#BigDickAnon's CIA friend says the CIA servers in Germany were taken by the military:

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/292… Image
"You folks don`t get it do you. The CIA servers in Germany were taken by the military. The servers prove over 5 million votes were switched. Information is being funneled from E. And Barr to Sydney."
"We are close to this all blowing up and this is why CIA folks who are in the middle of this are leaving the Country while they can. I was personally involved in switching thousands of votes in Wisconsin and was responsible for fuckhead winning in Canada."
"The CIA had this in the bag till all the amateurs got involved and our failure to realize we were being monitored by military intelligence when we switched the votes. Ask yourself why was Trump in a secure sciff on election night."
"Shit that dumb motherfucker and E. and Barr was watching us switch votes. Yep we are fucked because of the nigger tier morons on the left. I am hearing Haspel and senior CIA Assets are being arrested very soon. Possibly even tonight but definitely by the middle of next week."
"Brennan talked Haspel into making this happen and well here we are."
A few points:
- This is BDA bypassing 4chan's crackdown on his threads which was getting out of hand
- the good guys got the server from Germany
- senior CIA leadership will be arrested because of it
- ECW, Barr, and the President were watching the fraud live
- Justin Castro's election was rigged. Pic related shows impossible Benford law distribution
- I am really not interested in how much you doubt this information. Go watch Tucker Cuckson instead. Image

• • •

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2 Dec
#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: It's All Over For You Left Wing Communist Fags Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/294… Image
"Just put a million dollar bet on Trump. Of course knowing what is coming makes this easy money. Trump hoped they would not try to steal the election but knowing the fuckng imbeciles on the other side who are even more retarded he has been setting this up for the last two years."
"What you are seeing is the death of hubris for the Democrats, the Deep State, and assorted thugs and criminals. Trump is having the time of his life fucking with these people. It is over for all of you left wing communist faggots."
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2 Dec
PROMETHEUS: A history lesson the likes of which the world has never seen. Image
On Nov. 10, an anon posted a thread to /pol/.


"So I just realized something... if CISA knows Biden used Hammer, Scorecard, Dominion, and ballot stuffing to steal the election, then so does the entire fucking United States Military."
First to reply was this guy here:


He posted 13 replies in all as you can see. i want to go through them because I think he's a genuine military insider.
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2 Dec
The timeline of the Frankfurt server raid.

Glowie predicts a happening the day before. Image
Nov 7 seems to be the day it happened. Image
Nov 10: possible confirmation on the chans. Image
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1 Dec
#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Republic Being Restored Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/294… Image
"I have wondered what it would have been like to be in the U.S. in 1776. To simply see and be a part of the Revolution that shook the world had to be exciting. We are in such a period now."
"December 2020 will be remembered as the beginning of the Republic being restored from the hands of criminals and thugs. Having been a part of the thugs for over 20 years this is absolutely delicious."
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1 Dec
#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Biggest Political Event Of Our Lifetime Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/294… Image
"Odd that folks are on a railroad track watching a train come right at them and do not have the sense to get off the track. The simply believe it is the sun they are looking at. Trump and his security team watched this happen on election night.."
".. and shortly afterwards a team was dispatched to Frankfurt to get the servers and other things. People in Frankfurt were shot the hell up and were flying out windows and the ones that could disappeared into the night."
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30 Nov
#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: A Lethal Combination.

MOAB dropped at the AZ hearings.

OP notes the team that inspected the Dominion voting machines saw traffic between the machine and the SCYTL servers in Frankfurt Germany.
Our man agrees.

"This shit right here is why anyone with any fucking sense has already left the Country. The stupid mother fuckers who tried to fuck Trump instead fucked the professionals who could have pulled this off."
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