Today is the 57th Anniversary of the death of JFK. A condensed history:

WW2 saw the USA turn a peacetime economy to a successful war machine and then found it hard to revert.

Pres. Eisenhower in 1961 coined the term "military industrial complex'
Eisenhower said "only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals".

The citizenry failed.
Next, for a tumultuous 1000 days, JFK presided over boiling civil rights strife & a Cuban missile crisis, we barely avoided nuclear catastrophe.

There were convulsions as European empires unwound after WW2 e.g. Vietnam, the Congo. JFK deserves enormous credit for his part
Underlying all was the gargantuan global power struggle of the cold War.

JFK, scarred by the missile crisis was a "dove". American Uni speech:

"We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal"
Deep State (e.g. powerful members of govt. agencies acting according to unofficial agendas) were hawks: fight or the world turns commie. Murderous tactics were already in widespread around the globe. Then at home JFK was taken out in a murder that was deliberately theatrical
JFK's murder showed hawks were in control and the doves would be dealt with. The cover-up accelerated a Deep State need to control govt and media.

Ever since we have lived in a world dominated by the USA and its deep state actors who use the media to justify perpetual war
The post war era has kept the military-industrial congressional-complex fat and powerful and in favour of globalist tendencies that are good for big business and make it easy to coordinate global messages of fear.

Fear of Russia, terrorism, environment and now a virus.
To arms now add pharma and vaccines. All fear is good fear and can be used to power an authoritarian-technocratic-hawk-money-making agenda.

From LBJ to Obama, official agendas have been subordinate to the agenda of a powerful deep state.
Enter stage left the orange gorilla - the one the media has trained you to believe is ridiculous/foolish/mad/sexist/racist/criminal/Russia-colluding.

Trump, a flawed individual (and who isn't) is unique in having the strength & determination to fight a shadowy deep state.
People of America have been trained to vote Trump out. The vote has been adjusted as necessary. Biden is a puppet.

Eisenhower saw the problem and retired. JFK took a stand and was fatally defeated. The rest did nothing.

Trump is still in the fight - who's side are you on?

• • •

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6 Nov
We are all trained to hate the "orange gorilla" but is US #VoterFraud a "Color revolution"?

In the 60's control was sought by "assassination" (Lumumba / Congo / Arbenz / Guatemala / Castro / Cuba / JFK / RFK / MLK / USA)
More recently, fomented "color revolutions" have been the tool of choice to control and exert power (Serbia / Venezuela / Georgia / Ukraine / Kyrgyzstan / Belarus).
Wikipedia says color revolutions need (I added the "NOT"s):

* An unpopular incumbent
* A united and organized opposition
* An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were [NOT] falsified
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11 Oct
Politicians parrot "better safe than sorry" while infantile slogans are promoted 24/7 on every channel. They drop democratic principles as a nursery teacher would, when taking toddlers across a busy road

Nothing is investigated or questioned. Lurid headlines drive policy
Elites have mandated the correct way to think. Many have profited and are happy with permanent crisis

Testing mania gets worse, while a little study will reveal that the test results are meaningless

A generation used to cheap luxuries is innumerate and ignorant of history
Children are harmed - growing up behind masks, taught to fear and see others as potentially lethal

Culture is destroyed as museums, cinemas and theatres close permanently. Social media is increasingly a platform of censorship and "data gathering"
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5 Sep
Important story breaks:

The test for Covid may seriously overstate the problem.

This is not new but hit the NYT last week and now the BBC "Coronavirus: Tests 'could be picking up dead virus'"

Lockdowns, temporary hospitals, mask mandates etc have been based on wrong info
NHS Dr Malcolm Hendrick, after clearly explaining the numbers driving our world mad, summarises:

"What we have is a combination of nonsense figures which, added together, create nonsense squared. Or nonsense to the power ten."
Dr Hendrick explains how it will be hard for us to learn the right lessons from the covid fiasco:

"I know it is going to be virtually impossible to walk the world back from having made such a ridiculous, stupid, mistake. There are so many reputations at stake."
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3 Sep
Non-covid deaths at home have powered a surge in excess deaths

During lockdown millions went untreated for killer diseases

Of more than 6,700 extra UK deaths at homes in the past 2 mths only 203 were "with" covid

Excess home deaths were double covid deaths in all settings
Chief exec of the Patients Assoc:

"These rather shocking .. statistics [from the ONS] show that the steps taken during the emergency period .. are clearly not, as some have argued .. any sensible basis for a ‘new normal’"
The number of people attending A&E fell by 50% per cent at times while urgent referrals for suspected cancer dropped by 70%

The Govt's 'stay home' message has been "devastating" on patients in medical crisis
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29 Aug
The UK's policy response to Covid resembles a mass hallucination

Fear drove Govt's to assume worst cases and make extreme decisions with grave long-term consequences

For 80% of the elderly said to die "with" covid, dementia or heart / lung disease are decisive causes
Normally we ignore the no. of deaths that happen each day but giving so many the "Covid" label with computer models and sensationalist media sowed the seeds of panic

In the UK all-cause deaths in the under 45s this year have remained below the 5yr average.
Recently we learned that no UK under 19's died of Covid except where the person was already seriously ill

The problem is not the virus, but our reaction

Attention to e.g. Wuhan/Italy should have informed policy much sooner - but policy levers were already locked on "panic"
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22 Jul
In four short months, the world has changed

The new normal is panic, hysteria, isolation, censorship, economic collapse, masking and totalitarian laws

The public has been persuaded that covid is apocalyptic and will doom anyone who gets it

Covid began at the start of OCT 2019. (covid-*19*)

By December. covid had probably spread from China to many countries - unnoticed as its symptoms are like flu

The US CDC reported from FEB thru MAY that pneumonia deaths outpaced COVID-19 - but somehow panic took hold
Asia has tiny covid numbers (Japan 126 million people, 988 covid deaths). Why?

Did covid pass through Asia during DEC 2019 and JAN 2020 before the panic?

Did covid fly under the radar confused with other respiratory infections?
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