@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc my brother told me in 2013 when my blood pressure was HIGH: "lil' sister, they ain't going to tell you the truth: QUIT eating chemical crap labeled as 'food', eat 'organic', read every label: "sodium has to be less than 100mg because 'strokes are a silent killer"
you will die
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc old i am
my GrandDad and i watched the evening news
Walter Cronkite or Huntley and Brinkley
we watched "chemical crap manufacturers" telling Congress that there was 'no harm, no difference' between chemical crap and organic to convince Congressional politicians 'it's all good'
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc daily purchases by millions of people
"name brand" is filled w/ the highest levels of chemical crap: people buy 'name brand' believing it's 'safer'
compared to 'organic' food eaten 100 and more years ago people are OBESE
people don't exercise
Public Service Announcements stopped
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc i don't know England nor Australia nor Europe
i do know United States
'old i am'
working as a cashier with "high blood pressure"
i watched what teens 20s 30s bought
"tired from working dead end jobs"
bought the 'fastest to fix'
'chemical crap names'
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc comparative .. 'old i am'
people in the United States do not exercise
i'd put it at less than 25% exercise 2010 and up
working at a YMCA 10y 100,000 pop
10,000 members
less than that 'exericse'
membership gave lower child care costs
children exercised
parents worked
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc i do know that 'how i am saying this' is referenced as being a 'talking mouth' ( fingers in this case ) and no value is given to 'oral history'
oy vey
i have watched 'manipulated information' being stated as 'fact' .. flip those numbers and 'different' is 'fact'
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc ex:
Rapid City SouthDakota was said to have the 'highest rapes'
"higher than Detroit".?
thank Chicago.?
what metric was used for that.?
FACT: you call LEOs in western SouthDakota they respond
"rape' screamed: somebody is going to jail
"two fighting".?
both in jail
judges decide
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc i left South Dakota, June 26, 2018
a friend said that my living in fear that i'd not survive in SouthDakota: rent went from$500-525 to $700-750 with new owners: old i am: 'cashier' can be done by younger faster: i was told 'Corporate said overnight would end at some point'
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc i'd talked to every child teen 20s 30s
i'd said as if i was the new PSA
'vote. it matters"
Governor candidate Democrat Billie H Sutton 141,898
#kkkristiNOem (R)at LOVES tRUmP 152,543
10,645 votes
#kkkristiNOem doesn't care how many people die
'fits' deplorableDonnie to a 'T'
@Mark_Samuels_UK @APSsupportUK @uclaps @AnticoagForum @Lupusdoc i'm not prepper, off-grid
i did live with Grandparents who'd survived the 'Great Depression'
we did not buy excess
we ate from the garden, cows, chickens we owned
'organic' as it's called now

thank you for the follow
may you survive to December 31, 2021
2022 may have vaccines

• • •

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22 Nov
Sanford CEO Krabbenhoft, who is not a physician, ""BELIEVES"" [not factual] he is immune to the disease for “at least seven months and perhaps years to come” and that he isn’t a threat to transmit it to anyone, so wearing a mask would be merely for show.
kvrr.com/2020/11/20/san… Image
Sanford Health has 46 hospitals and more than 200 clinics in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. It employs about 50,000 people. The Dakotas have had the country’s worst spread rates for several weeks, with Iowa close behind, while Minnesota is catching up.
“We’ve seen a lot of healthcare providers just kind of throw in the towel because they don’t feel supported by the places they work, they don’t feel supported by their local leaders and they don’t feel supported by the government kvrr.com/2020/11/20/nor…
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21 Nov
Pandemic Wiped 28,000 Oil & Gas Jobs in Australia

Total cases COVID19
27,807 total

COVID19 Deaths
907 total

Australia population
24.99 million
to have fewer people die in the United States:
remove every (R)Senator
remove every (R)Representative
remove every (R)Governor
remove the (R)s ""OWNERS:: Kochs Mercers Adelsons
remove Libertarians
remove TeaParty
remove BircherKKK
to have
fewer COVID19 deaths
United States ( pop: 330M )
has approx 13.2 times more population
than Australia ( pop: 25M )

907 people ( died from COVID19 in Australia ) x 13.2 = 11,972

United States
258,000 PEOPLE DEAD DUE TO COVID19 "CoronaVirus"

""this"" is what you get with every (R) vote
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15 Nov
Court and investor records shows one company Perdue led went under soon after he departed. Another paid out $42 million in to settle lawsuits alleging Perdue lined his own pockets as part of a leveraged buyout deal, shortchanging shareholders. via @ajc
#tRUmP="business experience": 240K PEOPLE DIED 11M PEOPLE infected wtih COVID19 > Perdue talks up his "business experience".
Major candidates in the crowded GOP field have lengthy records as elected officials, Perdue’s resume is cloaked behind "privacy of the business" world.
One thing is clear: the private sector has made Perdue a wealthy man. Tax returns reviewed by @ajc show that over 10 years Perdue earned $55 million paying $21 million in taxes. A federal financial disclosure estimated Perdue’s current worth at between $11 and $48 million.
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15 Nov
"G'morning".! 10:47 AM MountainStandardTime
@jack allowed 'follow'.!
i'd read about a "whirlybird" hearing it named in a movie
1950s 1960s whirlybird flew over my Grandparents land from Fort Rucker to 'find' "x"
dozens and dozens
i'd wave 'hi'.! from the backyard
my flights on whirlybirds were enlightening with the memories of those 'boys' being 'taught' how to fly to 'x'
shrub/shotgun stopped the media showing "our military" being ret'd in caskets 'cause it would stop teens from 'volunteering' to be 'targets' ... shrub's hee-haw 'act'
i watched 'hee-haw' change to "has to brain functioning" when a tornado hit a high school in southern alabama (city next to Fort Rucker)...i thought "don't let him do 'hee-haw' w parents whose children are gone'.! ..'hee-haw' disappeared to have functioning brain talk w care
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