Trying to locate my feelings after having been out and, as usual, I'm going to work them out here. I'm also going to make it so that only people I follow can reply because this is going to be raw and angry.

So, come around dear white ladies. This is about you.
There are lots of possibilities here. I could be dead wrong. I could be right, but it doesn't apply to you. You can keep it moving.

I could be right, it applies to you, and now you're pissed. It's actually okay to be mad. I'm mad, too. Y'all have been disappointing.
You're having a crisis of membership. When you were really fired up in 2016 you finally found the wherewith-all to go marching & protesting. Of course, you couldn't be bothered to do it in your own cities & towns, but I think I laid into you before about this.
Your membership's had a problem for centuries. All that blaming of white men as if they're the only ones who have benefitted from white supremacy.

Since we're closing in on Thanksgiving, the memory that's strongest for me that week, 4 years ago, was that you were super worried.
All that family in one place and your racist uncle & homophobic aunt were coming. How were you going to manage that week? You were so hurt, frightened, and radical. It was quite the phenomenon to witness; you, finally noticing your whiteness. The unfriending, the siloing.
The blocking. The lost members of family that you cut off & out of your lives. Ending relationships, taking the moral high ground, and then performing. My god, the performing. Still taking up way too much space.

And then, this summer. There were uprisings. Racism got louder.
What did y'all do? You read books. Book club aficionados, you lot. Organizing the shit out of book clubs. I was really happy for Black authors you read. Nobody else. Oh, Robin. Y'all love her and can't get enough of her. There's far too little critique there, but whatevs.
What you also needed to do, though, is understand your damn selves. Understand your whiteness, the ways you show up, the ways you have betrayed us, killed us, and sold us out for the price of a thing you don't even bother to investigate. You went straight to guilt. If at all.
Y'all are dangerous when you don't critique your books, your movies, and your problematic art. Y'all ignored the very family members YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE INFLUENCING. There was a lot of work to do & you didn't do it. You wasted the last few years by missing that.
Instead there was a ton of reading about The Other. But also, there was participating in patriarchy and, yes, misogyny. You gotta stop blaming white men. y'all have been a problem for a while. 2016 was a reminder that you're so caught up in this thing you don't even know it.
It's been toxic for you. You know that saying about fish that don't even know they swim in water? That's you. Whiteness has eroded your critical thinking about race and confused that with navel-gazing. That water you've been swimming in is poisoned.

Did you notice?
Did you notice how much more work you made for the rest of us & that you asked for it for free? Or that you outright STOLE from us?

When you stopped speaking to your cousin, that just pushed them further to a place of hatred. You know you bore the brunt of that? Yeah. You do.
I need you to get it right. I need you to do your work. Why'd you fail to reach out to your white sisters who are, by the way, just as caught up in this fuckery? You let them fester. Look at them now. It's not as if you don't have your own firsthand witness accounts. YOU SEE IT
I'm really mad at you. I've been feeling this for weeks now & I let it fester in me. Made me sick again. This ridiculous construction that you've ignored. Do your ancestral work. Can you even imagine owning that shit?

But here you are, wanting the 10 steps to fixing this.
Here you are, asking us about any of the people of color in this country who voted for that monster instead of asking WHY YOUR SISTERS DID. The ones you ignored.

You want solutions before you even do the work of understanding your whiteness. The way you weaponize it
You abandoned your sisters and then, hypocritically, tried to understand us. Ain't that some shit?

You have, historically, done your own picking & choosing about which privilege you’d uplift & when you wanted to go against your white men. You cozied up real good at the ballots.
You trade on your white femininity for fear of being oppressed by them but instead you choose to oppress others. I'm bored of your shallow analysis. You should be upset at your ancestors. They set you up so poorly. You should be pissed at them.

I'm still working that one out.

• • •

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25 Jun
Nothing is concrete yet but I'm putting together some work for white accomplices who care about the lives of Black children, educators, families, and communities and how they can organize right now.

Because I cannot continue to answer personal queries. This will be a course.
I have put the work in and need y'all NOT to get it wrong. Too much "we have to do something" from well-meaning white ppl means y'all still aren't paying attention to or following the leadership of Black folx.

You haven't been socialized to do that. Let me help you.
I want to be very clear: this is organizing ALONGSIDE the people already doing this work.

This isn’t where you *lead*. But it’s where you organize.
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14 Jun
The accuracy is painful.

If we happen to get hired then they question our credentials, hoard power & access, never take our advice, get upset when we challenge them & then say we weren’t a good fit.

artist: @WillMcPhail
They want us to fit into their idealized version for diversity. They see diversity as something to be tolerated but not celebrated.

If we want to be experts in anything other than our race or gender, they shut us down.

They’ll look for someone else to uphold their racism.
And their sexism & patriarchy. Some of us take those jobs and stay just shy of the firing line. They’ll ask us “this wasn’t racist, was it?”

The only answer to that if you want to keep your job is “no”. They’ll keep at this. It’s a test of our loyalty to white supremacy.
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3 Jun
Part of me wants to wait to share this but thoughts are swirling so I’m going to do a short thread on what folx can do TODAY.

I’m calling it: So, You Decided to Black Out Your Screen on Tuesday — A Primer on Wednesday.
First, my frame of reference is always schools yet this can translate to any institution. Apply accordingly.

Yesterday, you said that Black lives mattered. Today, show us what that means.

Ahem: this is for white people.
I see some of y’all had to learn a lesson about mic passing. You went to a march? Good. I know y’all can organize.

I’ve seen you organize all kinds of car parades for birthdays. My hood had tons.

Y’all know how to organize. But do you know how to follow our leadership?
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11 Apr
“...what in the holy fuck just happened? I hope you might consider this: what happened is inexplicably incredible. It’s the greatest gift ever unwrapped. Not the deaths, not the virus, but the Great Pause.”

- Julio Vincent Gambuto…
“From one citizen to another, I beg of you: take a deep breath, ignore the noise, and think deeply about what you want to put back into your life. This is our chance to define a new version of normal, a rare and truly sacred (yes, sacred) opportunity to get rid of the bullshit“
“We get to Marie Kondo the shit out of it all. We care deeply about one another. That is clear. That can be seen in every supportive Facebook post, in every meal dropped off for a neighbor, in every Zoom birthday party. We are a good people.”

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26 Mar
I got a minute and, frankly, my spouse is tired of me talking to his face.

Let's talk equity and systems and *where we're at* right now.

All of our systems are connected. Let's name some: education, healthcare, finance, food, legal, transportation. Each of them operate as 1.
If we can operate from systems thinking then we can correctly identify where we get things wrong. What we're witnessing is failure, on a massive scale, of each of them. We can't feed children if they're not in school? Well, how were our communities ensuring that before?
The fact is: we weren't.

Let me say this again (god, I say this on here a lot): when a problem gets too big for society we give it to the schools.

When schools shut down entire communities blame schools when kids aren't fed. This is a horrible way we do things.
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22 Mar
It's hard to say where the research on this would be but I had a sobering thought yesterday: what kind of love and care are our children getting at home through schooling from their parents that they've rarely seen in schools?

What are Black children experiencing right now?
And how could we capture that and share it with school systems?

A friend is homeschooling her children and NOT using the curriculum sent home. Why? Because she wants her children to see themselves in their work. In studies. In history. In literature.
The patience she has with them as she delivers lessons with love & care have the power to turn kids around. The ones who hate school, who have been told on repeat that they aren't wanted, necessary or represented. School systems do that to children all the time. We have that data
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