If you found out I was 80 you would take my writings more seriously.

If you found out I was 20 you would take my writings less seriously.

This is because you conflate age with wisdom.

You shouldn't.
Wisdom does NOT come with age.

Most people are born fools, and they live fools, and they die fools.
Wisdom lays in knowing on what topics you do have expertise and should trust your own judgment, and on what topics you have zero expertise and should outsource decision-making to others who do.

Most people never figure this out, even when they have hit age 80.
For most of human history, survival was difficult, so if a person made it to an old age alive, it implied they were significantly more competent than the average person.

As such, assuming a person being old indicated they had 'wisdom', was an assumption that was usually correct.
For the past 70 years (at least in America), survival has been easy, and almost everyone makes it to an old age alive.

As such, assuming a person being old indicates that they have 'wisdom' is no longer a reasonable assumption.

Today, even fools can make it to age 80.
If you were a fool at 20, chances are you will still be a fool at 80.

Most people are born fools, they live fools, and they die fools.

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22 Nov
Mainstream Advice:

"Work hard and believe in yourself!"

"You can do anything!"
CM Advice:

If you want to make a significant amount of money (get to the top 10% of the income distribution/macro dominance hierarchy), a High IQ and High Energy Levels are minimum requirements.
Every lucrative profession requires an above average IQ and above average Energy (the ability to do rigorous work for long hours).

Entrepreneurship also requires these 2 things.
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22 Nov
There are many political pundits with large followers who *never articulate any clear policy positions*.

Their speech is vacuous; entirely devoid of any concrete facts, information, or opinions.

This is pathological.
Mike Cernovich is perhaps the most famous example of such a pundit.

If I am wrong about Cernovich (if he does in fact have clearly articulated policy positions), please do correct me.
Having listened to hours of Cernovich's videos, I have heard *zero* clearly articulated opinions, or pieces of concrete information.

I get the sense this is intentional.

He doesn't seem dumb.
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22 Nov
The only financier who was given prison time after the 2008 crash was Bernie Madoff.

Because Madoff stole from rich people; his victims were in the top 1% of the income distribution.

The mortgage bankers originating bad loans primarily stole from poor people; people in the bottom 50% of the income distribution.
If you steal from poor people nothing bad happens to you.

If you steal from rich people, they will destroy you.
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22 Nov
Ideal intelligence level for making money and transcending most macro dominance hierarchies is an IQ in the range of 120 - 129

120-129: Smart and not socially awkward

130-139: Extremely Smart, somewhat socially awkward

140+: Genius, hopelessly socially awkward
Beyond a certain point, more IQ points is a *disadvantage* for making money or transcending a macro dominance hierarchy, because people who are too smart are socially awkward and this hinders their ability to charm people effectively.
An iconic example would be the fictional character 'Sheldon' from 'The Big Bang Theory'.

He has an IQ of 140+, and is hopelessly socially awkward.
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22 Nov
Life isn’t about what you get.

Life is about what you become. 

Better to die when you are still what you want to be, than to live and become something you do not want to be.
"They measure their esteem of each other by what each has, and not by what each is.

But a cultivated man becomes ashamed of his property, out of new respect for his nature."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
“A man is to be judged by his virtue, not by his fortune.”

–Baltasar Gracian
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22 Nov
Euphemistic language is the means by which powerful people conceal their sins.
Power will give any man respectability, no matter how heinous his actions may be.
Men engage in evil to make money because they understand that a rich man is granted more respect than a good man.
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