Big corps in India are the biggest virtue-signallers, maintaining a tight control over philanthropy, culture, media, trumpeting progressive causes like environmentalism, freedom of speech, equality. Until it threatens their agenda and exposes their dirty secrets.
“A corporation that is older than the Indian republic itself, with its origins in colonial era opium trades has mastered the art of manufacturing a public image of benevolence and social welfare – a typical example of a major corporation ‘manufacturing consent’ in it’s favor.“ CC
#Philanthrocapitalism: “It operates several charitable trusts that make large donations to NGOs and academia thus ensuring there isn’t much public discourse that exposes its organised criminal activities.”…
People who want to save the world need to understand how those who are the root cause of the world’s problems, are the ones funding, controlling and directing the ‘social impact’ ‘philanthropy’ and ‘progressive movements’ to limit their scope…
@elleprovocateur has done some of the most incredible and thorough investigative works that details how this works. People with the best intentions are manipulated + muzzled, their only viable option appears to be to work in silence with such perpetrators disguised as saviours.
I am sincerely hoping that noble academics, hard-working activists, true freedom fighters start building courage to speak up, it’s the only way we can start dismantling this incestuous + self-serving philanthrocapitalistic machine that’s destroying society + widening inequality.
Worldwide people mistakenly place all blame on a single politician or political party (Trump / Biden etc). That scapegoat serves to perpetuate the larger system and agenda. The real problem lies with where all the money comes from. Always follow the money.…

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21 Nov
India’s reality doesn’t match the official covid narrative. It doesn’t make sense + doesn’t add up. Use your eyes and common sense, there cannot be any long-term lockdown, social distancing or mask enforcement in our country. These are unscientific + impractical tools for health.
As per their logic, sanitisation, low population density, distance, stringent mask usage etc. should be directly proportional to viral spread. Hence, there should have been a stark difference in low income + high income areas + between poor + rich countries. But there isn’t.
By now, people are able to instinctively know if they feel threatened, fearful or at grave risk from ‘the virus’. The fact that they’re out and about demonstrates their perception of reality. They’re not stupid, they don’t buy in to the fear propaganda from media + govt.
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23 Sep
How many of you are wearing a mask with perfect protocol because of ‘medical concerns’ vs repping it as a form of etiquette to make sure people think of you as socially responsible and considerate? Be honest. #maskon #maskoff #covid1984
Not that I take the #WHO #CDC etc seriously, but even if you do take a look at their ‘official guidelines’ on mask protocol Image
Almost 100% of people I know and have seen with my own eyes violate every single one of these points multiple times an hour if not more often.
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23 Sep
Who decides what’s essential and what’s not? My work might be ‘essential’ to me and my existence but not so essential to you #lockdown
Why are professional sportsmen allowed to play for TV but kids not allowed to play in the park? #covid1984
Why are actors allowed to attend awards ceremonies and go for shoots, but people can’t ‘enact’ real life? #VMAs2020 #covid1984
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21 Sep
When did the solution to the #coronavirus crisis become about addressing the grave threat of #climatechange which can only be addressed via big corps focusing on emissions reduction and building electric alternatives as directed by the #UNSDGs?
How did everyone decide within weeks that we are never going back to normal, that we urgently need a whole #newnormal and that this is the time for a #greatreset and to adopt the #newworldorder ? This kind of synchronised messaging is deeply concerning
Why are local decisions about navigating any kind of crisis being dictated by international organisations and #globalelites? What does any outsider know about the challenges that india faces? Why are these blanket policies and guidelines being set for all countries?
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17 Sep
Why do the authorities, big corps and big philanthropies primarily come up with solutions that put the weight of burden on individuals rather than institutions and companies?
For example telling people to avoid plastic toothbrushes or plastic bottles - why not make the industries stop producing these? Instead of telling people not to buy them. They’ll change their behaviour if it’s no longer on a shelf.
One argument that keeps coming up is that we can’t ban or annihilate entire industries that rely on these structures - but we’ve clearly seen entire industries getting destroyed because of the current lockdown response.
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16 Sep
Can we talk in more detail about the connection between #climatechange, #populationcontrol, and #eugenics? And the figures and entities that link these together?
I've been living under a rock. Just found out co-founders of the LSE (where I completed my MSc degree) were popular eugenicists. And that the university was founded out of The Fabian Society which openly promulgated eugenics.
From the ever-trustworthy Wikipedia is the definition "Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, historically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior or promoting those judged to be superior."
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