It has been a while since I really wrote some genuine long form

I am feeling very strong energy this evening

And I would like to share some of it with you. My up-all-night wired prose.

(Read this thread if you want to WIN)
If you're in this space, you want more. By default. Ambition & idealistic pursuit shape this community, money twitter, the decentralized internet, whatever you want to call it.

Freedom. Passion. Wealth. Health. Dominance. Amazing relationships. We will not settle for less.
So what then stops me, or you, or anyone, from having all of it?

You first have to realize that none of this is real. I've said it before. But it is one big game. We live in a matrix.

Nothing matters. Everything matters.

What is simultaneously nothing and everything?

Energy is the make or break.

Money isn't real, it flows to people who have problem solving energy.

Fitness isn't real, it flows to people whose energy gets channeled into workouts and healthy habits.

Love isn't real, it flows to people who exude loving energy.
And when I say they aren't real- I really mean none of them are static. Everything is constantly changing. You're always getting better or worse. You cannot gain or maintain if you do not have positive energetic momentum.

So how do you gain ENERGY, and stack positive momentum?
I would say we are always broadly in one of 2 states: excitement, or anxiety.

Could interchange inspired for excitement, fear for anxiety, etc but for sake of this we will call them those two states

One is HIGH frequency, one is LOW frequency

The interesting thing though...
Is that they are the same chemical response in your brain.

Same exact thing.

So why do we fall on one or the other?

As I do more things, build myself, experience ups and downs, wins and losses, it keeps getting clearer...
And it draws me back to a certain day. A really pivotal one in my life. Jan 25th, 2019.

The day I packed up my car and drove 21 hours cross country by myself to florida to chase my vision.

Had dropped out of college a few weeks prior. Was fresh off one of my lowest moments.
College fb career hadn't played out like I wanted. Left knee fucked up. Other Health issues. Ego torn because I didn't feel like "the man" (always been cocky/confident). was smoking too much weed. Hated school. Etc

So I dropped out on a whim w a vision. But that's not the point.
The point is, I had felt relative lows. And on that day, after about 14 hours driving, I'd listened to every song *ever*. Was tired and bored as fuck driving.

Had started doing some esoteric/conspiracy research a month or so prior (remember I said was smoking pot? Rabbit hole)
It served a purpose to "wake me up".

That being said, during this time of my life I was looking for some secret answer that would fix my problems.

And bored driving that day, I found it.

Searched esoteric podcasts. Was looking for something on the real meaning of Bible.
I had grown up somewhat Christian, never too heavy into it, got into it more during that "woke" phase and was questioning a lot.

But I found some podcast on the hidden meaning of the Bible.

About a guy named Neville Goddard.

Some 1940s ish discredited theologian
And the whole thing was basically about how the Bible was written through a parable lens, a story written to be interpreted with you as the hero, resonating with Christ, as Christ.

Not gonna argue with anyone about that, don't care to. But after that day I looked deeper.
And read a bunch of Neville's stuff.

The premise of it was very law of attraction adjacent, your imagination/thoughts creates reality, etc

But the big one was "The Feeling is the secret"

Basically, your feeling, the ENERGY, behind thoughts was what actually created reality
"You must walk around FEELING the state of your wish fulfilled"

How would you act, feel, think, what kind of happiness, SWAGGER would you walk around if all the things troubling you were gone, and all your dreams were here NOW?

Because it is the energetic signature that magnetically pulls those things to you.

And you must PERSIST in that feeling for it to work.

Remember, NOTHING is real. it is ALL dynamic, ever-changing.
Let's come full circle and close this loop.

We talked about how you're always either EXCITED, or, ANXIOUS, right?

To be in the positive state, EXCITED, and persist in it...

And avoid the negatives, anxiety, fear, how can you do it?
For me, and I think for many, the thing that is the hindrance, are two related things:

1) Time
2) Vision
Think about what typically gets you low energy. Uninspired. Off your disciplined path.

I'm guessing it is generally ALWAYS acute stress. (near future tasks, that either are problematic or seem tediously unimportant)

bills/debt, work you don't want to do, lack of clarity etc
How do you beat those things, stay HIGH energy, excited, and in the "state" of your wish fulfilled?

You need to zoom out.

Into a much bigger picture.

YOUR bigger picture. Write out everything you want to do, in first person past tense. "I am" "I have"
As if you're forecasting your future, explicitly designing You 2.0, Rockstar lifestyle type beat.

Think about all the cool shit you'd build, do, people you'd see, fun you'd have, FEEL the highs

And start and end every single day with this grandiose vision of you, 1 hr no tech
And you will no longer have the "anxiety state".


Because so often these acute stressors are really nothing crazy. Just small steps. But when you cannot FEEL where you're going, they feel like the crutch to survival.
Once you can zoom out, and FEEL you living so much bigger, they aren't. Now they are just the SMALLEST step, on a huge bridge towards everything golden. Like first starting a road trip. Because the pressure isn't on them. They hardly matter.

THIS is how you stay EXCITED.
And keep the ENERGY you want.


Yes, do the menial work. I'll tag a Tej tweet that explains that concisely. But srsly. STAY EXCITED.
And- if you like this kind of content- would STRONGLY rec you follow my brothers here- they share better of this kinda stuff than me

prob missed a few hittas.
Definitely forgot

& @SolBrah

All the people I listed share very concise, genuinely helpful mental models. And are friends of mine. Here's the tweet I said I'd tag.

Seriously though. Channel HIGHER VISION. if you found this helpful- would love if it you shared the thread, I want more STRONG ENERGY on my timeline and in my life. More winners, more blessings. Love you all, have a KILLER SUNDAY ❤

• • •

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