This is *incredible.*

Extreme left-wing website NOW THIS showed how thoroughly vulnerable to attack America's voting systems are in 2018.

This documentary *crushes* any casual dismissal hackers could not hijack voting machine systems & change the results of elections. WATCH.🔻
"The machine we're in front of is a central count scanner. It's the ES&S model 650. It's to our knowledge the most widely deployed central count scanner in America."

You know who uses ES&S vote machines? Philadelphia.

A security review found its votes cd *easily* be changed.🔻
"The zip disk also can be used to spread a virus from machine to machine, so that once one machine is infected, the malware can spread to all the machines in a jurisdiction."

GEORGIA is a hot bed of red flags. It is also the location of numerous flash drive issues. Disturbing.🔻
NOW THIS's video has been up for TWO YEARS and Twitter has never disputed the accuracy of its independent investigation.

So, why would it flag similar information after the 2020 election that was perfectly fine after 2016? 🤔
This is the original Now This video, assuming that it stays up for very long. One of the documentarians, Lulu Friesdat, seems like a stand-up person and seems like she would stand behind her journalism on general grounds.

• • •

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22 Nov
Things I learned in 2020:
▶️All news reports about flawed U.S. election security *before* election no longer apply *because Trump*
▶️15 days to flatten the curve actually meant flatten America's economy & spirits until Biden's elected
▶️Defunding police makes communities 'safer'
▶️You can't go to church, theater or sports event, but grocery stores are magical anti-virus areas
▶️Rioting or celebrating Dem election victories is *fine,* but Trump rallies are 'dangerous' super-spreader events
▶️It's *not* suspect ALL election irregularities go against Trump
▶️There is a secret clause in the Constitution that all legislative processes get canceled if there is a pandemic
▶️People no longer elect governors, they elect omnipotent rulers who can make up laws out of thin air
▶️If you're a celebrity or Democrat, *no need* to obey lockdowns
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21 Nov

PA's official election website has *deleted* links to its open voting database.

Unfortunately for them, some people have obtained the state's data.

Such as Edward Solomon. He has found *disturbing* signs of statistically impossible patterns. Watch📢🔻
Pennsylvania uses a combination of Dominion & ES&S voting machines. The election reportage is done by Clarity. I have the dataset downloaded & have verified some statistical anomalies. Reuters waived RED FLAGS on Philly's voting machines earlier in 2020.…
"The question of the nation’s election integrity has rarely been more urgent... A ProPublica examination of ES&S shows it has fought hard to keep its dominance in the face of repeated controversies."…
Read 7 tweets
20 Nov

The links between Dominion & scandal-plagued software company Smartmatic are indisputable.

Dominion granted Smartmatic a worldwide license (*except for* U.S. & Canada) to use its software, including "all know-how" & "trade secrets."

THAT's *quite* revealing. 🔻
This revelation was brought to light with help of @LouDobbs, who had @TeamTrump attorney @SidneyPowell1 on the show tonight.

"They're definitely linked. I would call them inextricably intertwined... I'm sure they're trying to distance themselves from each other."

So, why would Dominion & Smartmatic take a 'divide & conquer' approach to using essentially the same voting systems software around the world?

The same basic software used in the fraudulent 2004 Venezuela election tied to Hugo Chavez? Or other chaotic elections around the world?
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18 Nov

"DHS announced it would partner with VotingWorks to pilot the use of its vote verification software in 6 battleground states during the Nov. 2020 election."

Who is VotingWorks? An election auditing firm used in swing states with ties to MAJOR left-wing groups.🔻
VotingWorks was incubated by the Center for Democracy and Technology, which is decidedly left-wing group.

Yes, this is who is helping to audit the 2020 elections.

Amazon • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation • Facebook • Google

Apple • Democracy Fund • Ford Foundation • Open Society Foundations
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17 Nov
Let's discuss "patterns of authority."

This is what progressives seek to alter in America: They want to shift power way from the individual into the hands of political elites.

They seek to change the nation's power structure by first changing the culture. 1/5
The coronavirus lockdowns, mandated by governors without the legislature, is an attempt to re-engineer American politics by obviating representative govt. & the need to build political consensus.

Right and wrong is superfluous. The authority pattern is what is important. 2/5
Almond & Verba reveal much about non-political "authority patterns." Public schools, for example, socially condition children to b passive absorbers of information to pass tests given by authority figures.

This is less about 'education' than setting an authority pattern. 3/5
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16 Nov

▶️32 U.S. States
▶️800+ election jurisdictions
▶️Impacted 78+ million votes

The Barcelona, Spain-based company has denied significant participation in the 2020 U.S. elections.

MIT Tech has implicated SCYTL as possessing vulnerability to fraud & "vote-switching." 🗳️🚨
SCYTL/SOE Software issued a blanket denial that it has played a significant role in the U.S. elections.

However, its own website touts the widespread usage of the company's election software in the U.S.

The Spanish-based company has been involved in U.S. elections since 2008.🔻
One of the products offered by SCYTL is iVote, which was used in Australia's elections in New South Wales in 2015.

The iVote software was found to have a disastrous vulnerability that was open to a FREAK attack.

The security flaw allowed attackers to "change and read votes."
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