The divine science of jyotish is given to people to know your soul, self understanding, self realisation & introspecting all the karma of past, future & the current. Its purposes is not only restricted to Marriage, career, Job and money, this is only 1% of the divine science.
Its a secret and hidden knowledge given to know the hidden perspectives of Life given to every soul to cross the difficult time by its illuminating power but irony is modern astrologers has made it a science of mundane purpose of life.its a Higher Spritual science
That's the reason its majority of principals are based on the bhagwad Geeta sutras to know the higher purpose of life, karma and root reasons of life.
Its core principals are based on theory of Reincarnation, Rebirth and Karma and when you read bhagwad geeta and Upanishads you can better understand the real purpose of jyotish and how to utilise in your life.Remedies are not the only purpose of jyotish
When you cannot correct, or fix prevent repeating your karmas then what is the purpose of doing remedies again and again. When there is an affliction in Sun - it simply means you need to curb your ego, Over ambitious nature and need to take care and respect your father.
Rather in this birth you still disrespectful towards your father, and overlooking your family duties because of your proud, ego and ambition then doing remedies and going to astrologer is mere waste of the time and energy of your and jyotishi too.
Your actions speaks louder then your power to Navgrahas devtas and your Ishta devtas.They are watching your each and every actions and when Saturn transits over your natal planets you start crying that we are suffering badly.
You are yourself responsible for your actions that what you are repeating in this life. That's the reason I keep writing in my articles correcting karma are most important in life and for this you need to do self introspection of your actions. This is how Jyotish works.
I have one chart where he is experiencing politics by his colleagues and senior bosses , he is having Rahu + Saturn in the 6th house, remember 6th is the house of Shadripus , daily routines, your past actions and result out of that
This guy in this birth still doing backing bitting, Politics toward his bosses and collgues and in return he is experiencing problem in his office via bosses and subordinates.Though he is having high positions in his career but by repeating same he is corrupting his karmas
He is having two failed marriages because of cheating tendencies of the wife why because he is itself having cheating tendencies in his actions and karmas. So moral of this whole tweet is when you cannot fix your karma then there is no need to keep contacting Jyotishi
And keep doing remedies.Remdies only work when your heart is pure and your actions are loud, clear and genuine. Universe knows your each actions

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Logical reason behind acute cold in this winter

Stay alert in coming winter season days for all the northern and North Western states of India they will see drastic drop of temperature from 25th, 28th & 29th of November onward reason being Speed of Jupiter will increased Image
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My question to them there are immense galaxies, stars, sun, and multiple universes exist in this super-spiritual world do they have seen by their own
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Meanwhile for rest of the world, Transit of saturn over Capricon sign & it's 2nd conjunction with jupiter & 3rd Conjunction with pluto after 9th of November 2020 will bring 2nd wave of economic crisis in Europe & USA along with 2nd wave of covid cases
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Many People have asked me about the Use of astrocartography for travelling, Relocation and where they will get rise of fortune.Though its purely western method so i have worked on my own model based on Koorma chakra to implement on the Natal Based on Signs, Nakashtra Image
of the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 12th lords. Where in my Observation i have seen it gives excellent results in the sign and the Nakashtra connection of the 1st lord with 7th , 12th and 9th lord 9th lord with 12th house.
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Today I am sharing, Astrological analysis of Bandhan Bank based on its foundation details.If we see the foundation chart 23, August 2015, kolkata.Moon is with saturn , Mars and Venus are in cancer, Sun & Jup in leo , Mer & Rahu in in Virgo & Ketu in Pisces.
After the saturn tranist over Capricon, transiting 7th from venus & Mars bank has started going down since from January 2020.Ju & Saturn conjunction has given slow & Gradual growth since from April 2020 as soon as they both Join again after November 2020 agin it will pick speed
As soon as Jupiter will tranist over Aquarius sign in April 2021 , 7th from natal sun and Jupiter bandhan bank will improve and it's share will pick excellent speed and will keep on rising for whole 2021 year.
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