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22 Nov, 10 tweets, 2 min read
”Thread: How France continues to plunder Africa”

There are 14 african countries which are paying colonial debt to France. They have to put 85% of their foreign reserve into ‘Banque de France’. France has been holding the national reserves of 14 african countries since 1961:
Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

François Mitterand prophesied in 1957 that:
“Without Africa, France will have no history in 21st century”
Even more ignominious is the fact that France has assassinated 22 African Presidents since 1963. During the last 50 years, 67 coups happened in 26 countries of Africa. 16 of those countries are french ex-colonies, which means 61% of the coups happened in Francophone Africa.
According to German publication Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the former colonies of France must put $418 billion (400 Billion Euros) into the French treasury on annual basis. The French economy is surviving on Africa's economic subjugation.

There were 147.5 million people in those 14 countries of Africa which are paying colonial debt to France as of 2013. This further explains that each person in the former colonies of France is paying an annual colonial tax of $2824 — almost $3000 — to the French govt.

Former French President Jacques Chirac said in March 2008:
“Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”

Moreover, France has the prerogative to buy all the natural resources found in the land of its ex-colonies in Africa.

Even while issuing government contracts, French companies have to be considered first.

In Côte d’Ivoire, french companies are controlling major utilities – water, electricity, telephone, transport, ports and major banks. Similarly in commerce, construction, and agriculture.
The “Defence Agreements” along with the Colonial Pact signed by the African countries allows France to deploy troops and intervene military whenever they deem necessary. There are permanent French bases in former colonies of Africa.
France has a legacy of plunder and bloodshed.

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21 Nov
President Yahya called the assembly session on March 3, 1971 in Dhaka as per the demand of Mujib but he postponed it on the refusal of Bhutto at the eleventh hour. Bhutto's reason was genuine because he wanted to ensure that Mujib will not incorporate his ‘six points’ in...
..the constitution as per the deal before elections. Between March 2 and March 26 1971 (day on which military action was initiated) in East Pakistan, there was killing, burning, looting, ambushing, brickbatting and molestation of non Bengalis by militants of Awami League.

Some sources put the figure of Biharis and West Pakistanis killed by militants of Awami League as 100,000 including 15,000 at Santahar, 10,000 at Chittagong and 2,000 at Mymensing. Their shopes were gutted, houses looted, their women taken away, raped and bodies mutilated.
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20 Nov
Allama Iqbal paid a tribute to #TipuSultan who was the bravest son of the soil and the Tiger of Mysore in his brilliant composition
‘Sultan Tipu Ki Wasiyat’ (The Testament Of Tipu Sultan) in Zarb e Kaleem. It happens to be one of my favorite. It's five couplets are as follows:
تو رہ نوردِ شوق ہے منزل نہ کر قبول
لیلیٰ بھی ہم نشیں ہو تو محمل نہ کر قبول

If you traverse the road of love, Donʹt yearn to seek repose or rest:
If Layla be your companion close that litter shun with great contempt
اے جوئے آب بڑھ کے ہو دریائے تندو تیز
ساحل تجھے عطا ہو تو ساحل نہ کر قبول

O streamlet, onward flow and get transformed to torrent strong and deep:
If bank is eʹer on you bestowed, Abstain, flow on with mighty sweep
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19 Nov
If there's any well wisher of a prosperous Afghanistan, it is PM Imran Khan who has been a staunch advocate of peace and non violence since the US invasion; a war which has killed more than 312,000 civilians — more than 100 times the number of civilian deaths in 9/11.

#IKinKabul Image
These were the words of DG ISI to Pentagon officials before the US invasion of Afghanistan on Sept 24, 2001:

“You need the help of the Afghan people. I beg you—I implore you—not to fire a shot in anger. It will set us all back many years. Don’t let the blood rush to your head”
During his visit to the US in Sept 2006, President Musharraf proposed a grand jirga to seek a political solution by bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table through a non partisan third party because military effort will fail. It was rejected but his stance was prescient.
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18 Nov
The disinformation when it comes to Pakistan's war against terror is baffling. Within 2 years of Op Zarb e Azab, 992 sanctuaries were wiped out in North Waziristan District. 3500 terrorists were killed and 19000 IBOs were carried out. 567 welfare projects were undertaken by..
..the military along with the provision of intimate support during rehabilitation of 61% of IDPs within two years. 4000 sq kms of area was cleared. 243 tons of explosives enough to make one IED per day for the next 17 years was seized. 7500 bomb factories were shut down.

If we include the results of all military operations from 2008 onwards, Pakistan convincingly defeated TTP and it's factions after clearing 46,000 sqkm area of terrorists, killing more than 18,000 terrorists and seizing more than 400 tons of explosive material.
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13 Nov
There are rumours that Ayman Al Zawahiri has died a natural death. Al Qaeda doesn't seem to be a threat anymore. And the country which dismantled AQ by apprehending 350 operatives and leaders never got the credit b/c of Op Neptune Spear which overshadowed everything.

The contributions of Pakistan in dismantling AQ are more than anyone.

Abu Zubaida, Khalid Sheikh,
Ramzi Binalshibh, Yassir al-Jaziri,
Khalid bin Attash, Yuldashev, Ahmed Ghailani, Khalfan Ghailan, Abu Faraj, Nasar, Abu Laith al Libi are few of the names apprehended by ISI.
Its important to understand that thousands of Al Qaeda fighters were flushed into the tribal areas of Pakistan b/c of the failed US military ops in Tora Bora and Shahi Kot (Op Anaconda) in 2001 and 2002. The US military did not use land forces to cordon off the escape routes.
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12 Nov
1. Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shah Jehan in Agra Fort to save the Kingdom. Shah Jehan wanted to divide the kingdom in five ways with pieces going to his three sons plus Aurangzeb’s eldest son, Muhammad Sultan (d. 1676).

2. Aurangzeb killed his brother Dara Shukoh about whom one contemporary Persian account said in 1652. Dara was “a wolf, thirsty for the blood of his brothers.”
Aurangzeb defeated Dara in the Battle of Samugarh. Dara had an army of 50,000 strong men and yet he lost...

..because Dara Shukoh was ill-prepared to rule the Mughal kingdom. He could not counter Aurangzeb’s alliances, tactical skills and political acumen. As a result, he lost the battle.

Mughal kingship was won under the mantra:
Ya takht ya tabut (Either the throne or the grave)
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