Okay friends, it's been too long since I did a long thread; we're going extra hard with this one.
I think there's a strange connection I haven't seen anyone discuss between Alex Jones' worldview, old-school conspiracy forums, and obscure neo-gnostic documents.
Pls be aware this will be pretty long and complicated, and contain what cowards will call a "serious leap in logic". Pls bear with me, I legit think this is intriguing
Now, I'm sure you've all seen Alex Jones' appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience. Besides being heavily memed, he made several predictions that have already been proven true (human-animal hybrids, organ harvesting, etc)
But more interesting to me is his "macro" worldview. As many of the mental aristocrats reading this already know, the world is ruled by interdimensional pedophile psychic vampires.
But there's more to it than that. The specifics of his verbiage are really key here, where he talks about the "interdimensional" aspect, specifically.
His clearest explanation of this is at 3:09:09 to 3:11:56 on JRE #1255. Key point - the universe is a testing ground created by God to self-experience and test itself, hierarchically arranged from low (evil) to high (good).
Again, the specifics of this are key. He continuously refers to the stratification of lower and higher dimensions, saying how lower-dimensional forces and "the fallen one" are attacking us from below, trying to prevent us from ascending upwards, ostensibly closer to God.
He also makes vague statements regarding reincarnation, implying souls are cycled through this process, learning through experience in the material world in order to advance in "levels". Pay attention to that, in all his appearances he refers to gaining levels like a video game.
His opinions on Aztec DMT and transhumanistic cult behavior are also important, but we'll come back to that.
Now, as over-the-top and goofy as Jones can be, absolutely everything he says comes from somewhere, often quite high-level sources. Why that may be, his weird business and (credible) intelligence connections, etc is for another thread, but I take this with absolute seriousness.
In addition, his worldview doesn't seem like a mish-mash of ideas, it's highly detailed and precise. While sharing many commonalities with disparate conspiracy theories and new-ageisms, it reminds me very, very specifically with something I read a long time ago.
If you're even tertiarily into "serious" conspiracy theory, I'm sure you've been to forums like AboveTopSecret or GodlikeProductions. Before /x/ or now twitter, these were the king.
I'm also sure you've seen threads where people LARP and pretend to be in the illuminati, an alien, etc. Proto-Qan0n, some actually manage to be interesting. "The Anglo Saxon Mission" makes me raise my eyebrows, as does one I can no longer find by a supposed Monarch operative.
But there's one that's stuck with me for years and years. Technically it was a series of posts, made on both GLP and ATS between 2005 and 2011. Yes, I realize how silly this sounds, but they're supposedly communications from a "bloodline family member", discussing their worldview
They're clearly each written by different people. The 2011 one in particular seems bad to me, not as well written. But the 2008 one in particular is fascinating. Link to read here
It's a pretty simple thread, guy comes in claiming to be a member of a Fritz Springmeier style bloodline family. According to him he has a directive to make sure the elite's beliefs are publicly accessible to those willing to look for it.
Predictably, he makes some rather grandiose predictions towards the future, trying to prove his cred. Not all of them are correct, but some are remarkably prescient. The 2008 downturn had just begun, and he calls it going far, far lower.
He also says humanity will have a "new currency" by January 2009. Obviously that doesn't seem completely true, but when was bitcoin released publicly? January 2009. Did he call this months in advance, down to the month it was released?
Unlike so many other LARPy threads like this the writer is remarkably erudite, and actually lays out a unique, internally consistent worldview that attempts to explain why the elites do what they do.
He lays out an in depth cosmology that basically looks like this. In the beginning there was God, all encompassing. But God couldn't experience novelty so it created Logos/Consciousness. This created a hierarchical system of 8 dimensions.
Logos illuminates the multidimensional reality it created, resulting in disparity and mutually exclusive concepts. Souls (fragments of God) enter at the lower levels, then progress upwards as they gain experience and understand themselves.
This is redolent of a lot of real cosmologies, like Kabbalah's worlds of creation or the gnostic cosmogony. It's also basically identical to what Alex Jones seems to believe (or believe the elites believe).
That's not all though! According to the poster he (and other elites) are fragments of what he calls a "soul group" that had previously ascended past our 3D reality in a past cycle. This soul group's name? Lucifer!
He says that the Lucifer soul has, in rebellion to the soul group Yahweh, returned to the lower dimensions, in order to shepherd humanity up and out of our 3rd dimension. Remind you of Jones' "fallen one"?
Lucifer (and it's fragments) do this by providing a cosmic counterbalance to humanity's good, manifesting as much evil as possible in reality in order that we may learn from it and move up and away in the coming "harvest".
He also references Quetzelcoatl as another soul group that moved past our reality a long time ago. Remind you of Jones talking about the Aztecs and their DMT rituals? According to this Quetzelcoatl had a hard time learning compassion, implying he needed mass bloodshed to progress
The poster refers to this process of self-experience and progression in a way that strongly reminds me of Crowley's conception of Love by the way, and I think he's aware of the connotation.
Perhaps most intriguingly of all he says this information has been given out before. When? In 1999. To who? An "alternative media" figure. In 1999 Alex Jones was just getting started on the radio...
Now, this cosmology doesn't come from nowhere. The poster even directs readers to a specific source, The Ra Material. It's a weird, incredibly voluminous dialogue that was "channeled" in the 1980s.
I'm still working my way through it, and it's extremely dense and bizarre. It has it's own non-standard tarot cards, hundreds of pages of analysis, it's wild. It lays out the same cosmology, souls being cycled, leveling up through dimensions and reincarnation.
So I don't know, is this too much of a reach? Why does Alex Jones' extirpation of elite beliefs seem to match so closely with a weird LARP and this new age schizo document? Tell me what u think
Also PS the Ra Material references the "green ray" in regards to Adolf Hitler, the only place I've ever seen that before was in Miguel Serrano. The forum poster also says that Lucifer is from Venus, just like Serrano :o

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