I think, big picture, Sidney is probably leveraging 4 kinds of evidence:

-Manipulative falsehoods
Just like a Kraken overwhelms a Norwegian Sea vessel, Sidney knows she too has to OVERWHEALM in court. Everything is on the line. So she’s working like crazy, together with many talented people we know here on Twitter, to pull together a mountain of evidence.
STATISTICAL is where people like @justin_hart and @Peoples_Pundit are compiling evidence of extremely noteworthy data phenomena that point to fraud. Things like Biden-only ballots and dead voters fit into this bucket.
FORENSIC is where people like @CodeMonkeyZ are conducting cyber analyses looking into hacking, algorithms and malicious computer code. If the good guys really did get to the server in Germany, that would fit into this category as well.
EYEWITNESS is where people like @tracybeanz and many on the various legal staffs are compiling written and video statements from people who witnessed fraudulent/criminal behavior.
MANIPULATIVE FALSEHOODS this is where the lies of the media, big tech and the pollsters will be exposed. Especially when it relates to suppression polls coupled with the censorship on social media. This isn’t so much evidence of voter fraud as it is election tampering.
Unless I’m missing a category, I Believe it will be these four tranches of evidence that, when combined, comprise “The Kracken.”
There will probably be some surprises too.

She does have a showman’s flair.
FINANCIAL evidence is another potential category. Evidence of bribes, investments in certain companies, etc.

• • •

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21 Nov
It’s only the most powerful crime syndicate of all time. Don’t sweat it.
But the thing about crime syndicates, even powerful ones, is that they cannot withstand scrutiny from large swaths of the population.
They require, at a minimum, blindness.

The more people that see them and call them out, the more diminished their power.
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24 Jul
‘Privilege’ is feeling free to share your political views anywhere you want while fellow citizens with different opinions have to fear being fired, doxxed or even attacked for sharing theirs.
‘Privilege’ is being able to wrongly, cruelly and openly call someone ‘Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’ with no fear of consequences.
‘Privilege’ is screaming for three years about Russian Collusion, finding nothing, and then pretending it all never happened with no fear of ridicule.
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18 Jun
1/A thread on the Left’s mind control ‘spells’

The left controls social media and msm platforms.

We all know they will gladly censor anything they don’t like at the drop of a hat.

Many of us have experienced that censorship personally here on Twitter or on other platforms.
2/SUDDENLY these censorious social media platforms are filled with horrible behavior largely by people of a certain demographic.

Ask yourself WHY these videos are suddenly allowed to run rampant?

If they REALLY wanted to quell racism, wouldn’t they censor these videos?
3/The truth is they want to create MORE racism.

This has been their desire all along, but until recently, they have tried to camouflage that fact.

Now they are out in the open.
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3 Jun

I’m sorry but this Floyd death is shady. I’m going to start posting interesting things I see on this topic here in this thread.
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14 May
1/We all know the lockdowns have ZERO to do with “safety.”

They are intentional attempts to crash local economies for two purposes:

A) to hurt the economy and take away Trump’s key talking point

B) to solicit federal bailout money
2/knowing that, some interesting things are emerging regarding lockdowns:

A) they are largely unpopular (forget the polls)

B) they are most severe in blue states/cities

C) based on the special election results-it looks like lockdowns could backfire at the polls
3/the Dems know this, so they will be forced to choose their path forward over the coming weeks and months:

A) double down on the original strategy of pushing lockdowns and demonizing Trump’s Coronavirus response or

B) loosening their grip and letting things begin to normalize
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1 Apr

DISCLAIMER: This thread describes my THEORY about what might be happening behind the scenes around the world right now.

Treat this like a work of fiction.

I have NO inside sources and am open to being wrong about any or all of this theory.
2/I think Donald Trump is preparing our defenses for a possible attack/war with China.

To be crystal clear: I. DO. NOT. BELIEVE. TRUMP. WANTS. A. WAR. WITH. CHINA. (neither do I)

I believe he is preparing us in the event the CCP attacks.
3/By all accounts, China's economy is tanking. If you study corrupt regimes throughout history, going to war is a common "solution" to a tanking economy.
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