Random photo and story time! Including possibly helpful information if you’re around my age and planning to have kids for the first time. In 6 days my kiddo is going to turn 11! Here’s our first picture together
If it looks like he’s in an incubator it’s because he is. It’s called an isolette. Image
He was born at 27 weeks, 3 months early. Stayed over 3 and a half months in the NICU after he was born. His due date was to be a Pisces/aqua, but he decided to come when the sun was in Sag and the moon was in Aries. (He still likes to do things early, and to be first lol)
He is my little firelight. Full of inspiration and never ending adventure. (He is Jupiter and Sun dominant, if that explains his personality lol) and he is EVER so kind. He almost didn’t make it, and his road was rough but he’s my lil trooper. Well nowadays my big trooper.
He’s almost as big as me and already has bigger feet. (And I have big feet lol) He’s also kind of a genius. Was always a “good baby”. Easygoing nature. In touch with his feels. Homeschooling is a breeze. I am seriously #blessed.
Anyway. For the informative part. We didn’t know why he came early, just that my cervix had given out. HOWEVER. In the past few years I’ve been told by doctors that I actually barely have any cervix 😕 and it’s because of biopsies I had as a teen
So twice I’ve been told now, that “I’m the reason they don’t do that anymore”. Basically, in the early 2000’s, the standard was once you got your period or became sexually actively you went to the gyno to start getting Pap smears. I had a couple come back as irregular, and
had a couple of cervical biopsies done. (Horrible experience I don’t recommend) as a teenager. NOW they know, they ppl under 18 will have paps like that and it’s NORMAL. So they don’t even do paps till 18 now. And they learned from ppl like me. 😬 SO. If this was also you...
Not to scare you or anything. But it’s good to be informed. If I had have known, I might have been able to get the cervical stitches early on, and bed rest and made it to full term. Nobody expects to go into preterm labor. Kiddo was my Black Friday surprise but if I had known
Maybe I could’ve cooked my lil turkey a lil longer lol. November is prematurity awareness month and it’s preemie awareness week. So here’s some awareness! Premature birth happens and it’s one of those things where you’d never guess it could happen to you. Your body is yours!
And you have the right to be informed and to make informed decisions! If kiddo hadn’t have been early, I might be able to have more kids (if I wanted lol) but due to his emergency birth, my baby machine is kinda 💩’d out lol. But maybe I can save you the trauma and struggle 🤍

• • •

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24 Nov
I was just tweeting about this lol. Crip Union! It’s way easier to have support than to go it alone and deny yourself the honesty w/ yourself and subsequent care that u deserve. It’s not a dirty label, u can wear it and it won’t make you any more disabled
You’re not gunna manifest more disabled by ignoring the disabled. And find perfection by becoming not disabled. I’m sry manifesting folx but that’s not how it works for everyone lol. Let disabled people exist. Simply put.
Also I wanna point out that I tried it and THAT, if anything, makes me more disabled lol. Because stress = no good on the body, and I was unnecessarily stressing myself out by running away from it. So in the long run, I felt shittier.
You deserve to feel better and get care 🤍
Read 6 tweets
24 Nov
It’s not just love & light froufrou. Either you are living consciously and with kindness and care, (because helLO have u seen the world outside?!) or I can’t afford u in my space. Simply put.
It’s wild how the universe respects those boundaries once u consciously set them ☺️
Unless you are looking to learn how to live more consciously and with more kindness and care. Because that’s a conscious act that I’m ready & willing to assist in. But i’m no longer here to join in with the song of suffering. We’ve heard enough of that tune. 🚫SufferingGame™️🚫
I will gladly sing of how I found light in my own suffering. But the focus isn’t that, ya dig? The pain is not the focus. Healing is. I’m not afraid to go into the pain for a minute to show it. But we don’t stay there. Not if we don’t have to. No sir-ee, not in 2020.
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24 Nov
I’ve always experiences synchronicities with the sun. Before the term existed I used to call them “god moments”, when I’d have a breakthrough thought and at the same time, clouds would be parting and I’d feel the sun suddenly beam on me.
We call saturn daddy but also? The 🌞too
I was thinking about this earlier. If the earth’s position in the universe was different, and we had more or less sun, it wouldn’t support life on earth. We are sitting at the perfect angle for life. Few degrees off and we could be toast. But we’re not toast. We continue to grow.
I was thinking in relation to the whole “love and light vs shadow work” controversy thing. (Why versus? They don’t necessarily oppose each other. It’s all still kinda lightwork when you think about it, since the shadow is where light doesn’t reach because you’re in the way of it)
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23 Nov
Ok. So I decided I’m going to sit down and film a video about the abemism in the spiritual and self-help communities. I’ve touched on it many times before, but this needs to be a “let’s address the ableist elephant in the room”, entire video dedicated to it.
If our bodies are temples, then what makes my intimate shack of a church, less valuable than Joel Olstein’s super church? Nothing, because it’s no less valuable.
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is more than a proverb. It’s something to take really seriously. Because if you are judging, you are not engaging, and to not engage in humanity is to not engage w/ the divine and tbh that’s just shitty. U deserve experiences w/ spiritual depth
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23 Nov
Guess who has two thumbs, a working website and not cancer? This pal. I’ve got a new lease on life, y’all.
Ok well it’s working all but the SSL. But tbh I don’t think I’ve ever had an ssl. 😬 but I paid for it this time so. Just waiting on the SSL. Go peep it tho. I am very proud.
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22 Nov
I wanna do spiritual work but I also need to call up godaddy and continue to get my website 👌🏻 (it’s the SSL tonight) but either way. I just want everyone to know that I’m actually working 😂
If I come across as someone who does literally nothing. Lately you would be right. My health scare and my disabilities overall made me sit right the fuck down. Literally and metaphorically lol. But that’s still part of what I “preach”, so I’ve been practicing that
The more i take care of myself (including slowing down technical work to make sure my site runs smoothly), I find that it’s easier for the universe to take care of me. Getting and keeping my vibration right is honestly my #1 priority, from there all else come from
Read 7 tweets

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