Raise the taxes on employers and they raise the price of goods and services to pay the tax debt, the price of food goes up, then Gas then rent etc.

You can pick who pays more taxes but everyone pays a higher cost of living.
Simple economics Kamala.
Trickle down poverty
Liberals make a huge mistake thinking they can raise taxes like it’s some serendipitous answer to all of humanity’s social issues.
Even the most ardent “liberal” capitalist pretending to be a socialist will raise the prices on their product to meet expenses.
If you don’t believe the tweet above, then consider a company who doesn’t own their building.
Big or small the building is owned by another company and THEY get a higher tax burden so they raise the rent.
Not even the business owner can escape “the damn rent is too high”
Let’s take a look at arguments or defenses against @JoeBiden Rolling back @realDonaldTrump’s Tax cuts.
Forget the socioeconomic implications.
While this article breaks that down, a Biden presidency without a majority senate?
Tax increases are DOA

Let’s go back in time shall we?
In September @thehill did this piece “Democrats back away from quick reversal of Trump Tax cuts”.
@JoeBiden and Harris can make all the promises they want, wrap it in a “pretty” package but would they have support? 🤷‍♂️
Consider this...some Market makers (big investors who control the market) adhere to the “GIG” principle.
“Gridlock is Good”, meaning when the H&S are gridlocked it’s good for the market.
As a PT stock options trader since 2012 I can tell you it’s more “miss” than Hit. 😂
The only people who benefit from “GIG” are the market makers.
They can buy, sell, and short the market at will.
Set bid and ask prices for stocks and options, and conspire on a daily basis how the market will move on any given day. Seen it for myself after learning charts. 😤
Market makers benefit but this doesn’t help the small trader, investor or “the little guy” who’s trying to pay the Bills.
Actually “GIG” is selfish. 🤬
@BarackObama was masterful at making the market go up or down based on what he said.
It was almost “eerie!”.
Under @realDonaldTrump many businesses were able to hire more people and thrive because the tax burden was all but lifted.
I don’t care what the left has to say, it’s a fact that cannot be disputed.
@JoeBiden talks about raising taxes all while threatening more covid lockdowns
.@JoeBiden’s plans are incoherent at best, and dangerous at worst.
How can you pay taxes if you’re locked down and not working?
It’s adding insult to injury.
@realDonaldTrump was able to keep the market at pre covid levels and then some, during the shutdowns.
It’s a fact!
If @JoeBiden gets in and wants to shutdown and raise taxes... tell me how he’s going to do that and keep the markets up like @realDonaldTrump?

Sorry Biden voters but you’re buying an ugly pig with lipstick,#4 pancake and eye shadow. 🐷

• • •

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28 Oct
Watch @tedcruz take Jack Dorky to the woodshed on twitter censorship.

Part 1 Senator Cruz singles Jack out and asks “does twitter have the ability to influence Elections?”

His answer won’t surprise you but that “wizard” lookin beard and nose ring might!
Part 2 Senator Cruz grills Dorsey on locking out the @nypost after posting the #LaptopFromHell story, which btw they are still locked out. 🙄

I’d say @tedcruz cast a stupid spell on Jack the wizard after drinking a smart potion but honestly Ted would need to do neither... 😂😤
Part 3 “is the @nypost still locked out of their account?”
@tedcruz asks the wizard a fair question but the wizard stops short of saying “depends on what is, is” 😂
In Jacks mind they’re not locked out, all the have to do is delete the tweet. 🙄

And THAT is the problem!
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4 Aug
Although not convinced ppl are getting Adrenochrome, by eatin babies; the visual, and verbal “cues” in these videos, gives me pause. 😱

“Little babies ice cream” closed in 2019, but get this... they partnered with a co. called “Pizza Brain” 🤔

2 Here’s more information on the company.
1. The name of the founder isn’t available. At least not here...
2. Their partnership with “pIzza Brain.” Coincidence?
3. This wiki entry cites “PG” conspiracies for why they closed. 😂🙄🤷‍♂️
3 if you watched both videos it’s obvious Children weren’t their target audience... so why call it “little baby’s ice cream?”
Flavors like “Earl Grey” “Sriracha” and a CBD-infused ice cream are Hardly “kid friendly” flavors.
Oh and they made a “Pizza” flavor too...go figure.
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30 Jul
The delusion of @jonathanchait.

Another “journalist*” colluding with the America hating @DNC to spread Misinformation about #COVID19.
He calls #MAGA a “death cult”
And stated other countries have “successfully beaten back the disease.” Must read! #TDS
.@jonathanchait...your comment “every other wealthy country has successfully beaten back the disease” is Fuzzy at best.
India is one of the 10 wealthiest
Countries in the world.
Look at their “new”infection rates for #COVID19. 48K
US infection rates are declining.
“Death Cult”@jonathanchait?You must be talking about the left.
Who has sought to use this virus to destroy the economy created by @realDonaldTrump?
Who takes Joy when more people die from #COVID19 ?
Who hasn’t condemned the violence from #Antifa and #BLM?
That’s your team.
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18 Jul
So Rosie put out this idiotic meme, for @realDonaldTrump, and if you’ll bear with me I’d like to dispel each one for @Rosie.
And wow #LiberalsCantMeme... no really they just shouldn’t😂
No books
. @realDonaldTrump is an avid reader @Rosie ,and his list of books he likes is quite “heady”.

Subjects like Physics,history & philosophy.

Oh BTW, while you’ve been sitting on your butt gulping gallons of Hagen das,he wrote 18 books. #MAGA

Before I do friends let’s do curiosity, and music.

Avid readers are by nature “curious” so that takes care of that.
“no Music?” I don’t even know what that has to do with being a president, @Rosie... it’s stupid so I’ll skip it. #MAGA
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14 Jul
The stupidity of #Stayhome, #WearADamnMask and lockdowns.
Most of the idiots promoting this don’t know the 1st thing about Immunology.
Well I do, and you can’t fight a virus by hiding from it.
No I’m not saying get infected, but you need to a little bit.
#PharaohRant #Covid_19
The human body is almost like “AI”, the immune system only works by “response”, and in order for it to respond it must get infected so it can build antibodies. It learns and adapts.
Actually it’s quite amazing.. my fav is killer T-cells 👊🏻
If you #StayHome, you can’t get exposed
If you aren’t exposed to the first gen of the virus, then guess what?
That bug has mutated and you’re body can’t fight what’s about to hit you.
Why do you think the new cases are getting younger?
They did the #StayHome and #WearADamnMas, crap and got the worst #Covid_19 🤬
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24 Jun
Just an observation but Liberals are Fearful bunch, and I think I know why ....#Phobias.
It’s the only other explanation for such erratic behaviors.
I’m NOT excusing them just trying to understand them ( maybe)😂
Anyway I made a list, and I hope you enjoy.
#Liberalism #MAGA
An unnatural fear of women considered beautiful by the one who fears them.
This fear often stems from low self-esteem and a lack of self worth.
This is why they hate @FLOTUS so much... she’s beautiful, and smart too! ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#MAGA #Trump2020
Chremnophobia: An unnatural fear of wealth and becoming wealthy.
This often stems from the fear that wealth might actual serve to ruin an individual’s Life. 🙄

Explains why they hate anyone who’s rich... esp @realDonaldTrump!
Psst lots of wealthy #Liberals!
#Trump #MAGA😂😂
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