In 2018, #LeeCamp had his show in #LA, a group of activists planned to meet beforehand. I was lonely, naive & I spent what little money I had just to go out & make friends...& also wanted to meet guy who had started talking to me online, who lived about 1.5 hrs from LA.
When I got there, the man who had been talking to me, daily ("The Fly"), made an excuse to not show up...he claimed he was sick...but coincidentally "Carlito" was there, instead...I had never met Carlito, before...
Carlito zeroed in on me, all night, and sat with me during the entire performance...asked for a ride back to his hotel, made pass at me. I declined. He ended up staying in touch with me for over 2 years, online, afterwards...
"The Fly" increased his attention toward me, we ended up talking online every day for about 5-6 months, before he decided to visit me. We ended up together for over a year...but it was a disaster...he tried to pull me away from activism...and screamed at me, daily.
At the same time, "The Fly's" stories grew weirder and weirder...and in my opinion, did not add up. He'd claim to have interactions with FBI, military, to have seen underworlds I could not understand...while simultaneously scaring me.
I was being targeted at the time and while we were together, whatever group was harming me appeared to have possibly destroyed my job, car, smeared me online...and made me penniless and isolated with this abusive man. It was a nightmare.
There is a lot of details of what happened to me, while "The Fly" and I were together...almost none of it good. He would manipulate, throw tantrums, disappear, return, repeat cycle, over trivial things--once he threatened me, because I mentioned how beautiful Bermuda is...?
During this time, Carlito would randomly check in on me...just to seemingly maintain and there...but mostly, my life was being terrorized by this man who showed up to my hometown ("The Fly") and screamed at me, daily.
I was almost homeless, due to being targeted so badly & after my car was totaled, my Ebay account appeared to be targeted, my unemployment denied, I had few options, I started a Go Fund Me...around that time, a fake-named journalist started writing smear articles about me.
This fake-named journalist just randomly attacked me...placed my picture in an article...started arbitrarily calling me a "grifter"...seemingly trying to thwart my last avenue to protect myself, financially. I was very close to being homeless, at this point, in dead of winter.
I called my family, over and over, mother later claimed she did not get the messages...finally she called me, telling me a random former patient of my father's gave her my number to call...this patient is supposedly former NSA.
My family basically saved me from this man who was abusing took me time to really pull away, because I kept hoping the person I fell in-love with would return...instead, he grew more abusive and spent down over $20,000+ my family gave me for debt, rent & school.
There is a lot to this story. A LOT.

If you want a small sample, you can read my poem about him, I wrote when I was distraught, but other activists warned me to not out him, because it would just give him more fodder to scream about me...

The relationship with "The Fly" ended when he pulled a knife on me, ran off without taking almost anything, no clothes or possessions...just his surveillance camera. And then, he texted me that he intended to write a book about me, sue me and smear me online.
I told another activist & promptly, his text "disappeared." He proceeded for the next year to stay in my small hometown area, supposedly "live in his car," to stalk me, angrily, make smear videos about me...and it's been over a year...he still appears to stalk me, to this day.
I started to get my life back together, started a program toward nursing degree...working, again...rebuilding...despite having odd "clients" who would show up and ask me if I was "Russian" or would try to get me fired, again.
The targeting probably took my homes & left me almost penniless...then, Coronavirus fucked-up everything all over, again...I was down to about $100, when the lockdown began and found myself in extreme financial situation, again...again, I did an emergency Go Fund Me.
Guess who was the first person to donate and contact me..."Carlito" a knight in white shining armor, reappears in my give me small amounts of money and contact me, daily...
I don't know why I trusted him...I think it was because I had met him in person and a female activist introduced us (Absolute Katy)...we talked online, daily for months...again, I was isolated both from past targeting & now Coronavirus...
"Carlito" sent me a plane ticket to visit him...& it resulted in yet another bizarre man, from California, telling me odd stories...often involving incomprehensible situations & disturbing associations with people accused of professional gangstalking.

I'm tired of fake-named men finding me...I'm tired of fake-named journalists writing about me...I'm tired of people with possible security ties harming me...I want answers.…

• • •

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#TPPInsiders hate 2 people, primarily, for stopping #TPP:

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#TPPInsiders dispatched phony "investigations"--#Witchhunts--of 2 primary groups--#Trump supporters & #Assange supporters (many of whom had been targeted for years, already)...TPP insiders created phony #Russiagate that targeted these 2 groups.
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To me, it seemed like #CIA or some kind of sec team set-up #TheIntercept to look bad and to scare off the true #whistleblower community and future whistleblowers, by staging a call for whistleblowers--and then showing a swift arrest of one...all while peddling bs #Russiagate...
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People like to apparently post content about dead babies, then RT me, #CarlitoMariategui (@88softaIlherita). "Manny" also likes to contact me w/"baby" pictures, after my possible miscarriage, coincidentally. Can you please tell me who your "mutual friends" w/#Defango are? Thanks! Image
Fake accounts apparently like to discuss dead babies w/me, #CarlitoMariategui (@88softaIlherita). "Manny" also likes to contact me w/"baby" pictures, after my possible miscarriage, coincidentally. Who are your "mutual friends" w/#Defango? Just curious.

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