Things I didn't know before the results of the election were challenged:

- The voting tabulation systems AREN"T firewalled from the internet - almost all of them have modems and are online
- Two or three companies develop, administer and control all of the software and...
...hardware used to vote and count votes
- Employees of those companies are able to access the data and software before, during, and after the election
- Michigan has certified election results as recently as the 2020 primary with approx. 70% of their precincts...
...showing "out of balance" reconciliations between voter roles, voter participants, and final tally
- Despite all of the alleged built-in safeguards, states such as Georgia can complete a vote count without noticing that 1000's of votes stored on memory cards weren't counted
Never knew any of that was possible. Especially the internet part.

• • •

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20 Nov
Bemused that a media responsible for enthusiastically amplifying the false allegations that Trump, Page, et al were Russian agents - and dozens of other debunked stories - is now pontificating about how horrible it is for a democracy to not be able to trust our institutions.
Even more bemused that those same media outlets are dismissing, out of hand, sworn affidavits of eyewitnesses describing fraudulent and/or illegal vote-counting activity, considering the weekly "bombshell" leak stories from anonymous sources they were so eager to bring to...
...our attention for the last 3+ years. The difference? Well you know the difference. The people signing their names to sworn statements are describing suspicious activities that reflect negatively on @JoeBiden. The anonymous, now-debunked bombshells reflected negatively on...
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14 Nov
The irony of all of these Dem politicians and media hypocrites getting busted going to dinners, sending their kids to school, not wearing masks, etc. while issuing orders and directives to the rest of us to toe the line is that we all know that they know that this is just a... we're all playing here. We don't give a shit that they're doing all of those things, because they, and we, should be. And they're doing all of those things because THEY know that they, and we, should be. The only difference between us is that we're honest about it.
Nobody knows any more about how we catch it, or how to prevent it, than we did in March. The CDC has twisted themselves into pretzels with their constantly changing "guidance" (don't wear masks, it's not airborne, it IS airborne, wear masks, can't catch it through touching...
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4 Nov
.@CNN purposely omitting the context from their shock and horror at Trump's remarks - he's talking about the state of Pennsylvania allowing mail-in ballots received up to 3 days after the election to be counted, including those with no discernible postmark. The Supreme Court...
...declined to take the case due to the lack of time to adjudicate it before the election, but noted that the election commissioner should segregate all mail-in votes received between 8 PM Tuesday night and 5 PM Friday, in order to preserve the evidence, if you will, in the...
...event the Trump campaign renews the challenge after the election. The PA commissioner "issued guidance" to segregate them, but there doesn't appear to be a system in place to do so.

So, no - Trump's not asking to stop the counting of random votes - he's arguing that a...
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28 Oct
I don't need to tell most of you this, but I will - Tony Bobulinski is telling the truth. The only fuzz in that interview was the twice-repeated "at a high level" caveat for his discussion with Biden at the first meeting at the Hilton. Clear to me that Tony didn't go into any...
...detail about the China deal with Biden - hence the "at a high level." But he made it clear that Hunter and Jim were pre-briefing Joe and counseling Tony to keep the conversations clean, so it makes sense. And it's still the truth. This interview and the volumes of associated..
...recordings and documentation - which Tony referenced as a evidence for every stage of his story - would bring down a city councilman in just about any city in America. The media will do everything they can to turn this tsunami into a ripple, and they will succeed, because...
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27 Oct
Dr. Jonathan Reiner, the cardiologist who plays Covid expert on @CNN, in high dudgeon over the ACB swearing-in ceremony, said this:

"And then the other really insulting thing - if I was a staunch supporter of the president and I went to some of his rallies, I would want to...
...know why you packed me shoulder to shoulder in an unmasked crowd, but then you brought all these VIPs to the White House and separated them and had them mask up. You know, why do you protect them and not us?"

Lots to unpack here, but behold the majesty of the contempt for...
...individual license dripping from every word. It's insulting, offensive, sanctimonious, and perfectly in line with the way Dems and the media view Trump supporters. Since the WH event guests appeared adequately masked to the cardiologist Covid expert, he had to invent a...
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26 Oct
Wait, @60Minutes - that's it? @NorahODonnell, that's it? You ask Biden if he thinks it's a Russia disinformation campaign, he says yes and you nod your head and move on? How about, "The FBI has the laptop. The DNI has confirmed that there is no evidence of Russian influence...
...associated with the laptop or emails. The emails list you as a 10 percent recipient of a 5-10 million dollar payment from a Chinese business executive. So I'll ask it this way - whether or not you received a percentage of that deal, has your son shared with you any of the...
...proceeds of his work with foreign companies? You said you never discussed Hunter's business, ever - there are emails and witnesses who confirm that you met with Hunter's business partners and discussed Hunter's business with foreign partners. When did you last discuss your...
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