white leftists are easily some of the most ignorant and annoying people on this app.
leftist dweebs on here think their economic and global left politics prevent them from being racist, misogynistic, etc. you’re still super ignorant, babe. 🤍
i refuse to subscribe to any particular political ideology because 1) i don’t believe that any one ideology has all of the right answers, 2) it too easily and quickly descends into bizarre cult mentality, and 3) i don’t want to be even loosely associated with any of you people.
between the kh*ve, the bernie bros and girls, the vote blue no matter who resistance, and people who have shifted so radically against the west that they parrot the “uighur muslim concentration camps in china are rehabilitation centers”, i don’t want any part of picking a team!
i exist on the left. where, exactly? [* tik tok voice*] i guess we’ll never know. 😌💁🏾‍♀️

• • •

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More from @dianelyssa

21 Nov
this thread (and replies) is really good
“Don’t be egged on by the adrenaline rush of online fights or the euphoria of being applauded. Don’t measure your success by the popularity of what you say or the attention it receives. If you do, you’ll slowly be pulled to the extremes of any position.” hunterwalk.medium.com/never-become-t…
this app simultaneously brings out the best and worse in all of us, and this section here reminds me of another piece a while back that attempted to dissect whether we are all now “public figures” and what that means. social media is and can be good, but i don’t think this is.
Read 7 tweets
20 Nov
and snatched perez hilton’s crusty wig, too. point we’re made several times! Image
i’m not giving you any tik tok engagement you naked mole rat, kindly piss off. 🤍
perez hilton helped create the dangerously toxic pop culture environment we exist in and feed into now, and trisha paytas is clearly trying to carve out a similar space for herself. both of them can fuck off.
Read 4 tweets
11 Nov
i dread the day texas goes “blue” on the stupid electoral college map and you fake ass libs act like you supported us the whole time. get fucked, with all due respect (absolutely none, fuck you).
it’s the way i knew this was coming for me
it’s the way i knew this was coming for me!
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11 Nov
Y’all are about to be real mad at me, but it must be said: this is how the speaker of the house should work, in my opinion.
I’m opposed to Nancy Pelosi as speaker because I think we as a society have progressed past the need for Nancy Pelosi as speaker (and all current leadership). But I also oppose her because I believe the speaker of the house should be more like the speaker in the house of commons.
1) I’m not focused on the messenger, but the message. And, even then, I’d still consider @justinamash in a non-partisan speaker position, because he’s been consistent on the need for House reform. His personal views would be irrelevant.

2) Nobody gets this reference? Seriously?
Read 4 tweets
11 Nov
meanwhile, governor @kristinoem is on fox news spreading lies about “voter fraud”.

she follows me, so maybe she’ll see this: you can’t keep your wildlife population under control if folks meant to do the hunting are sick or dead, babe. x
south dakotans: *getting picked off one by one by covid* *losing their jobs* *running out of money* *losing their homes* *holding super spreader biker rallies*

their governor, not giving af:
kristi noem when she runs for president: “i single-handidly kept the south dakota wildlife population under control! (i had to, because everyone else died. 😌☝🏼)”
Read 4 tweets
11 Nov
This is probably the best celebrity apology I’ve ever heard, lmfao. Thank you for admitting fault (and also pointing out that the way to make up for it is through *actively* doing better), @EvaLongoria.

My Desperate Housewives dreams live on.
This has me dead, lmao. True facts. 💀
I was never going to turn on her, anyway. I participated in a little light dragging, she’s apologized, and we continue to move!
Read 4 tweets

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