Yet, the wisdom of our fathers did avail them, whatever is said in the streets today.
They have indeed left a memorial worthy of reverence, and they are not without shrines.
The wise words they spoke have not gone down to be eaten by dust, nor have they been carried away on the wings of the wind.
As for the Enlightened Ones, who passed among the people and strengthened them since the days when the gods walked with men, their names have become lasting even though they themselves have
They did not make themselves tombs of stone and memorials of metal, nor did they desire them.

They were unable to leave estates to their children, some were unable even to leave an heir alive.
Nevertheless, they made heirs for themselves among those who study their writings, and they have left treasures of wisdom for their estates.

Their memorials are the words which
came from their mouths and remain still alive on the tongues of men.
Books of Wisdom are the heritage they have handed on, and they forged the frail reed into a mighty weapon.

Where are their like today?
Men sneer at the achievements of the past, at the greatness that has gone, but are these not achievements and greatness they cannot themselves hope to emulate?
If men have climbed high today, did they themselves build the stairway, or was it erected by the labours of those long gone?

Was not the first step laid down in
ages long past?

Is the first step of least importance?
Is the foundation any weaker than the superstructure, even the superstructure of today?
Yes, the great men of wide wisdom have gone; they are forgotten; yet through the greatness of their works, they are honoured, and their spirit moves among us still.
The chords they struck still echo within our hearts.

• • •

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