One of her top priorities (& her husband's) is to dismantle the Dodd Frank Act. The very act put in place to keep 2008 from happening again. Yet, Criminal-Kelly defrauded the whole country at our lowest point... for greed.

She did it again with COVID.
It's who she is.
Sen. Kelly Loeffler helped establish & market that tax dodge and give the banks a new lease on derivatives trading. In 2009, Loeffler was the top communications and marketing officer at ICE, and had been married to the company's founder & CEO, Jeffrey Sprecher, for several years.
They bought a $10.5 million mansion that year.
Sprecher is the chair of the New York Stock Exchange, of which ICE is the parent company. The couple is worth between $800 million and $1 billion, per Forbes
Though ICE pushes back against the notion that its clearinghouse allows companies to avoid U.S. taxation, the new disclosure of its use of Ugland House — for years pilloried & parodied as one of the most egregious examples of an offshore tax dodge in the world —
sharpens questions about the company's true intent.

It also raises questions about the activities of Sprecher and Loeffler, at a time when Americans were reeling amid generational global economic turmoil.
In 2008, high-risk derivatives trading wrecked the global financial system. The complex financial instruments to blame included credit default swaps (CDS), in which lenders essentially sell someone else the risk that a borrower will default on their loan.
CDS trades grew so popular and so widespread that when banks began to fail, it set off a brutal chain reaction around the world.

Just a few months after markets crashed that September, ICE, under Sprecher's leadership, set up an offshore CDS clearinghouse for the largest banks..
in the U.S., as well as foreign banks such as 👉Deutsche Bank, UBS and Credit Suisse. The idea was to add a layer of protection to the trades.
--the United States taxes income earned overseas — at a rate of 35%.

If that money gets reinvested abroad, however, the tax is deferred. In other words, if American companies put profits from their foreign subsidiaries in offshore holding companies, they can access it tax-free.
In 2014, the Joint Committee on Taxation projected the revenue loss from those deferrals @ $83.5 billion, & the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute estimated in 2017 that deferred taxes on offshore profits will cost the U.S. $1.3 trillion over the next decade, or ~$126 bill/yr.
You tell me how in the hell this woman could ever be fit for a seat in our United States Senate when she has worked fervently against the interests of the US government, the US economy and the millions of Americans who are downwardly affected from those abuses.
Former President Barack Obama remarked of Ugland House in 2008, "Either this is the largest building in the world or the largest tax scam in the world."

Loeffler's forebears in the Senate — Democratic and Republican alike — went after Ugland House by name.
Sprecher created a system that rewarded the people whose recklessness had destroyed the economy only months earlier. 👉He found a way to give new life to their CDS trades, 👉which had cost millions of Americans their wealth, homes and livelihood. 👈
And @SenatorLoeffler, his wife and ICE's top marketing officer, helped package and sell the product.
It's not just the COVID insider trading, she's working all angles:

More recently, Loeffler and Sprecher appear to have tapped another tax loophole for themselves, in the form of a provision in President Trump's 2017 tax bill that turns private jets into flying tax shelters.
In June 2009, the couple purchased their $10.5 million Atlanta mansion. They call it "Descante" — relax.

Loeffler's campaign did not reply to multiple detailed requests for comment for this article. An ICE spokesperson did not provide comment.
She cannot relate to 99% of the people she would represent. Georgia deserves better than @KLoeffler
We haven't even talked about BAKKT yet.
Her ethical conflicts on top of her criminal grift makes it AMAZING that her name is even on the ballot. But, our equally grifting @GovKemp arranged it for her.

We took our power back in November,
As long as Loeffler and her husband hold on to their stock, there are no easy solutions—even recusal can cause complications for a legislator.…
“If she recuses because of a conflict of interest arising from her husband’s business, it also means that Georgia has 50% less of a voice in what happens,” says Donald Sherman, former chief oversight counsel for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. ⬇️
“In a divided government, with a closely divided Senate, one vote can certainly be decisive. It’s a disadvantage to folks back home if their senator has a conflict.”



• • •

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Last minute software patch
Long lines
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Nobody else wants to assume any fuqqing responsibility for handing over our democracy?

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19 ‼️ Some are still in high school at 19.
A great number are starting college.
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