The Sephardim merchants of Amsterdam in the 17th century as Barbara Tuchman wrote in another context, offer a “distant mirror” that can be held up to the lives and issues faced by minority groups, in general, and Jews, specifically, today.
The ways in which the Sephardim grappled with the surrounding society, tolerance, the blending of cultures, and the limits of assimilation speak strongly to scholars confronting (or refusing to publicly confront, as the case may be) these very same issues in the modern world.
One part of the modern urban experience is social acceptance, and the Sephardic economic elites of Amsterdam in the 17th century were socially and culturally accepted in a way that was unique at that time. Everyday contact between the Sephardim and the Dutch was unremarkable.
The economic and social opportunities for the Sephardim in 17th century Amsterdam presage the current discussions surrounding globalization and the formation and practice of identity politics and multiculturalism specific to Zionism and geopolitics, in general.
These merchants not only had a global presence, were integrative, and opportunistic, above all else they were successfully wealthy merchants. They delved into multiple products and regions, and connected both within the Sephardic community and beyond it.
These global merchants lived in a state of flux which offered unprecedented opportunities for merchants with the wherewithal, the connections, and the vision to step out of their traditional family and religious networks to take advantage of new possibilities for trade.
I called this early on with network analysis. They went outside their own Sephardic networks for three reasons: to enter a new market, to augment a networks, and if or when they, essentially, saw no real difference between themselves and the merchants from outside their group.
Today, somehow the imposters, the blue checked accounts on Twitter do not seem to understand that their networks are patently obvious with a wide lens analysis. No distant mirror is necessary.

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23 Nov
The Bolshevik’s “Living Church” was essentially Zionist Christianity (which isn’t at all Christian) for the Orthodoxy in Russia. You may say, why the hell should I care.” And in reply I’ll tell you that it is about to become super relevant in America. The full why is subversion.
As the son of a priest, the creepiest thing in my opinion is the atheist subversion of Christianity. It really doesn’t get any lower than that. The Russian Orthodox Church became a cesspool of corruption and Kremlin cronyism; a vector for worldly power. We’re talking C-R-E-E-P-Y.
The Bolshevik morons failed with the project. Big time failure. Apparently the idiots did not learn from their tremendous mistakes and they are trying it all again. I can assure you the new attempts will fail, too. Big time failure. 😂
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23 Nov
2020 is not only the year of the next U.S. presidential election, it is also the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower ‘Pilgrims’ in North America and the beginnings of Puritan New England. And both the election and anniversary occur in the same month.
There is an undeniable historic link between the origins of Puritan settlement of North America (particularly that in Massachusetts Bay from 1630 onwards) and the remarkable events which have shaken the nation since 2016.
The Mayflower Compact and later covenanting agreements of the Puritan congregations of Massachusetts Bay contributed a profound sense of “calling,” commitment to actively form gated communities and a moral contract as part of a venture which saw itself as an “American Israel.”
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22 Nov
EXACTLY. I am going to write about this next. Too much doom and gloom.
I think the key here is everybody’s dishonesty. Let’s start at the doorstep. Jews are a minority in the world. The tiniest minority in the world. But somehow Jews run a majority of the world’s mass media. That does not mean Jews run the world, it means Jews run the mass media.
Whether we’re looking for clarity, looking for peace, or looking for answers the only place to look is within. If we fully rely on external sources like the mass media, we get what we deserve. It is a total shit show. The moment we realize that is the moment we become conscious.
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22 Nov
For over a thousand years, Christianity was one unified faith. Then in 1054 the Roman Catholic Church split from the original Orthodox Christian Church which is today referred to as “Eastern,” whereas the Catholic Church is “Western,” which split again in 1517 with Martin Luther.
The three branches (Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism) share no consistent theology. And only an ignorant person would use “Christianity” as a catch-all for the three. The Orthodox are hugely persecuted and then the Catholics, next. Protestants are not persecuted.
This beatitude comes to mind: “Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall see all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for a great is your reward in heaven!”
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22 Nov
Nobody saw this coming (sarcasm). The Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, part of the Atlantic Council network of Zionist global criminals, created that now-Nazi hate group. And @AtlanticCouncil moderates Facebook. What a shit show, America!
From a distant mirror we see that some very wealthy Jews were unquestionably involved in creating the conditions for the Holocaust. 😉 @SimonClark1965
Today is the Sunday of the rich fool. There are no coincidences. @SimonClark1965…
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22 Nov
"The historian who puts his system first can hardly escape the heresy of preferring the facts which suit his system best.” ~Barbara Tuchman
"To put on the garment of legitimacy is the first aim of every coup." ~Barbara Tuchman, from 'A Distant Mirror' (1978)
“Disaster is rarely as pervasive as it seems from recorded accounts. The fact of being on the record makes it appear continuous and ubiquitous whereas it is more likely to have been sporadic both in time and place.”
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