We will win this! 🙏
President Trump is the rightful and clear winner of the 2020 election. But look at where we are now. I expect the Deep State Dems to lie, cheat, steal. Honestly I would be shocked if they didn't.
We will overcome this situation, the president has an excellent
Team fighting to uncover and prove the Nationwide fraud. There are dedicated people in every state doing the same thing, and untold numbers of digital warriors backing them up. Not to mention Millions upon Millions of Patriots who "Will Not Concede!"
I blame a large part of this situation on the weak milquetoast do nothing rhino Republicans. As you are reading this, right now, I'm hearing that Biden wants to appoint Comey as director of the FBI to "get a handle on this mess".
Strzok is being discussed for director of the CIA.
Does that make you ill? Because it makes me frikin sick 🤮
The Deep State Dem plans we're known well ahead of time.
And those that the information was brought to did nothing. Backed down, closed the door, and stopped taking phone calls. And here we are today.
There's an amazing team that is working publicly, being threatened, and doxed. Same with those working at other levels. Please support them as much as possible. They will reveal the first crack in the dam, and a flood will follow to wash all this away once and for all 🙏🙏🙏
4 years, for 4 years we have watched the blatantly guilty walk free, watched the completely corrupt punish the obviously innocent. And we've endured the totally useless as they talk tough, and do nothing.
We will have another 4 years, we won't survive if nothing changes.🙏🙏🙏

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23 Nov

I have been contacted by many people who wanted to share information about how the election in Maryland was manipulated. This would benefit Kimberly Klacik, all candidates, Maryland, and our country as a whole. 🙏
You can respond anonymously to this email. mlt99b@gmail.com
All contact will be held in the strictest confidence.

If you witnessed any irregularities, fraud, or crimes, please write.
I will list below just some of the ways that people have reported election fraud in Maryland.

Homeless people being paid $2 per ballot they can "acquire".

USPS employees selling entire stacks of ballots at one time.

Ballots destined for Republican households were seriously
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21 Nov
I would like to tell you a story. The title of the story is, "How To Steal an Election in Maryland".
The villain in this story decided that he was the most important person in the world, and although he was responsible for an entire state, he abused his position,
re-wrote laws, changed policies, by exploiting people's fears over covid-19. All so that he could manipulate an election and gain the support he needed to run for president. I will call this villain Harry Logan 🤔
Harry Logan ,being a Republican, thinks that the public will be tired of President Trump after another 4 years. Harry Logan is hoping that President Trump lost the 2020 election, he has worked against him for the last 4 years and is publicly doing so now. So this is Harry Logan's
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20 Nov
The MSM doesn't want to face the election fraud . Trump won without question. But there is a very uncomfortable truth that the media is hiding and pretends not to notice.
For this 2020 presidential election the "fix was in". The big name power brokers had everything set up.
They had the computers, algorithms, total control of overseas operations. They had control of many different states and the local governments within . They did everything they could to steal this election using technology.
But the MSM has manufactured hatred for the last 4 years to such an extent, promoted violence, destruction and murder. They have painted president Trump and every Patriot that supports him as racist murderers who want them dead.
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19 Nov
Prometheus Computing Llc.
This small Maryland based company keeps turning up I connection to wide spread voter fraud, with connections to, NIST, Wisconsin Election Commission and many more.
Better Business Bureau 👍
A small computer repair company 👍
From there own website 👍
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14 Nov
Everyone is focused and wondering about Scytl and the raid that took place in Germany. Let's look a little closer to home shall we?
I'd like you to meet Marc Fratello.
The Deal Maker. Image
Mr. Fratello runs Scytl out of Tampa Florida, with its other US base in Baltimore Maryland. Real close to home for me, you'll see just how close soon.
Mr. Fratello has a long history with the Bush family. I believe Bush Jr has endorsed Joe Biden 🤔
Mr. Fratello also has a long history with Nancy Pelosi 🤔🤔 ImageImage
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13 Nov
At what point does the "Biden Crime Spree", otherwise known as his "campaign" become a criminal matter?
There was no campaigning, daily lids, no questions, only the bare minimum to keep up appearances.
I'm not a lawyer, to my mind Biden, and the Dems, did Not run a
candidate at all. Since they never intended to run an honest campaign, and their entire focus was on stealing and manipulating, I honestly feel that Donald Trump ran UNOPPOSED in this election and is the clear winner for many reasons.
There was only One person campaigning this election for President, the other person planned a crime.
Read 14 tweets

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