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22 Nov, 5 tweets, 4 min read
I can't stand that woman. She is evil. Only people who r spiritually blind can praise &think she is a hero. This woman is no hero. She is an enabler who is very greedy & will do anything for money. Most times she uses her foundation to sensationalise issues &get money for herself
Satan's agents exposing themselves.Who is Tsitsi Dangarembga?Why is she getting awards &why BBC, CNN cameras shine on her more than others.Why was her mother allowed to have a degree wn most didn't have basic rights?Why is she replaying her mother's script?
Fadzayi Mahere.Why is she with dictators & even secretly groomed? Why is she replaying her mother-Sheila Mahere's life? Why is everything she is doing the same as what Sheila did? Why is she pushing for #NWO?Fadzayi is working against u &wants u chipped & tracked. She is MK slave
Who is Thandeka Moyo& what role is she playing?Why is she elevated?What did she give in exchange for power &influence? Who is grooming her &for what role?Create division based on class &on tribes. She incites people but she lives in luxury- who pays her? See beyond wt they show u
Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is a 3rd generational MK slave. Like she said #IfYouGetitYouGetIt.Why was her father elevated to @WHO after destroying ministry of health. Who r these people serving? Why is she elevated regionally? The secret is in bloodline & satanism from her grandfather

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22 Nov
U r a spirit in a human body. With body u use 5 senses. With your spirit, u r in touch with spiritual realm. Spiritual realm determines what manifests physically.That's real where spiritualists, satanists & cults operate from.That's why satanists want u to be spiritually ignorant
Satanists &cults don't want u to understand spiritual realm.They use your ignorance to steal destroy your destiny.Satanists &cults use stolen life /stars from blessed people.U get a glimpse of what goes on thru dreams &visions.Your gut feeling is more accurate than your 5 senses
Gut feeling,instincts, 6th sense r your spirit&soul revealing to u what u can't physically perceive.That's why u sense something is wrong before u physically know or confirm. Never dismiss what your spirit says because your 5 senses can be manipulated. Your soul & spirit r right.
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22 Nov
Some people defending Genius Kadungure are merely defending what they practice. There are many among us who use cults & satanic rituals to make money. materialism & greed have made many to do anything to have access. They get close to strangers because families know their secret
U will see satanists &cults manifesting on this thread. Wn they r exposed they will try to call e names to try to silence me. People defending Genius Kadungure r defending the cult &satanic practices. They pretend to be ignorant,I dont use 5 senses to discern so they wont prevail
Never make a mistake of using your 5 senses to prove or disprove kuromba, satanists & cults. Satanists &cults r like black widows.During the day they do any good things to make u disregard your gut feelings. They understand power of PR & operate like black widows. Don't be fooled
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22 Nov
They came forward confessing abt underworld crimes they committed with Genius Kadungure. This woman here is a satanist &led a network of such people in #Zimbabwe.A person who abandons his blood relatives & start calling strangers sisters is no hero! #Cult
They lied that Genius was a businessman who was into gas.They presented a maid &business manager to confirm. Their fake testimonies instead of convincing woke people,they exposed there was no business. Business manager looked more like a witch doctor than anyone managing business
Like most countries (South Africa &countries in West Africa) that have a unit that investigates cult & satanism. We have #Zimbabweans who join cults to run churches, shrines, crimes, politics &businesses. This is confirmed by many in jails for satanism.
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20 Nov
Child abuse investigations set up to cover up satanic ritual abuse of children.Children came forward revealing how they were sexually abused at school by satanic cult led by their biological father.Failure to protect these children shows govts r involved

Children gave compelling account of the abuse this mad did. BBC &media decided to cover up the abuse.Their lame video with this satanist only confirmed that he is guilty. Media bosses &elites use Satanic ritual abuse to groom children & satanic sacrifices
Boys in a state orphanage were flown out to many places to be sexually exploited by rich elites. Many boys gave statements & they were threatened to change their testimonies. Sadly they complied after realizing the abusers controlled govts systems & media

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28 Sep
I was #vaccine injured, was in pain &affected my soul &spirit.I felt like I was drowning especially wn falling asleep. I was numb &cldn't feel my soul.I lost passion of life,felt excruciating brain pain but brain CT was fine.#Vaccines r to get total mind control &destroy freewill
They failed to control minds using education,camps &media,realised a soul is difficult to control.They devised a way to induce a sensation to nervous system targeting body,brain &nervous system so that individual responds with the"correct" response. #Vaccines 4 total mind control
Evil people deliberately using neurotoxins because they want to control human beings like animals. They want to take away consciousness & freewill. Ask anyone who suffered serious vaccine injury. U struggle with control of soul &freewill. U feel like giving up on life! Its clear!
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28 Sep
Witchcraft have bn normalised in churches. You find old men & women calling a young couple "Papa & Mama". These older people become The "prophet" uses fear to control minds of members, get $ & override members' freewill. They create unnatural dependency. That's serious witchcraft
Prophets in Zimbabwe have broken families but have not offered solutions. Victims become slaves of prophets who demand sacrifices in order to get deliverances.Some hate their relatives who work harder &manage to overcome through hardwork &less sleep.Dont be paralysed by prophets
In Zim there r many victims of Prophets & spiritualists. They tell you relatives r the problem so that they can easily control u & loved ones can't help u. Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) r broken by isolation. It's a strategy used in SRA to break victim & bypass freewill.
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