@billscher @kkondik Ohio, until recently, was as representative of the country as you could be. It is why so many companies did market testing/focus groups in Columbus to sell products. But a few things have changed: 1) The country grew larger Latino/a & Asian populations. We largely have not 2) The
@billscher @kkondik country has grown more college educated, we also lag there, especially among white voters; 3) Trump's persona, and the kind of WWC male grievance machine that is RW media is about as perfect for post-industrial Ohio, especially Youngstown, as it gets. Remember, its pioneer, Roger
@billscher @kkondik Ailes grew up in Warren, Ohio. He was that grievance-filled white male and Fox was created to be their voice. As they aged, it only got worse, and Fox radicalized many of these folks like you have seen throughout the country. Trump then played to the reality-show, immigrant
@billscher @kkondik bashing, anti-trade type grievance that has its locus right in this region of the country. Trump is perfectly made for these areas, in a way that very few other Republicans who can't play the role like he does will not be (Tom Cotton ain't gonna get them fired up, trust me). Also
@billscher @kkondik the 3Cs are all growing, but not like the Atlanta or Houston burbs. Growing with younger, well-educated folks who come to work at P&G, Kroger, The Limited, The Cleveland Clinic, etc. What does that mean? It means that unless platforms change, we may not be Georgia but we're not
@billscher @kkondik Alabama or North Dakota either. The parts of the state that are shrinking/disappearing, are GOP. They will not hold the sway in 5-10 yrs that they do today. And the cities/burbs will keep growing. So we will be purple, maybe lean-blue, again...meantime, those Republicans you
@billscher @kkondik named? They either retired, sick of where their party had gone (Voinovich), finally decided it wsa time to stand up after giving in too much (Kasich), have split the difference (DeWine), or have become pathetic, spineless sellouts (Portman) to where the radicalized base is rn.
@billscher @kkondik Traditional Midwestern convervatism is much more about reticence, caution, even to the point of isolationism (a la Taft), small businesses and farmers. The social issue stuff that won the South took a lot longer to take hold here, but a non-stop propaganda machine can do a lot of
@billscher @kkondik damage. Overall, I think these kinds of appeals will lose a lot of their appeal as the cities/burbs grow and exurbs/rural areas die. You see it already happening in the bigger counties, and even ones that border them (See Delaware County, for example). But...much like elsewhere,
@billscher @kkondik & what we've seen Ds/progressives finally acknowledging, we need to find ways to get folks the truth, news that isn't Sinclair, Fox, local Rush clones (as Obama just discussed in his interview w @JeffreyGoldberg), instead of allowing propaganda to flourish. It'll make
@billscher @kkondik @JeffreyGoldberg a difference... I may have more, but this is off the top of my head..

• • •

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