Great marketing:

Continually retarget existing customers with ads treating them like they never heard of your product

Send big discounts to ppl who just bought the exact product you offer them a discount for, bonus if it's a product you just need once (example: course)
Run discount after discount within short intervals so people are incentivized to only buy with discounts

Talk, look, act & treat your customers the exact same way everybody else does

Act like you don't know your buyer

Combine with slow & uncooperative customer support
Offer big launch discounts to your loyal email subscribers, ideally state this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Then run a similar offer to everyone else shortly after
Make sure your site takes time to load so your visitors have some time to unwind from their daily stress
Don't offer a guarantee. All or nothing is a great approach to life and your customers should live it

Make sure I have no idea what happens after I buy, that adds a certain mystique
Honesty is overrated. If you make up a few claims here or there, who cares? It's good for your conversion rate

Branding is overrated. Direct Response all the way baby
If you make money that means your offer is valuable. Ignore the haters at all costs

No refunds, ever.
Stories are for old people. You don't need them

If you create a consistent color palette & a logo, you're done. That's all the branding you'll ever need

Content is overrated. Run FB ads, and only FB ads
Gather testimonials right after the purchase, when your customer is still in an emotional high from buying your product and has not yet actually used it. Especially if you sell a course
It doesn't matter if your customer has long-term success with your product. Continuous education through your email list is a waste of time & effort
You don't need an email list. Email died in the 90s and is now dusty & smells like old people. Moar FB ads
If you decide to produce content, you're ghey. If you do it anyways, only focus on SEO - stick as many keywords in there as you possibly can and call it a day
Nobody needs visuals. If you want to spice things up a bit, only use stock images
If you write emails, forget about value, consistency and deliverability - go for the hard sell all the time

Clickbait-y subjects are all you ever need to improve your open rates
Spam isn't a thing you should think about, write emails daily even if you have nothing to say - if you're stupid enough to even run a list
Your offer doesn't matter, you should copy what everybody else does and run with that

Value is a myth
If you're broke, start a dropshipping store
If your marketing gets prospects on the phone, it's a waste of time to listen or let them speak. You already know exactly what they want & need and you should speak as fast, loud, and much as possible to show that
If you're new to marketing, pick any guru and listen to him 100%, without ever doubting anything. There is no way he might teach you something completely wrong & damage your relationship with it for years

This didn't happen to me, ever. Especially not with cold emailing
Funnels are literally only Clickfunnels
Every webinar you get offered is worth your time
You should not spend your time on learning what you offer. Literally just google it once and you're gucci

Start selling immediately even if you don't know what you're talking about
Mentors aren't important if you want to get better. Teach everything to yourself by yourself

You don't need a team to be an agency, you're a marketing agency by yourself
Hiring experts for your biz? LOL just use Upwork, $3 per hour, for everything
The more complex & complicated, the better
Experience doesn't matter. Charge 10k per month to every single client from the start
Don't work with Blondie if you want your eCommerce store for Email Marketing. Guy doesn't know what he's talking about
Copywriting is overrated
Don't like and RT this thread, you should keep everything you ever learn to yourself
Literally every course is worth $2k
If you have an audience size of 10 people that's enough to start affiliate marketing & publish an ebook on Twitter growth
Audience relationships & community management doesn't matter. Communities and audience engagement are overrated
For maximum personal performance, go for a high-carb diet from McDonalds. All the energy you'll ever need
If you want to become the best possible marketer, focus on learning tactics. Strategy is mostly unnecessary
If you're stupid enough to need or want a mentor, you should do so far before you start. Ask as many obvious questions as possible, the guy is only there for you. Google will not help you, ever
Working on your mindset & body is completely worthless and will have no impact on your success or wellbeing whatsoever

Don't listen to guys like @oliviercantin @LogFitz6 or @Mangan150 - all paid shills

Why do you think guys like Dan Pena etc have such a healthy stomach? SUCESS
When it comes to books about marketing, there are only two ways to success. Read literally everything and never start working, or don't read anything at all

Never re-read a book
You should not adjust your strategy to the market you're targeting

As an example, if you cold email eCom businesses to run FB ads, ask for a meeting in the first email & don't show you're different in any way
Don't iterate, that's just running in circles. Everything you do is perfect on first try
A/B testing is a term used in elementary schools and has nothing to do with marketing. Ignore
Outreach is useless & can not get you clients

@blackhatwizardd is not a good guy to listen to if you want to get started with cold email

(Realtalk: You can use more advanced strategies, but I wish there were guys like him when I got started with Cold Outreach years ago)
Any course below 2k is worthless & useless

The Utopia is a shitshow & you won't learn anything from @wizofecom
Dan Lok is legit
@ROGUEWEALTH has no idea about sales and would struggle to sell you a lifebuoy when you're drowning
Completely ignore the subconscious response your marketing generates

Humans are 100% logical creatures
If you're running ads, don't use videos or fancy images

Stock images 💯
Processes? LOL

We improvise our way to the top



Setting goals is useless, KPIs are a fad

Just run with it Bro
Zapier is a waste of time
Call your clients "Bro" on your first call and forever after
SOP = Soy Operating Procedures
Watching motivational YouTube videos = productivity
The second your business stops being all fun, you should stop
Hard times mean you should quit immediately
Building a business should take no longer than one week

Not at 10k yet?

Change biz immediately, next course next success, amirite?
Sales is not a skill you should learn

Only used car salesmen need sales skills, and you're not one of them are you???

You can only ever come accross as scummy
If you read up till this point you got the value from 10 courses in a thread

You should send me $5k immediately
People who call themselves guru are always legit
Good english, grammar and spelling are overrated

Just YOLO it
Synthwave is shit
I think I'm done
One last thing: You're not spending enough time on Twitter & Social Media
This thread already created one millionaire and one billionaire in an hour or so

You should implement everything WORD FOR WORD

Don't like or RT - keep it to yourself & build your unfair advantage
You're spending MORE THAN ENOUGH time on outreach btw

Build it and they will come frends

• • •

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