Spectrum “DNA” 🧬 “COLLECTION”for COVID Testing.

Now I don’t trust the “testing” as far as I can spit, BUT 👉🏻know that a virus is a living organism & has DNA or RNA so yes they are collecting DNA / RNA. ...
2. More on a virus‘s genetic material being either DNA or RNA...

So which is COVID19, DNA or RNA? ...
3. Also make sure to note COVID19 is an RNA virus. When entering host cell must FIRST convert their RNA to DNA. It also “increases the chances of causing cancer or other diseases.” ...
4. “...More diff. to treat, typically involves treatment w/ a drug that inhibits the activity of reverse transcriptase” enzyme that turns retroviral RNA to DNA.
So vaccines👎🏻
👉🏻Per Wiki “there are as yet NO VACCINES or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus. ...
5... and yet... just like that... watch them pull a rabbit out of a hat! 🐰 🎩 👌🏻 Mmkay.
6. That is Fascinating timing! 😯 Watch them pull a rabbit out of a hat! A medical miracle. 🤨

• • •

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22 Nov
Very well done MaReQ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Do we have [D]ominion [V]oting
[D] [5] 😯
Thank you @wwg1wga50607113 for the an0n message 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Image
3. Original Qlue drop attached.
Also note in English alphabet D = 4 and V = 22. ImageImage
Read 4 tweets
20 Nov
1. I’ve had a difficult time getting to this thread. Not sure why. I’ve had it for a while & it needs to be up. Not sure the extent others know these details.
I doubt it will be complete b/c I believe there is more to uncover. A series of events, coinkidinks & Qlue’s.

👉🏻 Pickle
2. Follow the Wives. Pickle. Think Pickle Factory. (Farm) (Salt🧂 Vinegar)

C!A “President’s Intelligence Check List, or PICL (pronounced “pickle”), was developed for Kennedy in June 1961.”
3. PICL Developed for Kennedy in June 1961, you don’t say?! 🧐💭🤨 Timberwolf.
👉🏻 GHWB November 22nd, 1963 👉🏻 Sudden Amnesia

Pickle... Follow the Wives...
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19 Nov
Dom!n!on 👉🏻 Venezuela.
Do you recall who thought so highly of Venezuelan Hugo Chavez?🤨
2 of them were Sean Penn & Oliver Stone.
Penn: “He’s one of the most important persons we’ve had on the planet...”
Stone: “I mourn a great Hero...”
👉🏻Bad Actors (there are other Qlue drops)
Oops. I forgot to clip that collage 😂
3. Reviewing the Dominion details & connects to Venezuela’s Chavez / Maduro 👉🏻 Lets recall who else gets cozy with Maduro! Opal Tometi, co-founder of B. L. M. 💥
@paulsperry_ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @gatewaypundit
Read 4 tweets
17 Nov
S0r0s buys a big stake in big data firm Palantir.
I have much. I’ll drop additional details on Palantir / Thiel below.
2. Wait what?! 😳 Discussion that Kraken possibly revived under Palantir?! Needs sauce.
3. Palantir and Polaris 👉🏻 Peter Theil.
(Group thread attached but you have to read backwards. Twit cuts those threads unless you have the bottom link.)
Read 6 tweets
13 Nov
1. New Qlue Drop middle of night.
4952 November 13, 2020, 12:20:55
👉🏻 1113

PAIN COMING photo I added. 😁
2. 1113 to 1313 = MM 👉🏻 our “Hint”👇🏻 (Attached threads following the “Mary Magdalene Hint”)

More on “1113” next... (911, George Floyd numbers & more...)
3. Ok so what is it about 1113? I’ve been tracking for some time! Follow pics (& giant thread #15, 20, 40-49)
📍George (Pink) Floyd knee on neck: 8 min, 46 sec = 1113.
📍Obama Found Twt timestamp “PRE” Floyd death = 1113.
📍 Dems kneel to 1113.
📍1113 Strongs Conc. = destruction
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12 Nov
@LovesTheLight @RudyGiuliani 🥊 “Cassius Clay took the Olympic Games ROME 1960 by STORM ⛈ before he became “THE GREATEST” 💥

ROME IS GOING TO FALL! To THE GREATEST 👉🏻 @realDonaldTrump by way of his STORM!⛈

It’s incredible!
@LovesTheLight 🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂
@LovesTheLight @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump 2. WE ARE ROME! @realDonaldTrump is taking down ROME!
👉🏻 “We’re Never Far From Where We Were” 👈🏻
👉🏻 “Where We Go One, We Go All!” 👈🏻

💥Ancient Roman Law, ambitus, a crime of political corruption, mainly a candidate’s attempt to influence outcome (or direction) of an election!💥
@LovesTheLight @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump 3. I am going to add the history of the Etruscan goddess VATICA where the City of Rome is. Above tweets not just referring to Rome as in the VATICAn, but the history is important.
👉🏻VATICAn is neither Latin nor Greek, predates Christianity & linked to pagan VATICA goddess.
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