But Congress is already full of K*le R*ttenhouses. Like.
He was doing his job as a white man...terrorizing, killing, destroying. He’s rewarded and protected for fulfilling his duties.
It’s trippy folks still refusing to accept that whiteness is violence and dominance. That is the reason for being. They cannot exist without these things.
Like what *is* there to whiteness after power & subjugation inherent to it is stripped away? There’s nothing. Just. Nothing.
And this is a major reason why folks be getting belligerent when you call them white. They know that whiteness is nothing beyond destruction and the reproduction of it. They know it. They know it.

• • •

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22 Nov
I feel this ven diagram overlaps with “But Goya is an important part of Luhteeno culture.”
And actual Latin Americans in Latin America are like:
The more I observe, the more I am seeing that generational U.S. born Luhteenos is its own ethnicity and actually has nothing to do with the actual Latin American region and what folks do in the actual Latin America. It is extremely bizarre to watch the performance. Very awkward.
Every time y’all say “this thing is part of ‘Latinx culture” (always singular at that 🙄) I’m like literally....how?
Read 21 tweets
2 Nov
This week is Fiestas Patrias in Panama. A time where we celebrate being handed off from one white domineering power (Colombia) to another (U.S.) The Republic of Panama was created by Wall Street interests. “In 1903, the administration of Theodore Roosevelt created the country
after bullying Colombia into handing over what was then the province of Panama. Roosevelt acted at the behest of various banking groups, among them JP Morgan & Co, which was appointed as the country’s ‘fiscal agent’ in charge of managing $10m in aid the US rushed down to” Panama.
The 1904 constitution, in Article 136, gave the U.S. the right to "intervene in any part of Panama, to reestablish public peace and constitutional order." Reflecting provisions of the Hay–Bunau-Varilla Treaty, this confirmed Panama's status as a de facto protectorate of the U.S.”
Read 35 tweets
1 Nov
Every time I look up a rich white Latin American: "Family from Asturias, Spain." The circular movements from Galicia, Asturias, and Canary Islands. The Venezuelans with Italian passports as @Prof_JWallace shared were the bulk of those hired at an "elite" school in Panama.
Theyare entitled to citizenship that they always obtain. A European passport allows all these white Latin Americans access in travel, migration, employment, you name it, it is theirs. The spanish embassy in Havana is always CROWDED w/ the white Cubans getting their meal ticket
A good amount of those white Cubans who own cars shared about their spanish parents or their italian grandfather. And that is how they can easily move about. All immigrant stories are not the same. At all.
Read 29 tweets
1 Nov
And most of the “witches” killed in the Americas were Black and indigenous.
We had the Salem with trials unit in middle school and I remember being obsessed with Tituba and the yt teacher just glossed over it like it wasn’t nuffin. I’m like so this Black woman was the first to be murdered eh? I had already started my inquiries early.
The Spanish empire did its Inquisitions in the Americas and guess who were the ones constantly labeled as “heretics” and “witches” and inciting revolution among Africans & African descendants? Quickly now. Cartagena was one of these notable sites.
Read 4 tweets
31 Oct
Interesting seeing certain immigrants tout this “American Dream” narrative. It’s weird to me. My parents immigrated & from the U.S. invasion in Panama to the U.S. oligarchy, since I was born it’s always been the American nightmare. When I moved to Panama my mom was like “good.”
When I fell for the Coast Guard recruitment tactics in high school and brought it to my parents they said you are “guarding” *what* coast bitch. They were like idc if you in debt your entire life, you not joining nobody’s U.S. military. Are you insane?
Like almost every school project I did was on the U.S. invasion of Panama.
Read 4 tweets
31 Oct
Witchcraft is in the everyday. It’s not some grand “discovery” or “coming into.” The recurring thread that irks me with yalls framing of African descendancy & our cultural manifestations is the anti-normativity. All of this shit is just regular to us. It’s y’all that are new.
Like how my U.S. friends & teachers would say my parents had accents and I was so confused bc I’m like huh? That’s just how they talk lmaooooo until I got old enough to understand what that meant. As a child I was like WHAT ACCENT!? A fish does not know it is wet.
Like that time I went to Belize as a teen, and before the trip the organizers said “they speak Creole so you may not be able to understand them” and I’m like huh? I didn’t know there were names/labels/titles for our ways of being. I thought it was the organizers that were weird.
Read 6 tweets

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