So, GCN published a letter about us.

We have been formulating our "real life" response to it, which we will be taking forward in the coming days.

In the mean time, here are a few thoughts about the letter, which we found revealing, bemusing and offensive, all at once Image

The letter did not name us, maybe for legal reasons. It's difficult to libel somebody if you don't mention them.

However, the irony is not lost on us that 125 years after Alfred Douglas coined the phrase, same sex attraction is still "the love that dare not speak its name." Image
We have found our courage. We speak the name of our love. We speak it proudly. We are same sex attracted people, standing shoulder to shoulder with the giants of our movement, and organising for our rights. Image
Our movement has a long, proud history.

It is difficult to convey how hurtful and offensive it is to us to read weaponised lies about that history.

To see the dead misgendered by people who should know better.

To see lesbians erased.
To set the record, well, straight, Marsha P Johnson was not a woman. He was, in his own words, a gay man who hated being called Marsha when not in drag. He told historian Eric Marcus that he was not there when the riots started.
We find it almost unbelievable that a letter, signed by Amnesty, TENI, NWCI, should misgender the dead to support a fiction. Shouldn't these groups be sensitive to misgendering?

Shouldn't they have mentioned the woman who probably threw the first brick, Storme Delarverie? Image
The letter also explicitly calls for politicians to cease providing “legitimate representation” for those that share “harmful views.”

Ireland has had universal suffrage since 1918; we are shocked to read, in 2020, a call for the disenfranchisement of those with differing views. Image
Several Irish politicians also retweeted the letter in support, which is highly revealing.

Irish politicians, retweeting a letter that calls for the withdrawal of political representation from same sex attracted people, for the crime of holding the wrong views on gender.
And what are those views?

In reference to our slogan, “biology before ideology,” the letter dunks on those “defending biology.”

We expect David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Rachel Carson to be cancelled any day now.

Who really thinks that defending biology is a bad thing? Image
The letter states, “sex is a spectrum.”

No reasons or evidence are given to support this extraordinary statement.

It is such an outlandish thing to say that we suspect most people reading would either think it a misprint or be very confused.

Do the writers even believe this?
There were, however, amidst the lies, smears and terrible wording, some things we can agree with.

We agree with the signatories of this letter that trans people should be included in our society, respected and treated with dignity.
We agree that trans people should have access to appropriate medical care.

However, we also know that same sex attracted people and trans people are not the same and that there are conflicts between LGB rights and trans rights.
Wanting to raise these conflicts and find solutions together through a process of civil debate does not make us transphobic.

We believe that Irish people will see straight through attempts to smear and silence us, and letters like this will only bring more people to our side.
Just to correct that, "throwing the first brick at Stonewall" is a misspeak on our part. We should rather have said "started" Stonewall.

• • •

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