A thread on why Kim Namjoon is the unrivalled lyricist of all time:

The whole concept of using Pluto, an outcast n currently dwarf planet to represent a person thrown out of one's lives, making them feel that their existence of of minimal worth screams genius

Not only Kafka On The Shore, this song has a major reference to Norwegian Wood (by Haruki Murakami). I've attached the explanation (acc to my perspective), link to the related quotes:

Joon's Hangeul wordplay is top level literally no one is doing it like him

His verse in ddaeng will always remain superior i said what I said✨

RM mixtape is just so powerful and full of raw emotion, and when I say raw emotion, I mean it. Those who haven't heard it yet, it's on SoundCloud and the lyrics are all available in the internet, listen to it.
Save Me, I'm Fine

The first eight lines of Joon's verse in I'm Fine directly correspond to his verse in Save Me, if this isnt masterclass lyricism, I honestly don't know what is.
Miss Right

BE unique. BE boldly unique. BE yourself.
Spring Day

The fact that he thought of the chorus' melody when he was literally in a park and saw leaves falling down so he thought to himself, "oh the leaves are falling". Literally that's how the creation of the song this sentimental track began to which we cry to this day.

This song from Joon's first mixtape still slaps, a major reality check.

Comparing the drying out of human sanity by toxicity of an unhealthy relationship to that drying out of tree when exposed to too much sun rays, a necessity for plants to survive, indirectly stating too much of anything is harmful. Kim Namjoon bestest lyricist me thinks.
Boyz With Fun

I love his sexc brain✨

Remember when Joon said that the auditory feel of words is of utmost significance for him since he wanted to be a poet? Yeah I can see it here
Trivia: Love

This song is forever superior, literally nothing in existence tops it, nothing ever has nor ever will. This is mayhaps his signature song. Ive done an explanatory thread on Trivia: Love, Im linking it here for easier understanding of the song
God Rap

This too, is from Joon's first mixtape and it's available on SoundCloud, just needs a bit of searching is all. And if you haven't heard it yet, well then get going.

The whole of joon's first mixtape slaps. I remember hearing the tracks for the first time and my jaw dropped onto the floor I was thoroughly amazed by his wordplay n dissing of the haters and rightfully so.

seoul, from mono. a tribute to the city which has given n taken away a lot for him, definitely depicts the highs n lows of the city, in the most unbiased way possible. I've done an explanatory thread for seoul which I'm linking here for further refs
Cypher pt.3

Literally no one plays it like him.
Intro: Persona

Joon mentioning the 'But Namjoon' phrase which was popular among fandoms for excusing the misdeeds done by their faves. He has educated himself and has never repeated the same mistake twice. I'm linking my thread for further understanding
Cypher pt.1

Need a Cypher pt.5 after the boys win the Grammy's they deserve.
Attack on Bangtan/Rise of Bangtan

"But what will happen if Bangtan Sonyeondan rises?"
Cypher pt.2

There were so many I couldn't fit in one tweet👀
Cypher pt.2

Need. A. Cypher. After. Bangtan. Gets. Their. Deserved. Grammys.
Winter Flower

I cannot make a thread on Joon's genius lyricism n not mention Winter Flower. Literally what did mankind do to deserve song? I've done an explanatory thread on Joon's verse from winter flower here, linking it for better understanding

Universe. Youniverse.
You are the universe.
It's Your Universe.

Do I even need to say anything? This is THE track.
Blue and Grey

I came across a lot of controversial talks regarding this. I'm one with the statement in here. wp.me/p9XwFH-Nv

Are you obsessed with 'can I be your Bibilly hills like you did the same to me, baby' or are you normal?

I wasn't prepared for a Namjinkook subunit😭

Someone pointed how 일, pronounced 'ill' , meaning work, is also how 'one' is pronounced in Korean. I'm guessing it's means smth like,
I'm work itself = I'm #1 (in my work) = my work got me to #1 (BBHOT100 #1)

Liiterally who can make a whole mixtape (playlist) that not only heals n comforts people but also stand as musical depiction of himself? Only Kim Namjoon I think. I've done a explanatory threads for every song of mono, I'm linking it here:
A guide for joon's first mixtape, titled 'RM' by @btstwerks
My accnt is mostly dedicated to explanatory threads of Joon's lyrics in particular, (I'll try my hand at others but I'm not sure how those will turn out). Im linking the master thread: all future explanatory threads on Joon's lyrics will be added here
Fatima has done on plenty more songs of BTS, im linking the master thread here:
All lyric translations by @doolsetbangtan
Follow her blog if you don't already💜
I've tried to include as much as possible, if anything's been left out, please know it wasn't international, be kind n leave it in the comments I'll link it in the thread! 💜 Also, BUY AND STREAM LGO N BE
Honourable mentions!!

- Whalien 52
- Black Swan
- Respect
- Louder Than Bombs
- Strange
- Zero O'clock
- We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal
- Mikrokosmos
- Serendipity
- Singularity
- Dimple
- Tear
- Crystal Snow
- Reflection

• • •

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19 Nov
Joon is such a devoted musician, he lives for music, he finds solace in it and he makes music to comfort the distressed and for people to find solace in his music. He really does want to heal the people with his craft and make them feel heard and included. He really loves and+
Cares about us ARMYs so much, we don't deserve him, we won't ever be able to repay him the love that he sends us from his studio. He is devoted to music like he is a fragment of it, and maybe he is. The kind of love and passion he has will remain unmatched forever. 'BE' is the+
Rawest form of Bangtan and he is so excited about it which shows that he is not only excited about presenting his craft to the world but the collective work of all seven, he is just as excited and proud of Bangtan as we are because this is their own album which is sure to+
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19 Nov
Quotes/lines from Norwegian Wood (an #RM recommendation) that remind me of songs from 'mono.' 'RM' and a few other @BTS_twt songs: a literary thread- ImageImage
Before I begin, I'd like to clarify that this is a subjective thread, readers' opinions might or might not match w mine, it is completely my perception :) and the songs stated might or might not have any distinct or absurd connection w the quotes. :)
✨ everythingoes ✨

"But your problems are not going to continue for the rest of your life. They'll end eventually. And when they do, we'll stop and think about how to go on from there."
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30 Oct
"forever rain" by RM (@BTS_twt ): An explanatory thread-

P.s: strictly based on my interpretation Image
'forever rain' is predominantly a song of loneliness n concealed depression- the kind that goes unnoticed by the mass, courtesy to the sufferer's pretence, the kind where the sorrow n trauma is suppressed n only unleased during moon hours or episodes of pathetic fallacy- Image
When nature empathises w us in our misery, the kind that is exposed involuntarily in gloomy situations, when we choose to slow down, to rest, to breathe properly amidst chaos, to feel our own pain- all of it expressed brilliantly by the one n only n Im in love w Joon's mind+ ImageImage
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27 Oct
"everythingoes" by RM (@BTS_twt ): An explanatory thread-

P.s: strictly based on my interpretation Image
'everythingoes' is predominantly a song of consolation n peak comfort that brings solace to tormented souls. It's the ultimate song of moral support, empathy n compassion which thoroughly brings out our concealed concerns n worrisome thoughts in the form of suppressed tear+ Image
Drops, the song brings one, which is the literal definition of hopefulness, cheers n encouragement to go on in life, w/o giving up cuz the pain n sufferings isn't for ever to last, it all passes, it all goes- all of it expressed in a way only Joon can n I'm in love w Joon's mind+ ImageImage
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