I started massively souring on the Democratic Party when Durbin decided it was more important to produce another story about how racist Trump is (shithole countries) than it was to finalize an agreement to provide legal status & a path to citizenship for DACA recipients.
Then in Fall of 2018, Trump warned about Central American caravans organizing & heading our way. Democrats roundly mocked this as deranged RW conspiracy. They kept doing so for months until 100,000 arrived in May 2019 alone & a humanitarian crisis erupted on our southern border.
Democrats, esp AOC+3, then started shrieking about American inhumanity and children in cages. Ofc folks circulated photos of fencing used to keep unescorted minors away from strange adults during the Obama migration crisis, claiming they were evidence.
Then the intellectual giants that are AOC+3 declared Congress shouldn't appropriate funds to help deal with the situation unless none of those funds were used for actual ICE staffing needed to help manage the crisis.

Meanwhile the people they claim to care so much about suffered
I'm fed up with the Democratic Party's fraudulent claims that they care for regular people in this country or anyone else. Pelosi tried to use COVID to help bail out profligate Democrat-controlled states' underfunded govt employee pension programs & refused to negotiate further.
Then, this summer, riots erupted in black neighborhoods in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death. Dem talking heads all started talking about "rioting is the language of the unheard," taking MLK out of context & cynically appropriating his legacy to normalize political violence.
They did this as black neighborhoods were being burned down in Minneapolis, black folks were being terrorized by radical wannabe revolutionaries, and destruction was being wrought to their communities, likely to linger for years.
So no, the Democratic Party is not the party of moral high ground. They have no moral high ground. They are not the good guys. They have proven as much repeatedly. They DGAF about anybody, so long as they think there's political advantage in folks being hurt & suffering.
Do not give me whataboutism about Trump or the GOP right now. "But those guys are worse" shouldn't be the standard. And if you think that simply fixating on the failures of your opposition somehow makes you good, right, and moral, you are deluding yourself.
A new party, maybe a hybrid focused on restoring federalism, where folks can also stay involved in a major party & work on reform from within. Candidates can list multiple parties on ballots in 8 states: fertile ground to develop


Bob's nudge on this helped spawn a thread about it.

That's the magic of dialoguing with others. 🙂

• • •

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21 Nov
#RadLeft have apparently taken over an abandoned middle school up in Tacoma, WA. Thread indicates it has no power, ample mold, and a collapsed ceiling.
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20 Nov
Biden's Legislative Affairs Director-designate started her career with Biden in 2001, simultaneously served as Biden Fndn Executive Director & counsel to the FCC Chair throughout 2017, & has led "public affairs" (read: lobbying strategy) at McKinsey Group, Yahoo, & Facebook.

Presidential Personnel Director-designate has Biden links going back to 80s.

She's also been US State Department's Ambassador for Global Women's Issues since 2013.

& serves on the Sesame Street Global Advisory Group board.

(Where else did Sesame Street come up recently? 🤔)
ICYMI - Sesame Street is here to help launch The World Economic Forum's Great Reset!

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20 Nov
FFS - South Australia went with a hard lockdown that banned even leaving your home bc ONE person falsely claimed he'd somehow gotten C19 from eating a pizza.

IRL, he'd worked three shifts at the restaurant & was in close contact w an infected person (story link in QTed thread)
ICYMI, this little exchange got some traction around here the past few days

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18 Nov
One of AOC's backup singers here sharing her joy at introducing a longtime Communist Party USA leader with, shall we say, a complicated history when it comes to domestic terrorist activity.
Background: We're supposed to believe a 17 yr old kid who pulled off an operation in the middle of a courthouse lousy with armed LEOs, armed with several guns Angela Davis bought for him, developed the plan & strategy on his own. Uh huh.

More background: Angela Davis was a mentee of Herbert Marcuse. & BLMtheOrg "Co-Founder" Patrisse Cullors is a mentee of Davis (& Eric Man of Weather Underground & other radicals)

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18 Nov
Sweden looking at maybe slightly higher than avg #OverallMortality this yr.

Maybe we're fixating on COVID & death rates more than necessary. Hospital capacity, yes. Deaths, no.

Smart precautions + educate kids. Let ppl earn livings. Keep economy running & ppl fed & housed. Cope
~87k+ new cases in past mo tho. Curious what their testing protocols & hospital rts look like rn. How actively is public using masks, ventilation, physical distancing (in person & limiting social activity), & minimizing prolonged close contact with other adults & kids 11+?
Worldometer's data for Sweden

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