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21 Nov, 7 tweets, 2 min read
Are'nt the men's Rights Movement doing well? Getting rid of Women only spaces, shutting down those pesky women with views, even getting @amnesty to sign a document depriving women of their Rights, redefining the words "women" and "mother" nearly getting rid of the words. 1/2
altogether.. Getting bolshie women sacked and deplatformed..maybe soon they will even be able to jail women for uttering words they don't approve of!!! Oh joy!!
All with the helpful funding from Right Wing Republican, Pfitzer family and big Pharma.(and of course our taxes) 2/3
The Best bit is having the big Corporations, Politicians, EVEN the Police, GCHQ onside + YET being able to claim to be progressive!! Yea! Left wingers believing that suddenly the cops, + judges + govts are supportive of a marginalised group when they've never been so before 3/4
Everyone benefits!! (Well, men, Corporations, pharma,) It gets rid of female politicians, sportswomen,(it should never have been allowed anyway).The Men will be in charge again, women unable to complain or organise. The profits to be made too from all those kids ..4/5
Its amazing how few people put two and two together, how few examined the views, aims, objectives, tactics of The Men's Rights Movement, The National Coalition for Men + the others. Bet theyve never heard of them! 5/6
A/ Stop women meeting on their own without men.✓
B/ Fight to defund Rape shelters that don't admit men✓
C/ Sue Women's groups that try to have women only events✓
D/ Use tactics to get them to have sex with you..✓
E/ Don't call them Women, call them Foids. ✓

This dehumanises them so you can hate on them without having to think of them as women. As equals.
As people entitled to freedom of speech, movement, freedom to organise.

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19 Oct
The groups work through online chat rooms mainly, and twitter, but here are some of the things they say and believe and do;
"Men are under attack" Its impossible "to control crazy women". They talk of "The devastating force of rejection" (Peterson) 4/5
This "devastating force of rejection" leads them to a position where they talk about "Human female choosiness" and think they need to assert male dominance. 5/6
This leads them to.a position where rape is seen as acceptable or a position where they can con women into having sex(Remember RooshV the pick up artist?)
"Our men need harems"...wrote Sacco Vandal (also a white supremacist) 6/7
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19 Oct
Or even forced to change schools".
When are we going to say "Enough is enough?"
This group wants women back in the kitchen,
no single sex spaces,
no women's rights meetings,
no women speaking out
They blame feminists for all their priblems; this allows them to abuse 2/3
These men have friends in high places. They have power and influence and they are growing.
The most worrying aspect is that evidence shows young men are being influenced by them online.
Being taught that "feminists are obsessed with rape"
Violent sexualised memes are shown 3/4
While they tell young men that "feminism is literally killing us". ..Bearing in mind that "feminism" to these guys is just women wanting to be safe, to go.about our lives, get jobs, houses, etc.
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4 Jun
I finally got up with #Dispatches. #BorisJohnson #DominicCummings #MattHancock have blood on their hands. The blood of thousands who have died because of . the neglectful, arrogant uncaring attitude of this government. A death rate that is almost the highest in the world. 1/2
A death rate that could have been avoided if #BorisJohnson had heeded the advice of experts. Instead, they were told not to send long documents as he wouldn't read them" .
Why not? Is he too lazy? Did #Cummings read them and feed Johnson what he wanted to hear? 2/3
When Italian football fans were banned from going to their own stadium to watch football because Coronavirus rate was high in Italy, they were allowed to come here to watch an away game.Thousands of them, coming through airports unchecked, to attend a game. 3/4
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15 May
Having been in isolation since early March I am now angry. I am angry that people have been able to fly in and out of uk from all over..untested, no 14 day isolation, nothing...while we are all told we cannot t ravel. It is bloody ridiculous! 1/2
I am angry that we have people in charge who bumble on from day to day while people are dying unnecessarily, that PPE was not forthcoming when it was needed because stocks were allowed to run down and now we hear some was stocked in old warehouses which had asbestos. 2/3
I am angry that we indulge...yes indulge in our Thursday night claps which make us feel good while the reality is our nurses, carers, and others do not have the protection they need, the wages they deserve, the respect they deserve. 3/4
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