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22 Nov, 19 tweets, 4 min read
LONG 🧵 coming... I am immunocompromised. When I was 15/16 years old I was HORRIBLY sick, no docs could understand why & eventually I was diagnosed with a little known autoimmune disorder. There are CHUNKS of time I only remember because my mom & brother share stories. 1/?
I remember fear. That part I remember vividly. I remember feeling that I’d never be “normal” again - & it wasn’t an exaggeration, it has been the truth of my existence for almost 30 years. I hide my fear - because I have children, a husband, family, friends to think of and I 2/?
don’t want to scare anyone. But when it’s late at night I worry..I am ESPECIALLY angry when I see a “Christian” talk about how they got COVID-19 & they are “fine” & that we “have nothing to be afraid of.” This is when privilege becomes even MORE painfully apparent to me, I’m 3/?
ashamed of that because I KNOW I benefit from white privilege. (Also, admitting that doesn’t mean you are proud of it or glad about it - it means that you’re capable of ACKNOWLEDGING it, but I digress). But, this was my learning curve about OTHER types of privilege - I’d 4/?
never thought about before...there’s a privilege for people who are healthy - a privilege for people who do not understand what it feels like to have an immune system that will likely betray them. It’s not like white privilege AT ALL - not like the privilege I benefit from 5/?
daily, not even a little bit. I’ll NEVER know the oppression that Black and brown people (& a multitude of other colors) or those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community suffer - I legitimately can NEVER truly understand what being on the short end of THAT stick feels like 6/?
but now I so often see people complaining about wearing masks or staying home - about “sacrificing” their social lives... I see people lucky enough to overcome COVID-19 saying things about how we shouldn’t “be afraid” or that “god” will protect us or, worse yet, that we 7/?
“shouldn’t let fear of COVID-19 change our daily lives.” Are you kidding? Are you FUCKING kidding me? My husband is a public school teacher, I (thankfully) work from home. When he comes home from school (about an hour & a half before my day is done) he comes in thru our 8/?
back door that leads to the laundry room. He takes his school clothes off and puts them in the washer, starts the washer, and then uses bleach wipes to wipe down anything he’s touched... then he showers before I come downstairs. Not because we are “overreacting” but because 9/?
THIS is our life during a pandemic. For those preaching to me about what THEIR god will protect them from? Here’s what I have to say to you: Are you mad about a lockdown? Tell that to the 250+ THOUSAND families about to celebrate holidays WITHOUT someone they fucking love. 10/?
Tell that to the MILLIONS of us who are immunocompromised. Brag on THAT when we LEAD THE GODDAMN WORLD IN CASES & DEATHS. Don’t fucking spew biblical BULLSHIT at someone or make light of a TRULY dangerous situation because it SUITS YOUR FUCKING NARRATIVE. How about, instead 11/?
you thank YOUR god for allowing you to live & PRAY TO YOUR GOD that cinnamon fucking Hitler is out of the White House before MORE of us DIE on HIS WATCH? YOUR Bible says your body is a temple & to treat it as such - aren’t you kiiiiind of spitting in YOUR God’s face when you 12/?
pretend that having to sacrifice your fucking social life or putting on a mask or ONLY LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR NECESSITIES is toooooo haaaaard??? How about the least of these? YOUR bible says: “And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you 13/?
did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” Are you fucking arrogant enough to think that DOES NOT APPLY to keeping your fellow humans safe? Are you so foolish to believe that doesn’t refer to the people who DO NOT have access to proper healthcare 14/?
nourishment, & basic human needs to lay the fate of your soul ON THAT? Because if that is the case I TRULY wish I could be present at the time of YOUR reckoning with YOUR god ... because you are in for a world of hurt when confronted with the lies you spewed & the 15/?
misinformation you spread because YOU wanna be able to go out with your friends & not have to wear a mask on your way... YOU are going to be in for QUITE the comeuppance when YOUR maker, whom you believe to be the only one who may judge you, looks at you and says 16/?
“what did YOU do to ease the suffering of the people around you? What did YOU do to help?” & your answer has to be “ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING” Nothing because I wanted to drink with my friends, I wanted to eat a turkey with the family I usually avoid, because I AM SELFISH 17/?
I am lucky in a multitude of ways - of this I am PROFOUNDLY aware. But what COVID-19 has opened my eyes to? What I feel when I think of people who aren’t worried about getting sick? Is that THIS is what it feels like for people EVERY. DAMN. DAY. on the opposite side of 18/?
privilege. I will NEVER know what a LIFETIME of - GENERATIONS of - being on the “other side” of privilege feels like. But it makes me realize that I desperately want to fight harder for those who face this EVERY day. To be on the right side of history. We OWE that to each other.

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