Nov 22, 1963: When the President's motorcade came to a halt.
On the 57th anniversary of the JFK assassination, I thought I would look at something that's bothered me for over twenty years: the President's motorcade slowed almost to a halt - or came to a complete halt - on Elm Street during the fusillade that killed him.
There are literally dozens of eyewitnesses that claim the limo came to a stop or as close as makes no difference:
Once upon a time, I slogged through the Warren Commission's full report and checked out as many of these as I could find. For instance here's the wife of the Mayor of Dallas describing how it came to a 'complete standstill'. Image

(page 486)

Warning: very large PDF. The full report is available here both as a whole or in chunks:…
So here we have dozens of eyewitnesses from the governor's wife and the mayor's wife all the way through the policemen who were there down to the ordinary citizens on the side of the road who said the limo slowed down and almost stopped or stopped completely.
Forgive me for belaboring this point but I hope you can now see what's wrong with the Zapruder film, the supposed eyewitness record of the assassination. Here it is stabilized.
Where did the motorcade come to a halt for a few seconds? It's not in there. There's something else interesting about the Zapruder film: the Stemmons freeway sign is fake. Zapruder's camera had a cheap lens which exhibited pin cushion distortion. The sign is not distorted at all.
The Zapruder film itself has a dodgy chain of custody. Frames from it were published out of sequence by Life a few years after the event and it was first shown on American TV by Geraldo Rivera in 1975.

There's something else it doesn't show.
Bobby Hargis, the motorcyclist to the limo's left testified that Jim Chaney, his colleague on the right rode forward to the car in front to let the chief know that the President had been shot.

Do you see that in the Zapruder film? Why not?
There's many other reasons to suspect the Zapruder film has been faked from the source material but the most damning to me is how clearly it contradicts the eyewitness testimony. For a more detailed look at it, I highly recommend @JimFetzer's site here:

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