Gregory or even Christ (AD-BC) is the Xian equivalent of the Jahaliyyah concept of the Moonies.

@ProfMKay and @jananivatsan tagging you since you were part of the quoted tweet's conversation.
The Xian belief that they were the authors of all scientific advancement is another side of "dead men tell no tales"

Having murdered all civilizations around them just because their citizens didn't adhere to or buy into their Xian faith of sin-and-redemption ...
... the Xians appropriated all from their near-by or victims' civilizations. Thus reinvented, they repackaged it as well, while conveniently ignoring the fact that many scientists don't necessarily subscribe to the Xian dogma.
For all their Biblical verses and their inconsistencies, the Xians talk of context (as do the Moonies) to defend away those inscrutable idiocies.

We need to remember that the same context story with respect to the scientists.
Scientists are predominantly atheists, till their old age allowed them to dial back into religion - and the only religion most of them had known or heard of is the myth of Jeebus.

However, Xians attribute / appropriate all scientists as theirs, since their birth
I believe that no sane scientist can call Jeebus the truth or Xianity the way, given the incongruencies. They, just like idiots, parrot the sin-story and redemption-retrofitting.
Pyramids, Angkor Vat, Machu Pichu, Easter Islands, Stonehenge, Indian temples, Aztec ziggurats, dinosaurs, evolution & God knows what else is hidden in the world's ruins for them to diss as age of ignorance (Jahaliyyah)
Just as we Indians scoff at the claim of white tomb builders as the world's best architects/chefs, we should start scoffing at the claim of zombie cult worshippers as the world's best inventors/scientists.

• • •

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More from @wataboutery

22 Nov
Remember #PJRoxx

Prakash Javdekar is the best (or nearly the best) minister in NaMo cabinet. He gets prime time interviews on NDTV, he changes dresses faster than Shivraj Patil, he speaks more sense than Rahul Gandhi and he, in the meanwhile, works too
What work he has done? Get your expectations sky high and still see them exceeded.

Sam Walton said - high expectations are the key to success - or something of that sort.

High - I maintain - is a subjective word. For somebody at zero, even 0.1 is high, and for people in corporate, that is an infinite % growth.

There is more!
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22 Nov

Kellogg reportedly took 27 years to change the Japanese food habits, from their regular breakfast of sea weed, raw eggs, rice and fish to sugar-laden cereals.

From 1963 to 1990.
Here is where you can get more info on this from…
Kellogg's in India has been around for nearly 26 years now (since 1994) ... and they proudly proclaimed their INR 500 crore achievement in 2013 (a full 19 years after their arrival) .. imagine INR 500 crores is something many companies delivered in 2013 "just like that"
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21 Nov
Where you study matters
What you study matters more
How you carry on what you study matters even more

Getting into a great institute, in India, Canada or wherever, is a head-start, but only that

Post which, you are part of the race that we all are part of

The key to many doors can be opened if your profile carries a great institute's name

From an IIT, a humanities student? Many won't hire

From BITS, a psychology student? Many won't hire

From an unknown Engg college, an Engineer? Many won't hire

You get the drift, right?
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17 Nov
@D_Roopa_IPS Ma'am it is better to apologize for being wrong (graceful) than spend sleepless nights trying to cook your own goose
At 23:46 hours yesterday, the new charade starts!
Once again, at 23:46 hours yesterday, wishing "Good Night to all"
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14 Nov
@KaaviKural will agree while @AparBharat might not.

Let us face one thing clearly - @BJP4India and Hindus don't have a symbiotic existence, but they have only a relationship of convenience.

The former stoke the latter's emotions and kindle the hopes of Hindus tremendously.
However, except for RJB, think of it honestly and let me know if BJP and its leaders have proposed anything Hindu in their agenda points.

Hindu in ethos, Hindu in thoughts, Hindu in practices, Hindu in lifestyle, Hindu in promises, Hindu in culture - anything?

BJP is, for all practical purposes, what its party name states. BHARATIYA - as in Indian (by citizenship, not by any other measure)

Dial back to Sabka statements
Dial back to 125-130 crore Indians

... kind of statements! You'd realize what they allude to.

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13 Nov
This is an interesting & edifying approach.

I believe that we should desist from being called petty, rather provide so much more in supplies (aka, opening additional universities, named after, if you may, Swami Vivekanand) that will obviate & diminish (!?) JNU's stature!
Let every state carry an SVNU - which stands for excellence in socio-cultural studies, languages & humanities, international relations & philosophy - make sure that they are funded well enough to accommodate at least 50,000 students per location.

Think big, different, positive!
I use the same logic even to obviate reservation .. increase seats so much that reservation makes no sense. For a while, we will have excess capacity (and vacant seats, in government colleges)

But soon enough, as competition from private colleges disappears, the seats will be ..
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