prevent Afghanistan becoming a base for international terrorism, Campbell says. He claims there is “a considerable legacy”, in the Afghan government negotiating the US drawdown. He tells the troops to be proud. #Insiders
and that Afghanistan has been war torn “for over 40 years”. My dude. The General should read Graveyard of Empires. The west has been trying to tear Afghanistan apart for more than 40 years. #Insiders
Middleton moves the sympathetic talks to the whistleblowers. Speers broadens it to all but the bad special forces who did the bad things. Like Campbell, this line confining war crimes to a limited number of SAS contradicts “cultural problem” findings in the report. #Insiders
Probyn lines up with Speers to present himself as an important war correspondent who went to Afghanistan and saw ADF behaving professionally. He then zooms out to say “Australians as a whole have got to realise” that highly paid trained killers have a culture of killing #Insiders
PvO lines up with the other blokes and expresses his “huge sympathy” with military maybe having medals taken off them and that what the highly paid trained killers did is “a tough legacy for Australia”. Jesus. #Insiders
after Middleton already pointed to the role of whistleblowers, Speers calls PvO sympathising with whistleblowers “a very good point”. Middleton says we are hearing less about whistleblower McBride, who is being prosecuted, than promises of changes in the ADF. #Insiders
Middleton calls for proper protection for whistleblowers if the ADF are serious about cultural change so they don’t end up in the courts. She agrees with Campbell that media should have greater access to ADF info. Probyn and Speers agree on “more media access” too. #Insiders
clip of Frydenberg doing that mogadon routine to segue to interview with shadow employment minister Brendan O’Connor. He opens with criticising the cutting of Jobkeeper and the $6 billion spend on paying people above their ore-pandemic pay. #Insiders
turning to SA. What do you make of this strange set of circumstances?
O’Connor: we need to not create circumstances where people feel the need to lie. There was NO JOBKEEPER OR JOBSEEKER for workers on temporary visas, a point Speers seems to struggle to grasp #Insiders
Speers takes the fiscal fact that jobkeeper and jobseeker were categorically denied to migrant workers and makes it a political opinion. “so you think that might have encouraged [foreign pizza shop worker] to take a second job”?
O’Connor: well duh poverty [paraphrased].
O’Connor speaks further about growing casualisation and precarious work. We have the lowest wages growth on record. He would not trust this government to honour wages growth in exchange for a super freeze. Speers switches the topic to internal Labor Party politics. #Insiders
next topic is Morrison’s dipfluckery with largest trading partner China. O’Connor says diplomacy is not helped by “the offensive and gratuitous comments made by government members about China”. Clip of Morrison citing his vacuous slogan “Australians being Australia” #Insiders
Probyn agrees that the likes of Abetz running racist commentary on China is unhelpful. Speers responds with standard Liberal Party “democracy free speech” comms. Middleton says sure democracy but maybe stop being such bumbling clownheads [paraphrased]. #Insiders
PvO notes that photo ops by Morrison’s official photographer “is just #ScottyFromMarketing and... nothing more”. Middleton reinforces the statement that Morrison’s optics are nothing more than marketing and Speers [hold on to your hats] says “I think that’s right”. #Insiders
clip of that typical word salad Morrison answer about the statement of the thing that is not signed and has been unsigned for years because of the death penalty question. Again the panel agree, this time that Morrison gave a non-answer. #Insiders
back to SA. It is serious and farcical, says Probyn, pointing to the issues around hotel quarantine, political (and cops brass remember) overreaction and misleading claims about some special virus strain. #Insiders
PVO says the partisan “process” has been exposed as well as [precarious and] part time work and working more than one job can’t be outlawed. He asks if we would have seen Morrison on the attack if the SA cluster had happened in [Labor governed] Western Australia? #Insiders
the #Robodebt class action settlement. Middleton expresses horror at the policy which caused people to take their own lives. She constrasts how the government “clawed back money” from the poor while throwing no-tender spending at marginal seats “for re-election”👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. #Insiders
asked who is accountable, Probyn says Scott Morrison as Human Services Minister [when #Robodebt extortion notices were massively ramped up on his watch]. He says because Scott Morrison is responsible nobody will held accountable.
This truth to power could catch on! #Insiders
PvO also looks straight to camera and expresses despair that #Robodebt caused such extensive damage up to and including causing mental health conditions and premature deaths of many. He agrees re failure of accountability mechanisms. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is PvO saying the government will delay a decision on capping employer super contributions at 9.5% but remember we pay federal politicians 15.4% so if they cap us, they should have to reduce AND REPAY (lol) their own. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Karen Middleton on a Wyatt staffer who made a bullying complaint and the Dept Finance report went to the minister but not the staffer, who has now FOId (first instance refused) and appealed. The OIC will review the decision on whether to release #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Probyn farewelling and paying tribute to ABC stalwart Kylie Blackburn. #Insiders
we go out with footage of a politician butchering the Leonard Cohen masterpiece Hallelujah while other politicians chortle along. They are definitely the profession with the worst sense of humour. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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20 Nov
props to Laura Tingle for this incredibly rare bird: press gallery output that provides meaningful context to accurately represent Morrison’s relentless politicisation of the military.…
Morrison’s relentless politicisation of the military and militarisation of policy. Tingle even notes his crass and disrespectful decision to shoehorn the military into what is supposed to be an acknowledgement of country and First Peoples.
more on how Liberal-led governments politicise the ADF from Paul Barrett, the former defence department secretary unceremoniously edged out by prime minister John Howard for speaking truth to power.…
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20 Nov
they want to punish a teenager for what employers and politicians do.
OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE MEN how many young people could be employed for the ridiculous cost of sending in 20 fucking police to criminalise a single worker whose boss chose to employ him on a casual basis.
full article on the waste of 20 police officers time prosecuting [checks notes] one casual worker whose circumstances are wholly caused by his bosses and inequality- and insecurity- and anxiety- and poverty-creating neoliberal governments.…
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19 Nov
lies. Scott Morrison has already consigned any future war crimes findings to the past.
and has sent Josh Frydenberg out to dribble on about superannuation, which the Liberals hate, because it is a Labor innovation. They already enabled people to run down retirement savings instead of providing an adequate federal government response to high unemployment.
Frydenberg is purportedly talking about super, will inevitably get war crimes questions, and blither some whitewashing denial and bullshit in response. The media will seize on his answers and broadcast the government narrative all day. That’s why he is doing a presser right now.
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19 Nov
imperial white patriarchy stands by unspeakably cruel white male killers and tells you and your descendants to do the same. For imperial white patriarchy. And inherited wealth. Image
filthy lies since 1770 but go off with the discovery doctrine bullshit. Image
1770: we discovered Australia!
~250 years of colonising violence~
2020: sometimes we do bad things!
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16 Nov
imagine sitting in the Canberra press gallery paid by ninefax to catch up with twitter [checks notes] over four years after the fact.
I guess Malcolm Turnbull will gravely renounce this wicked policy he and his Treasurer took to the 2016 election, the one they scraped home after losing 16 seats, on the back of artificially inflating their budget bottom line by unlawfully extorting cash from the poorest voters.
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16 Nov
presumably it will go without saying by the Canberra press gallery that apart from all the mental health conditions they created and exacerbated, this is a typical example of Liberal Party economic management, a thing they are continually and spectacularly bad at on every level.
presumably press gallery stories will also minimise or erase #Robodebt activists from their stories. None of this would have happened without Asher for a start. And many many others.
listening to ABC radio heaving and choking on its desire to provide nothing but the Morrison government framing of its $1.2 billion hardship, mental health and death machine #Robodebt
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