Okay so TL sleep? Good I just woke up from what was supposed to be a nap at 5pm yesterday and since Day Light Savings is practically ruining my sleep schedule yall bout to get a griping thread about the US and why I as a BW am tired of Yt folks (yes all of you) complaining
Let me just explain a bit of my background, when it comes to this thread so yall will understand my frustration (this will be a bit long bare with me).
So for those of you who don’t know I am an Entertainer in the music industry a formally signed artist and I am now also pivoting into the Health and Wellness lifestyle space with my latest venture Amina Health visit AminaFit.com for more info and to sign up.
I consider myself a fitness and wellness enthusiast, as well as a Food and Climate Justice activist who studied under author @michaelpollan ‘s curriculum read his bio here. Amina will be the first of many ventures I plan to launch in this space michaelpollan.com/about/
Now with this being said, because I am also a Black Woman, I am approaching the space of Health and Wellness with a lens of intersectionality and I plan to use my platform to discuss how and why everything we’re dealing with in the US is about race bottom line.
Now, to get into why I take issue with some of yalls “well meaning posts” as it pertains to the disparities we’re seeing here in the states in the health care and agricultural industries—-bare with me I plan to write a book on this.
Basically to put it like this, many of yalls takes/complaints especially those of you who consider yourselves “Liberal” or “Far left” REEK of “White Lens” especially when yall start comparing our system to those in predominantly WHITE racially homogeneous societies.
Like im not particularly impressed by those of you protesting for government funded health care in the states because many of you are still tying this issue to that of class/the economy when poor white folks STILL have better health outcomes than upper middle class Blk folks
So, what dat mean? Iighte boom. It means your hot takes R shit, and riddled with ignorance to the issue of race in this country and until yall can stop cozying up to White Supremacists yall will never understand why Norway has robots in their hospitals vs garbage bags as PPE 4 us
I mean literally how many times do these people have to tell yall who they truly are before yall see the light? Yes im particularly talking to all you thirsty assholes on the left and Dems on this train as well.
Like honestly yall have been showing yalls natural asses since Barack passed the ACA but what really concerns me is the sheer unwillingness from white “Liberals” to discuss identity/race politics when they KNOW this is the reason we’re at this point.
The United States government had no issue with funding Science Education and innovation until 1964 so what that tell you huh? Since yall got ya degrees and ya know every fuckin thing.
I really want yall (white America) to find introspection in 2021 and shut the fuck up with wanting to hear yourselves talk over the rest of us because for many of yall the 100+ year fire is JUST arriving to your doorsteps.
Shit was great and dandy when yall and yalls parents could ignore the atrocities laid at the heels of our feet for the last century. Many of yall and yalls families are perfectly fine with voting to destroy the future of this country if said future is not predominantly white.
So don’t sit up here and talk shit to me at all, 70+ MILLION folks voted for fascism, they voted for nazi-ism they voted to destroy democracy simply because a Black man dared to run and won twice. The United States is broken and White Americans broke it.
Yes the culture of White Supremacy that pays millions to get a domestic Terrorist out of jail is why yall don’t have American advances in science and truly ADEQUATE affordable health care. Somebody let the loud ass left of the Democratic party know this.
So to conclude this thread, I just want to say I am proud of Black Americans for showing up to attempt to cure this country of the self inflicted cancer it is riddled with but I am tired of my people being sabotaged in this fight. Im over the abuse.
Y’all won’t have nice things like science and affordable health care until yall (white america) can deal with racism in this country flat out.
Until yall can be honest about why yalls family members decided to protest mask wearing (those protests didn’t start until media outlets started discussing the negative impact Covid-19 was having on Black Americans FYI), yall will continue to stay sick and be sick.
Covid-19 is going to change this country for generations to come. Whole towns will die out, its damn near another dust bowl and we are subjected to one of those again as well. White America loves racism more than their country and their own prosperity, they prove it every 2 yrs
So my question now 4 those of you upset at this thread...what you plan to do today to combat White Supremacy? U gone sit on Twitter & cry about health care being tied to employment? Or R u gone realize that, that policy came ONLY after Blk folks gained access to social security?
My venture into the space of health and wellness comes from a need to heal generational trauma passed down from the atrocious American field of science that has and continues to experiment on Black bodies. Im stepping up, because I have to, I hope yall join me!
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21 Nov
#TLTalk JERKKKK NIGHT also Ladies this is for you all my Hustle Bunnies out there!!!! Men yall need to shut the fuck up talking about what “women” doing ESPECIALLY IF YO MANS HAD TO PUT YOU ON YOU NOT A BOSS AND NOBODY CAN GOLD DIG WITH BRASS MY G!!
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20 Nov
I think this shit annoys me because as a Black Woman ive never been offered an iota of help until I was physically fuckin abused. Even now I’m building brick by brick and im not able to do everything I need to do because of budgets. Nobody has sympathy for my plight.
In fact—-not only do mfkas NOT have sympathy they go out their way to shit on me when shits going good for them. I aint asking for friends so why do mfkas assume they have that type of credit with me? Why do u assume u have that access to me? Why can’t men read rooms?
Like dead ass you know im outchea with little to nothing and because I know mfkas don’t help Black Women with shit I will NEVER ask for help, i’d rather live on the fuckin street before I break down and ask anybody for shit and I mean that im not changing.
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20 Nov
Im getting increasingly annoyed with men calling themselves “checking in with me” without offering to pay a bill mfka im good Lmaooooooooo stop calling my phone tryna “talk” about shit unless u tryna really help im not a therapist leave me the fuck alone
Men always wanna take up fuckin space for free beat it go do some work like im doing stop thinking I owe yo ass some time. I don’t need your “hour long” check ups I don’t have time to sit on the phone witcho ass bye!
Like why do men do this? Then if I start cussing mfkas out im in the wrong, mfkas know im tryna start a business AND im going back to work tryna get a job. I don’t have time for kneegrows please go the fuck away.
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20 Nov
Today is testing me Lmaooooooooo
This is exactly why im leaving chyle I cannot WAIT
To be able to dictate my day without interference or chaos from mfkas around me >>>>>>>>>>>>
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26 Aug
Just incase yall are wondering who does most of the street gang agitation in Chicago and why our gun violence murder rates are so high. Here is your answer.
Rittenhouse is just a member of a long list of white supremacist gang members in and around the city who come into ethnic neighborhoods to terrorize us and cause chaos. A friend of the family who is retired CPD talked about this issue with me 4 years ago.
There are sleeper cells of rogue white Supremacist militia all throughout the Midwest. My play uncle broke down a case that CPD was working on where they uncovered an arsenal of about 1500 stock piled assault rifles in Mich that had been linked to street murders here in Chicago.
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13 Aug
Yall mad at Kamala bout Truancy because y’all sincerely think Black people don’t care about education. Kamala has no children of her own and sounded just like my mama when I threatened to drop outta college yall have no clue how dedicated Black parents are.
And its so funny to see her demonized for this when I vividly remember WHY No Child Left Behind was introduced and I remember the controversy around truancy so many Black kids were dying being in the streets and not in school in Chicago in the early 2000’s
But again this is another reason why we need culturally competent folks in the media to explain this because White folks dont get it. Their kids drop out of school and they end up with swanky ass office jobs after starting companies with trust fund capital.
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