Sidney Powell is claiming their new lawsuit alleging voter fraud will be "Biblical."

You know what's Biblical?

Welcoming & protecting the stranger
Systems of economic justice that protect the poor
Not sacrificing children to Moloch/gun violence/COVID
Laws protecting workers
3) Do not allow any of your offspring to be offered up to Molech, and do not profane the name of your God: I am God. (Leviticus 18:21 & elsewhere)

We are commanded to protect our babies--and not doing so desecrates God's name (per Ibn Ezra, others).
4) This thread has some receipts. Also? Shabbat? Labor law. Eg Exodus 20:8-11:

6 days you shall labor..but the 7th day is a sabbath.. you shall not do any work—you, your children, your workers, your cattle, or the stranger within your settlements.

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19 Nov
This here is a thread of me livetweeting the incredible @Yavilah and @BulldogShadow in the @NCJW webiner on staying in the work for racial justice.
.@BulldogShadow talks about how he got into this work: Moved from LA to Eugene OR, and "experienced the economic racism as I was looking for a job." At the same time, saw the neonazi skinheads in the punk scene--was a choice to give up or fight for his community.
Economic COST of racism.
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18 Nov
Ah, yes, the (white) American way: thinking of myself as an individual with rights, entitled to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it—not as a person embedded in community who has obligations to others and might ever make choices that center care for others. 1/x
I added the parentheses because this assumption of entitlement has not ever been extended to POC, who are not entitled, evidently, to buy Skittles while wearing a hoodie or play with a toy gun or fail to signal before a lane change or speak Spanish in public or wear a turban or
But the assumption that it’s an oppressive ask to not have people spread a deadly and debilitating illness (and yes, home gatherings do) is all of the most toxic strains of American individualism come to roost.…
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17 Nov
Since people seem to be a little fuzzy sometimes about what Jews have been doing since, you know, the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, a little basic (textual) history:

1/x Thread.
I'm not going to cover everything, Yidden, I'm trying to cover the last 2000 years in a handful of tweets, YES I am painting with a broad brush, YES I'm skipping stuff, YES this is awfully reductionist, so sue me, a little public education, OK?
First, a little history-history. So the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 CE. Then there was the Bar Kochba Revolt, 132-136 CE, wherein we tried to rise up against the Romans and it didn't go very well--and the aftermath was a disaster for us.
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15 Nov
No more panels on women in politics with only male speakers.

No more panels on racism in America featuring only white people.

No more panels on any damn thing featuring only white cis men.

If you can’t spare the time to find the right panelists, just don’t do the panel.
Your time budget might need to be bigger if it takes time to find the right people.

Your $ budget might be bigger because you should pay marginalized people for their labor.

Ok! That’s what it takes over here in 2020 to do a good program, anthology, etc.

Factor it in.
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15 Nov
That it’s selfish to go out, especially given the role of asymptotic carriers in spreading this deadly disease.

That ICUs are already at capacity in many places.

That this culture’s focus on individual entitlement rather than communal care is toxic & will be, is, our undoing.
*asymptomatic, thanks autocorrect

Yes, smaller gatherings are causing the current explosive wave.

Yes, trying to gather at thanksgiving will cause deaths by Christmas.…
Gonna leave this @sbearbergman joint here, sharing some of the hard-won wisdom that we, the Jews, have figured out since our major fall holidays have already happened:…
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10 Nov
This is a memo to white folks who have gotten activated to fight for social justice over the last four years, as part of resisting the agenda of the current administration:

The work isn't over. We're glad you're here, and we need you to keep showing up.

1/x Thread.
Imagine a world in which every shooting by police of an unarmed Black person was met with the energy and urgency of the 2017 Women's March or the airport protests after the Muslim Ban was announced.
Imagine people mobilizing every time a state wanted to pass draconian abortion restrictions the way they did when the Affordable Care Act was up for a repeal in 2018.
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