Suggestion: After hearing @LLinWood 👇, anyone not familiar with Anthony Wieners laptop, John Podestas Wikileaks email drop, James Alefantis, Comet Ping Ping, FBI Pedophilia symbols and verbiage, Jeffrey Epsteins flight manifest on the Lolita Express and his private island...
(2) Ghislaine Maxwell, Marina Abramovic, Spirt Cooking, isaac Kappy Videos, Tom Hanks, Obama’s $65,000 hotdog and pizza private party at the White House, Frazzledrip video, NYC Police Officers that reviewed Anthony Wieners laptop, Hollywood, Actors that spoke out about Hollywood
(3) (Mel Gibson, Macaulay Mulkin), Royalty Prince Andrew, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hillary Clinton Foundation linked to world wide trafficking, review Trumps POers regarding trafficking (1st PO was regarding trafficking)...
(4) I am speaking to the ones that haven’t already researched these. What you will find will shock you to your core and once you know you can’t ever NOT know. When you see some of us say this is about “Good vs Evil” it is exactly that! None of it is conspiracy... it’s there
(5) if you search for it. I am telling you this so when it’s exposed publicly, you can be out in front and have some knowledge and know what’s being told and shown to you is 💯 and not some fake news. I truly wondered if it would ever come to light publicly, but after hearing
(6) Mr. Lin Wood @LLinWood speak, I now know it’s inbound. I would also prepare for some bad shit to happen as these people you will see tied into the satanic worshiping and pedophilia especially, will pull out all stops! You’ve been warned, now prepare. It’s horrible but
(7) absolutely necessary! @SidneyPowell1 gave a interview back when Wieners laptop came out, now I know why she’s in this too, she’s also always known! Now more than ever keep them protected and safe from evil.
(8) John Podesta Wikileaks drop:
(9) FBI pedophilia:
(10) Isaac Kappy - 1:
(11) Isaac Kappy - 2:
(12) Isaac Kappy last video before suiciding :
(13) Marina Abramovic :…
(14) Epstein Lolita Express flight manifest passengers list. The original hand written ones are also on net. -…
(15) These are basic links that I snagged real fast for you. I’ve spent countless hours researching this so if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer or guide you where to look for it. It’s not nice. It’s seriously the worst things you can imagine and then worse than that.
(16) Anyone that wants to add in to this thread, feel free. I thought this was a decent way to lead people down this hole. I always found starting with Podestas proven emails, it’s easier to link and follow where it takes you based off of those knowing it’s solid proof.
(17) Sorry, Mr Lin Woods article and voice clip:…
(18) Mel Gibsons take on Hollywood (hard to find info) -…
(19) Macaulay caulkin: again hard to find “great sources” but like I said, throwing you some fast tags to go and get an idea-…
(20) Sidney Powell - Discussing Wieners laptop :

• • •

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More from @donfather_the

21 Nov
Today is 11.21.2020, 18 days have passed since election. We’ve seen countless interviews, pod casts, radio interviews, memes, Twitter lawyers (guilty) about proof. I 100% believe @SidneyPowell1 and @LLinWood and the mafia bustin gangster in his own rights @RudyGiuliani. My
(2) question is this: When will anyone be arrested? As I’ve been reading and understand, probable cause is needed to make an arrest. Why aren’t we seeing any? The crime was committed already, therefore evidence will have be shown in court at which time, arrest warrants
(3) can be issued. Not before. Had they been caught during the crime, no warrant would have been required. Therefore, according to law, we must wait for that proof to be shown in court. But lawyers have been showing proof in courts... the lawyers are trying to keep this fresh
Read 13 tweets
20 Nov
Here’s what you can derive from Dominion’s no show in PA, closing offices in Toronto and Denver and lawyering up. They will have to answer. People will be cutting deals and rolling. So @JoeBiden @HillaryClinton @BarackObama @MittRomney @SpeakerPelosi know this too. They hope
(2) they placed enough buffers and decoys between them and Dominion. I can’t imagine anyone will take a hit on their behalf if our DOJ is providing them a list of charges they are facing and the length of jail time for each. That’s why they lawyered up, so their lawyer will
(3) get them the best deal possible. I imagine the ones who coordinated directly with any of the names mentioned above will receive immunity and probably receive federal witness protection so they don’t get #Clintond I also foresee some people will actually #Epstein themself
Read 13 tweets
20 Nov
My patience is running short, my frustration is growing with every hour. As much evidence as @RudyGiuliani described, the deck is stacked and it won’t be enough in these (D) states. @SidneyPowell1 seems associated primarily with Dominion, her evidence will have to be irrefutable
(2) in order to get this to SCOTUS! Her reputation is impeccable and she’s feared universally, truth does that to people! Obviously they won’t share with the public all of their evidence. Hers will have to be what wins this. Unfortunately, for some reason “some” voter fraud
(3) is acceptable... which is pitiful. Harvesting, double votes, multiple votes has been in play since elections started. What needs to be proven is the computers and software programs. Let’s all pray they have far more than they showed us today! We will need it!
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18 Nov
As I’m sitting here today, beginning to question whether or not POTUS’s legal team will be able to produce the big BOOM of proof we all have been waiting for day after day...I can’t help but be reminded of a book my dad told me about: Saul Ali sky’s Rules for Radicals...
(2) you take those 12 rules and you mix in a little Cloward & Piven strategy of bankrupting the country by overloading the welfare systems (dependent on government help) you will quickly see that the left, in case you missed it, are in a full on attack or a coup. This isn’t a
(3) opinion I have, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a playbook for them. An inside out upside down approach to strip us of our rights, believe we “Need” the government to survive and usher in communism. Doing some research, I have run upon some information most of you ...
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18 Nov
As I was scouring twatter land looking for signs of BOOMS and Hammers, I stumbled upon a tweet from @Tw1terSucks where he proposes the catch phrase we’ve all become familiar with: Release the Kraken was actually referring to a supercomputer that was decommissioned in 2014.
(2) As seen in the picture, it’s also named “Kraken”. It was the worlds 3rd most powerful computer. Decommissioned doesn’t mean it’s destroyed, it means the university of Tennessee is no longer using it. That doesn’t necessarily mean our government didn’t put it to use for
(3) a sting operation of this magnitude. @SidneyPowell1 has publicly stated that President Trump told her to release the Kraken. She also stated today that it was released 2 days ago and results are just now coming in. Those pieces of the puzzle alone would lead me to believe
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17 Nov
Per the constitution, when an election is found to be fraudulent / stolen, the President will be chosen by the House of Representatives (12th amendment). Currently, (R) 29 (D) 19 (Split) 2 . 26 states are required to win. I have seen many people claim states have to cast ...
(2) votes down party lines. I’ve read the 12th amendment and I haven’t seen clear evidence this is the case. I may be wrong, I’m no constitutional lawyer or even a solid duck duck go lawyer 😂, but here’s the problem I see, if the House has to choose our President, knowing the
(3) amount of corruption and how deep the deep state truly is, will the House vote party lines? Will corrupt representatives vote for Biden knowing Biden will cover their corruption once in the WH? My personal feelings, if the House chooses and states don’t vote party lines
Read 11 tweets

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