In Bharat there is a famous town known as Kolhapur which is renowned for it's sacred Mahalaxmi temple. This whole area is known as
Sidhha kshetra.

Once a Prince from a nearby state came visiting here.
The handsome Prince Sidhha Samadhi had a holy dip in Manikanth tirth after which he performed Tarpan to his ancestors. After that he sat and started praying to Mahalaxmi. He sang her praises saying that she is a combination of Ichhashakti, Gyanshakti and Kriyashakti.
She takes various forms in order to protect her bhakts appears as Brahmi, Vaishnavi, Aindri, Chandika etc. She is the one that fulfills all the wishes of bhakts.

Mahalaxmi was satisfied by his prayers and she appeared before him. She inquired as to what did he wish.
He told the Devi that his father King Brahadrath had organized a Yagya, but he became sick and met with an untimely death in the middle of the Yagya. The horse which was sent around as a part of this Yagya was now missing. They had searched for the horses but
they could not be traced. He wanted to fulfill his father's obligation but could not do so. So he wanted the Devi to help him trace the horses so that he could fulfil his obligations as his only son.The Devi directed him to go to a tapasvi staying near the entrance of the temple.
So the Prince goes to the tapasvi who instantly knows everything about the Prince's problem through Devi. He assures the Prince and immediately summons the devtas there. The devta's immediately arrive before him shivering with fright. He orders them to immediately free the
Prince's horse which was robbed by Indra.

The devta's leave and soon are back with the horse in toe. Prince Sidhha Samadhi cannot believe this happening in front of his eyes. He gathers courage and asks the Brahmin in amazement as to actually what hold does he have on all devtas
that they immediately come & fulfill all the tasks.The Brahmin informs him that this is the Shakti of the 12th chapter of Gita. It has the power to even summon devtas. The Prince then requests the Brahmin to bring his father back to life as his body was preserved in herbal oils.
The Brahmin is taken near the corpse. He takes some water and after sanctifying it, he places it in on the dead mans head. The King becomes alive immediately.

From that day onwards the father son duo are reading the 12th chapter of Gita regularly.

• • •

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24 Nov

This chapter helps us to get rid from the worldly ties. There was a King named Vikram Vaital in a place called Singhaldweep. He was a very brave and courageous King. Once when he went on hunting expedition, Image
he was accompanied by his two sons and he also took two bitches with him. Deep in the forest he saw a rabbit running. He left one of the bitches to chase the rabbit. The rabbit ran for his life as if he was flying very fast. Tired, he did not notice a big hole and fell in it.
Although he fell, then also the bitch could not catch him,After running for quite a long time, he realized that he was in a very serene sorrounding. The animals all co existed. This was the Ashram of Rishi Vatsa who constantly would read the fourteenth chapter of Gita.
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23 Nov

On the banks of river Tungabhadra river in south, there is a town of Hariharpur. There lived a Shrotriya Brahmin named Hari Dikshit,a tapasvi well versed in Vedas. His wife was referred as Durachara since she always Image
taunted her husband. She did not even cohabit with her husband. She ill behaved with everyone.

Since she was a loose charactered woman, she had physical relations with men of disrepute. She had selected a secluded spot for these immoral activities.
She would find her companion and take him there.
Once she did not find anyone to fulfill her sexual appetite. She searched everywhere in vain. Her sex deprived body became restless. She went around the city and ultimately reached a forest and started crying loudly.
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21 Nov

On the banks of Praneeta river there was a beautiful city called Meghankar. In this city there was a sacred temple dedicated to Vishnu in Vamaan avtaar. The mere darshan of this murti was capable to rid anyone from life & death cycle.
In this city there was an important tirth known as Mekhla, a dip in its pond or a darshan of this tirth were magical. Meaning that all the accumulated sins from previous births too were destroyed. In such a spiritual & sacred town,all its inhabitants too were pious and religious.
Distinct amongst them was a Brahmin named Sunand. He had total control over his senses, he was always in a state of Samadhi. In other words he was a Mahayogi.

Once he went on pilgrimage in the area of Godavari.
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20 Nov

The tenth chapter of Gita is like a ladder that takes you directly to Parmatma.

In Kashipuri there lived a devout and saintly Brahmin named Dheerbudhi who was revered for his Knowledge on Vedas and other Shastras.
His mind was focused only on Bhagwaan Vishnu, rest everything for him useless. He felt that Parmatma was always with him. But unknown to him Vishnu ji was always with him, catching his hand and giving support.

Once, one of the Vishnu sevaks, Bhrangrithi questioned him as to
why he always followed the Brahmin. So Vishnu ji narrated an interesting incident to him.

Once Vishnu ji was sitting in Punnag forest in Kailash, that he heard a loud distinct noise coming near him. Suddenly a dark bird with dark complexion like a crow,
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19 Nov

In the city of Mahishmati on the banks of Narmada, there lived a Brahmin called Madhav. He was a reputed scholar of Vedas and believed in performing Yagya's. He earned lots of money through his scholarly pursuits.
One day he decided to perform Yagya along with offering of Bali or sacrifice. A goat was specially bought for this purpose. When the puja of goat's body began, the goat suddenly started speaking like a human. The goat said that performing only Yagya is useless,
the result of which whither away soon and this is the result of birth death and diseases. After doing so much in previous life today he had become a sacrificial goat. Everyone there were surprised and eager to know more.
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18 Nov
Rig Ved 1.34.7

To fully complete a task usually it is repeated three times. This is known as Trivaacha. Then it is deemed to be complete since there is no place left for doubt. Doubt creates confusion and uncertainty which gives rise to ignorance.

To abolish confusion it is better to abolish Doubts. Once our doubts are destroyed our past present and future does not get interrupted. That is the Truth. When this Truth illuminates Atma, this joining together makes Jeev grateful.

Usually we take pride in our past and fear the future. But when the Jeev attains purity,knowledge & liberty then we become fearless &humble.

त्रिर्नो॑ अश्विना यज॒ता दि॒वेदि॑वे॒ परि॑ त्रि॒धातु॑ पृथि॒वीम॑शा यतं।
ति॒स्रो ना॑सत्या रथ्या परा॒वत॑ आ॒त्मेव॒ वातः॒ स्वस॑राणि गच्छतं॥

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