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22 Nov, 16 tweets, 4 min read
This a great thread. The reason my Faith is strong is due to the living memories of many. 1 of my close friends as a child was a woman in her 90’s who remembered the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima. My catechism teacher remembered the KKK & No Nothings fire bombing her church 1/
She also remembered nuns teaching in schools & how that inspired her to be one. She remembered teaching catechism classes of 100+ & how the congregations collapsed starting in the 60’s. She remembered priest & nuns leaving the priesthood & religious life. She died just shy of 102
My Bella Nonna (died at 108) remembered St Pius the X coming thru her town & cheering “Il Papa”. She remembered the age of First Communion being lowered, her priest taking the oath against Modernism, & condemning the liberal errors (off the syllabus of errors) from the pulpit.
She remembered Fatima as an adult. She remembered Bl Karl being forced to exile & her anger bc it was wrong to depose any king. My Nonna remembered (& was still telling me stories until the day she died) hearing Mussolini speak on the radio (her town of 800 crowded around the
only 1 in town.) She remembered her family moved back to Italy (from Canada) precisely bc his treatment of rural & poor Italian families was so good. She remembered very little hard times in the Great Depression, but in the War, she remembered buying her pasta machine for 3 eggs.
She remembered how things got worse after the war so she & her husband, both very young, moved to the US. She remembered
going to visit Padre Pio before they left Italy, meeting +Lefebvre, how her home town used to stop everything every day for the Angelus, & you could see
neighbours standing in the fields, praying. She remembered Italy pre-industrial revolution. She fondly recalled it as “the best life.” She remembered massive parishes in my area (now demolished) packed w/5,000 & 7,000 ppl. She remembered the Catholic neighborhoods b4 Interstates
ran thru them. She remembered how everything became a crisis when the mass was changed & Catholic schools collapsed. My grandfather too, remembered growing up in PA coal fields then the Bronx in the Depression. He remembered the start of mafia gangs & how he used to fight them.
He used to run his own dice ring as a kid. He remembered how a mean German nun came & beat him up, pulled him out of his gambling ring, forced him to go to Catechism & made him quit smoking. He remembered growing up w/his mom running 3 tenement blocks bc his dad has black lung
He remembered Franciscans having mass every hour on the hour from 5-noon weekdays. He remembered being able to go to daily mass & work. He remembered the Italians who put up w/him & loved hanging out w/him & his bros even tho they were Polish. He remembered massive processions,
St Joseph tables, nuns on the streets & public schools teaching Aristotle & feeding kids an orange & making them take naps on recess if they were poor & looked hungry. He remembered having to leave after the shots they gave him to fight in the Pacific gave him rheumatoid
arthritis in his 20’s. He remembered meeting my grandma at a USO dance while she was driving the chuck wagon feeding her brother who were driving cattle from Wyoming down to Mexico to sell. He remembered working hard to send his kids to Catholic School & his anger when they did
not teach the Faith he was taught. He remembered threatening to punch a man who left the priesthood. He remembered calling another a “f—ing f—ot” after a comment he made. He remembered having to fight to get his family the Faith & the priest he found (who survived Stalin’s gulags
for 10-15 yrs) who refused to give up the Faith for “a bunch of pansies.” He remembered that priest telling him to go to the SSPX w/+Lefebvre bc “I cannot guarantee my successor, but there you will always have the Faith.” He remembered building his own church so that he could get
the mass for his kids & grandkids from the SSPX so they wouldn’t be “robbed of their inheritance.” He remembered his parents dying & saying “we never had much we could give you, we are poor, but we tried to pass on the Faith. That’s your inheritance.” He remembered how much he
fought for it, when it seemed all the bishops, the pope, & the whole world were against it. He said “if you stay close to God & the sacraments you will always be alright.” This is why I’m a strong Catholic. Ppl, w/in living memory, have passed on what they had received.

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21 Nov
I will be keeping a list of Catholic-owned small businesses if you’re looking to do your Christmas shopping w/fellow Catholics. If you wish to be added, comment. This is free.
Catholic Author @CharlesDFraune has several books available here:
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27 Jun
As a Catholic & former Catholic Charities employee, let me say as politely as I can muster:
Fuck off, Bob.

You want to fight racism? Fight usury, which is destroying millions of black fams. Want to help the oppressed? Pay your own employees a living wage, you damnable hypocrite.
You, being the complete Philistine you are, claim that we must use our authentic Catholic voice, then have the utter & absolutely unmitigated gall to claim that we, Catholics & employees alike, are all racists.
Only a completely out of touch incomprehensibly corrupt MORON ->
would dare to make such a claim!
In your concern for the “marginalised,” you have marginalised all of us. While you sit on your high throne of moral superiority, patronising us w/your lectures about “racial injustice,” your employees (including myself) have spent hours ->
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4 Jun
I’m watching #CatholicTwitter post abt racism but no 1 has a plan. Ppl just vent your anger online, feel like you did something & then don’t do anything in person. Why? Bc posting makes you feel like you actually did something w/o having to do any work. Protests are similar. 1/
So I’m gonna suggest some actual things you can get off your couch & do to help. 1) Police brutality: it’s real, needs to be dealt w/. Go to city council & township mtgs, advocate for cops to get better training. Ex: I proposed a plan to city council for cops to be paid extra 2/
14% ($2/hr raise) out of a passed tax increase after completion of a program to train cops on mental illness, withdrawal, autism & de-escalation techniques. Program would have involved 14 hrs of class room training and 160hrs of hands-on experience working w/& shadowing 3/
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23 Apr
@hilarityjane One of my dear friends, a PhD microbiologist, thinks that hypoxia is what is killing people. She thinks that the lack of O2 in blood is what is killing so many & we aren’t treating that, instead trying to get ppl to breathe... that’s useless if the blood isn’t getting O2. She & I
@hilarityjane had a long talk about a genetic predisposition to the anemia leading to sudden decline. Thalassemia inhibits production of hemoglobin/red blood cells. Usually this means they have anemia. COVID appears to be targeting the iron in blood & bonding it out so that blood can’t carry
@hilarityjane O2. If you’re anemic you’re much much more susceptible. Thalassemia is very high in SE Asia, (up to 19% of pop in parts of 🇨🇳) Mediterranean (w/Italy being the highest there), in indigenous populations and in Sub-Saharan Africa. This, combined with sickle cells anemias leads her
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