So, women are being banned and punished right left and centre on Twitter and I’m wondering if there is ANY acceptable criticism we are allowed to make about the transgender movement? What their official position on this; anyone know?
Are we allowed to defend the integrity of the words ‘men’ and ‘women’? Are we allowed to suggest that it is not a good idea to sterilise children? Are we allowed to suggest that believing and teaching ideas which have no scientific validity might not be clever? Are women allowed
to say we don’t want men in our spaces, our sports, our heads? Are we allowed to suggest this is 21st patriarchy flexing its muscles? Can we suggest that big pharma are making billions unscrupulously harming children and young people? Is it acceptable to say that the prevailing
norms which have infiltrated and dominated our media, politics and institutions are effectively pushing biological women back into the shadows? Might we suggest that this is the overarching purpose? Can the parents of children swept up in this trans dogma speak out about their
fears for the health and safety of their children? Can the women abandoned by men who find their ‘inner woman’ speak of their pain, bewilderment and anger? Are the women raped in prisons allowed a voice? Is it too much to expect our elected representatives to listen to us without
prejudice? Or must we all bend the knee, cower in the corner, keep out mouths shut, praise the new priesthood, relinquish our rational minds and submit to gender ideology for fear of being ostracised, punished, gagged & jailed? The new patriarchal regime, same as the old regime

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22 Nov
The first time I was accused of being a hateful TERF was on the Guardian many years ago. I commented that while men had every right to express themselves how they pleased, they were not and could not actually be women. I was stunned by the accusation of being hateful. The idea...
that I MUST accept men as women upon threats of social shaming worried me a great deal for a long time. But little did I know then that is was a sinister portent of things to come. Hearing people calling for the removal of political representation for women such as myself is to
take an authoritarian position into new levels of dystopia. Where does the end? With the complete repression of women Gilead style? Seeing that video of prostitutes in Germany being covered by a sheild that separates her lower body from her upper body sent terror through my soul
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21 Nov
What Kamala may not have realised yet is that there can NEVER be enough civil rights put in place, never be enough public signalling of respect, never be enough putting the modern trans movement at the centre of things because their demands for recognition & praise are insatiable
The continual & urgent need to be recognised/centred lies right at the heart of the psychology of transgenderism; it is a set of false beliefs about the self which depends upon the validation of others to be kept in ‘existence’. Left to it’s own devises the false self dissipates
This is why I believe it is not helpful to participate in building up and sustaining people’s beliefs that they are the opposite sex. I’m not suggesting being cruel about it but we can carefully and kindly not engage in fostering false beliefs. I don’t believe it is kind to use..
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25 Oct
Honestly, listening to Freddy McConnell today abusing grieving mothers for being supposedly transphobic is just too much for my stomach. I actually feel physically sick. Here we have a person who rejects their female biological reality, takes on the term trans man to describe
themselves; yet has a child; goes to court to deny the child the right to have its birth mother listed as its mother; loses; and is here today berating a charity set up to help mothers who have lost babies for apologising for referring to mothers as ‘birthing parents’; berating
grieving women for objecting to this for totally understandable reasons. Freddy wants inclusivity so long as it includes them, who thank god has NOT lost a baby, but wants to take away the word mothers from women who HAVE lost babies because it troubles them! If this is not the
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16 Oct
Please can I ask a genuine question; are all these charities also focussed on misogyny as a form of hate? Do they recognise sex as a protected characteristic and aim towards enabling women to speak truthfully and openly about the threat to our rights from the trans lobby? Or is
this verboten by yourselves and other charities? It would seem to me to be hateful & damaging to women when men demand they are woman & demand access to our spaces, then have the cheek to scream at us for being hateful bigots if we complain.
And will you attempt to put pressure
on Twitter for them to stop banning women who have the courage to say transwomen are not women, they are men who identify as women and the political difference is crucial. Not just political difference, many women feel that is it deeply offensive when men declare themselves women
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