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21 Nov, 15 tweets, 5 min read
a) people disagreeing with you on existential ideas (what is gender?) or ethics (should kids be affirmed) is not hate.
b) you've no idea how tired female people are. We've been fighting our oppression for millennia and now here you are raising another onslaught against us. >
Simply a request to people that they ignore people fighting for the rights of women and LGB people, that they prioritise this one group. Such equality discourse. >
They really don't. They've spent this whole borefest and exemplar of male centrism and power demonising people in marginalised groups seeking liberation. they wouldn't recognise equality if it was dressed up in red glittery nipple tassels and dancing in their face. >
The very idea of talking about "inacurate science" whilst claiming "sex and gender are both spectrums". Give me strength. Sex is a binary with a whole diversity of bodies within that binary and gender is a hierarchy of sex stereotypes and the value judgements ascribed to them. >
The hyperbole here is incredible. The conflation of feminism and LGB liberation politics with "schools being fed lies" and people being "fearful that they might be targeted and killed" or suicide and "a thousand fear" is absolutely batshit. >
This whole response kind of reminds me of the Pat Robertson quote I've had as my email signature for the last 25 years. >
*Does the sign of the cross* in @janeclarejones style.
Ah - ha -ha - men. >
LOL! Regressive patriarchal beliefs and pitching power against females is what now? >
I genuinely don't believe that many people disagree with this. Like if you check out the recent You Gov polls.... >
Anyway blah blah blah "women and LGBT people are bigios" we've heard it before. It won't stop us fighting for liberation and your claims that people in Ireland are particularly situated to agree with your homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric has yet to be proved. >
And your idea of "radical" and "equality" are absolute nonsense. This diatribe exemplified your singular mission, your disregard for progressive politics and your desire to uphold existing power inequalities by shutting down the voices and demonising people >
who belong to oppressed groups, for genuinely wanting to liberate everyone and maximise wellbeing, participation and equity. Good luck with that I guess. We'll be standing over there ▶️ on the side of history that values people over power.
That there are orgs (including amnesty) who are willing to sign up to this bullshit let's crush dissenting views from marginalised groups and support the power screed is obviously a very bad day for people in Ireland and those seeking equality everywhere.
Some people have said there's a couple of tweets being hidden in the thread so I've made a screenshot of them:
Just in case the problem is naming people which is bizarre as the letter does that - this is the other tweet that is being censored by twitter. One asking for recognition of all people's hardships. Like you couldn't make it up this is what they's chose to censor.

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22 Nov
Hello new followers, I'm happy you liked/supported my thread. I'm a radical feminist but absolutely don't believe women have to agree on everything, that'd be boring. I drink lots of wine and like cats, bats and hedgehogs. Also fossils and space🍷🦇🐱🦔 🦖🔭
My boy
my girl
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21 Nov
So just a few points I want to make about this both daft and worrying letter. >…
Firstly, this sweeping claim that people who identify as trans "always worked in advancing the equal rights and acceptance of all " etc is absolutely batshit. They're not a monolith, the group includes people with all kinds of opinions and beliefs. >
In fact if you look at the (only one I'm aware of) research into attitudes of people who identify as trans you'll find that not only are they less liberal than "cis" women, they're also less liberal than "cis" men. >
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19 Nov
Gender dysphoria, distressing thoughts and feelings about your sexed body, is a social phenomenon just like other experiences of mental distress - depression, anorexia, anxiety etc. It does not have biological roots. >
A large number of people experience gender dysphoria, which is no surprise given how rigid and forceful our gendered society is. >
Some people who experience gender dysphoria go on to identify as trans, which is also unsurprising given how prominent that the trans narrative is within society, having been accepted by all the major institutions. >
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22 Oct
I just want to say again. I'm a radical feminist. I want female people to be liberated from oppression, that means dismantling all structures of male power - gender, race, capitalism and their offshoots homophobia, class etc. That's why I oppose gender identity ideology. Thread>
I don't hate anyone, I'm not fearful of gender non conformity. Quite the opposite, as a RF I believe gnc is what we should all aim for. That's breaking the shackles. I do not believe trans is a manifestation or a political movement towards gnc, I think it's quite the opposite.
I believe gender dysphoria exists and causes serious distress. I think there are many routes to it - from internalised homophobia, misogyny and social contagion to agp. I think effective and timely support should be provided, I don't think invasive treatments are the answer.
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24 Jul
So, this is in no way a comprehensive response. It's just a point by point rebuttal of @NadiaWhittomeMP's anti feminist, anti woman article platformed by the @Independent because I'm lazy. You can read the article here:
Media coverage etc around trans rights is overwhelmingly positive/supportive. Even occasional articles that acknowledge there is a conflict with women’s rights or ? the validity of “gender identity” as a concept do so within the bounds of language dictated by trans groups.
Trans “rights” necessarily interact with laws, policies & beliefs that invoke sex/gender, which are the foundations for female rights too. Our lives must not be reduced to statistics etc either, we are real people who are directly affected, our real life experiences are relevant.
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28 Jun
Owen Jones is having a memory lapse about #cunnilingusgate so here's what actually happened. In Feb 2015 OJ wrote an article claiming that saying "transwomen are not female" is akin to misogyny, racism and homophobia in the 1950s rather than a statement of fact.
In the article he makes the false claim "the iconic Stonewall riots of 1969 that did so much to galvanise the gay rights movement were dominated by trans people." No mention of Stormé DeLarverie who is believed to have started the riot, another black lesbian erased.
He writes that allowing female people to have sex segregated spaces means people who id as trans cannot get an education or job. No mention that we are afforded these spaces to help mitigate the impact of our oppression, safety from male violence, freedom from the male gaze etc
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