As predicted, expedited appeal to the Third Circuit coming.
IS there any reason to read the lower court opinion? I'm thinking no. I get that libs are looking for any ray of sunshine right now, but they seem to be conflating the opening pawn sacrifice in the KIA with "CHECKMATE".
(Yes, now that there's a prestige drama about chess, I am going to be using so many chess metaphors you'd think I was Yasser Seirawan.)
(I got into the habit of shortening opinions to "Op." and Opposition Briefs to "Opp." somewhere along the way, and if I ever sue Oppai, Ltd. it's going to get real confusing real fast.)
If any libs are looking for an angle to push the "FedSoc Judge Conspiracy" story, here is one: the judge could have declined to dismiss the case with prejudice and hurt Trump much more, but instead created a clean path to appeal.

(Query whether they should / needed to file a motion for reconsideration, predicated on newly-developed facts, to try to get more facts in front of the appellate panel. Notice of appeal strips most jurisdiction from lower court. I guess it's on the pleadings so who cares.)
If you want a #lawoffunny prediction, here it is: at some point, Trump's lawyers are going to argue that the disparities between counties maps to the racial composition of counties, such that strict scrutiny should apply since Pa is racist against whites.

Why #lawoffunny?: Because the racial class system the prog court has developed over the decades to ensure that racial prison gangs in California supermaxes all get housed together and Yale gets to discriminate against Asians and huwhites will lead to Trump winning.
It hadn't occurred to me that people don't appreciate that this is a dismissal on the pleadings. That means that there hasn't been any evidence, as such.

See above re: how this ruling could be a secret gift to the Trump team masquerading for the mainstream press as a vicious benchslap.

Incredible ppl have not yet cottoned to Judge Brann's subtle ploy of writing an opinion that upbraids Trump and reassures he has no path but which has the effect of teeing up a speedy appeal of pure questions of law. Aaron Director fedsoc smile.
This level of misdirection is what you'd expect from a Fedsoc judge on a circuit Justice Alito supervises. Fedsoc strong. Even managed to get the Obama appointment.
*in a court under the Circuit Justice Alito supervises
Tongue out of cheek, what really happened is that the judge got too hot and so he ended up blowing his load too soon. He wanted the sweet applause of proglaw types but lacked the procedural craftiness to really hurt the case.

Holy shit, Trump deleted.
He deleted to tag Toomey with a nickname, "No Tariffs," I think

Get ready for the most epic of all handshakes.

New filings coming next week. The plan is to get a group of cases from fed court before SCOTUS asap. Maybe they will be filing for preliminary injunctions in fed court and seeking an expedited trial after initial papers?

(If you watch the video above you'll see Jay Sekulow saying the goal is to get a group of cases from several states consolidated before SCOTUS asap. So, yes, the immediately appealable dismissal was a bit of a gift.)
With respect to the Series B "Put Up Or Shut Up" line of cases or amended pleadings in federal court, I really hope the legal team has boiled the ocean on the requested remedy. I can very easily see that being a hang-up.
(i) the notice of appeal is limited to whether leave to amend should have been granted, likely to be presented as a purely legal issue;

(ii) they also proposed a nutty simultaneous briefing schedule unlikely to be accepted.
Update. Trump briefs today, likely to just argue they should be allowed to amend as a matter of law since they have new evidence and maybe to cure standing. Opposition due tomorrow. Likely that Court wants to get an opinion out this week.

• • •

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23 Nov
Have people gotten the joke yet about Buttigieg being a CIA / intelligence agency Trojan horse candidate who just so happens to have the same exact speaking cadences and positions as Obama?
It was really, really obvious to anyone paying attention, and it makes sense of how Biden is planning to staff his administration.
They all have phony stories about their military service.

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23 Nov
Wife just told me that she told an old lady at the store, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and the old lady said it back with enthusiasm—glad someone noticed—but then just about started crying right in the checkout line. No kids will be allowed to visit this year.
Wife awkwardly stood at social distance, unable by rule to comfort the lonely, old, crying woman—who will not live long.
The stat about Chinese women hanging onto life until after the Lunar New Year always struck me as a remarkable testament to just how strong grannies can be.

Bureaucrats overlook this level of passion at their peril.
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Thread for fans of this feed to share your impressions on the person or persons running it.
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I think, had I been born black, I would by now have written a rollicking, thousand-plus page comic novel about the apparently-instinctive urge of white women to humiliate and sissify black men.
The racial fears of white men that the black man will get rapey and make a run at the white women, leading to centuries of antipathy between black and white men -- hello? Women love pulling that shit, seeing men have a civil war over them. They think it's funny on some level.
(And it is. It's been incredibly funny since before the pre-classical days of legend, when a face launched a thousand ships.)
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23 Nov
It strikes me as a somewhat odd impulse to want to buy coffee that accords with your political biases. I'd prefer to buy from a company that emphasizes the quality and price of their coffee.
I can see not buying from a brand that tries to force me to drink politics with my brew, but picking a brand based on its affirmative politics is just weird.
I find people who root for sports teams pretty weird, too. Maybe I just have no business talking about advertising from the consumer side.

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23 Nov
Yes, but as with ASD and other vogue diagnoses that can help with procedural outcomes in dealing with schools, it is both over- and under-diagnosed.
There is a heterdox tendency to assume that because some disease or disorder state has an associated grift, there can't be any substance to it at all. But there are lots of race grifts, and last I checked black people (say) are real.
The reality is that there are people suffering from real ADHD who will never get diagnosed or treated and in consequence will be underemployed, never marry, and feel their whole lives like a shameful fuck up with no integrity who is always lying about what they will do.
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